Enter The Negative Zone.

  • Hype...
    In every way shape or form.

    If I'm reading a review and they even mention the word hype I just stop reading the review.
    In my opinion hype is a personal thing. If a game does live up to "the hype" that is your own fault never the game. The only exception is if they lie or have false advertising

  • Oh, I got a good one:

    Defy Media

    Couldn't resist :D

  • Censorship HANG ON HEAR ME OUT!

    I'm sick and tired of all the people jumping on the censorship bandwagon saying things like "I won't buy it because it's censored" and "Thanks for ruining a game with your censorship garbage".

    The most recent complaint being over Tokyo Mirage where people attack other people for wanting to play it. Have people really become so close minded that a few alterations really sways your opinion so much? Yes censorship sucks, I'm all for media never getting censored because that means altering the creators vision, some argue some alterations can be good which may be so but is that for one person to decide? Should some group of people be allowed to tell you what is ok and what is not? I don't think so. So yeah censorship sucks BUT! and this is a big BUT.

    Should censorship influence your enjoyment? HECK NO! I'd much rather play an altered game than not play it at all. Honestly I didn't even think Tokyo Mirage would come to the west because it's so heavily steeped in Japanese traditions. So having a chance to play that game has me excited as there are many games like it that will never even see the light of day in the west. Sure XSeed is doing a good job bringing us games to the west that most people wouldn't think we'd ever get but my point is that altering a wedding dress (no matter how dumb the reasoning) is hardly a reason to shun a game. And then going out of your way, rallying more people to not buy it because of those reasons is just mind numbing to me. The less people buy a product the more a company sees that these game's aren't worth bringing to the west. I'm not saying people should just buy games in hopes for more games, I'm saying people should honestly ask themselves if those alterations are worth passing on a game over.

    I love Castlevania on the NES even though it was altered, never minded the changes in Earthbound, Bars being changed to Cafe hardly made me throw a fit and having the dude say "Oh! My Car" instead of "Oh! My God" didn't make me boycott Street Fighter 2.

    It seems that people are just getting angry for the sake of being angry. As long as the core mechanic isn't changed then I don't see a problem with altering something. Again, sure it sucks but at least we are getting the opportunity to play the games.

    Then again maybe I'm just old and don't see the point of making an elephant out of a mosquito.

  • @ChaoticMeltdown

    I think most people here(at least I hope so) are angry because of the fact that the game got censored. Not angry on the game itself.
    Censorships obstructs a game from being in the way that the creators wanted it to be. So it's not that the game is bad now, but rather the fact that we got denied the intended (probably better) version of the game.

  • @Tegs Bacon is overrated as fuck, like i like bacon, but its not amazing.

  • @Nillend I'm not saying not to be angry or disappointed. I'm just saying it's shortsighted to NOT play a game because of changes like that. I'm massively bummed too over the changes mainly because they seem like a waste of time and as an anime fan I've seen much worse than some idol beach pictures but in the end I won't let those changes keep me from playing the game, or any game that has small changes like this.

    It's just that when you look at some of the twitter or youtube comments about Tokyo Mirage, it seems like people are just hating on it for the sake of hating and don't even plan to give the game a chance which is sad to me.

  • @ChaoticMeltdown I absolutely agree. The game is still worth playing, even if censored.
    Leave those idiots alone. They lack enough common sense to form a constructive opinion.

  • Platform wars. Every gaming platform is viable. Doesn't matter if you are playing on Nintendo, Playstation, PC etc. No need to attack on platforms you personally don't enjoy. Everyone has their reasons for their choice of platform and there is no overall "best place to play", since people want different things. Especially people who only play on a console and takes a dump on lower spec hardware. Every console will always be weaker than PC so cut it out.

    Hyperbolic negativity. One I hear often "Witcher 3 combat is unplayable trash". Sure you might dislike it and it could be better. But come on, think a bit what you are saying. It's just unnecessary flaming.

    "Criticizing" something without explaining their reasoning. "this is shit, but im too dumb or/and lazy to tell you why I think that". That makes for a really bad discussion and their opinion carries no weight.

    "These devs dont listen to their fans!" Maybe those suggestions (or more like demands) are bad, people complaining in the forums rarely have game design experience. They might not be very good ideas since they would break the balance or the gameplay. Or it's just not something the developers want the game to be. There are also occasions like in Diablo 3 where Blizzard kept changing and updating game very much to the direction that some well spoken fans wanted, but still theres the angry guy who didn't get their personal wish in the game. Don't get me wrong, I think it's great if devs take note from the feedback when the feedback is respectful and has reasoning behind it. Still doesn't mean it should be implemented as is, they can tweak the suggestion and make it work in their own way.

  • Going by what Budi says I agree but I also hate the term console wars. Back in the SNES and Genesis days it made sense and I understand why people refer to it as that. But when I hear people say console worse today and mention PS3/4 and Xbox 360/One I lose my mind. The console wars used to be all about exclusive games and mode 7 and blast processing back in the day and no 2 games were the same. Aladin is the prime example for this one, each game based on the same material yet they are totally different and that is what makes a console war, truly seeing what games are different. Now with games being exactly the same on each system be it Playstation, Xbox, PC or Nintendo Console the whole concept of there being a war seems pointless. It should be about the exclusive games and not the hardware itself.

    But my biggest complaint is not so much the term but rather people that actually spit fire because of these things. I mean in general I don't understand why gamers are hating on gamers that whole concept seems moronic to me but whatever. Why isn't there an app that allows me mute all the pointless flaming and hate and let's me just enjoy the people who love games for games.

  • "What's bugging you?"

    My life. I wish I could understand it, but I can't, and I hate that I can't. It results in a constant tearing down of my emotional state from within my own mind. Video games, friends, and the occasional hug are my only temporary relief, even if the feeling never lasts very long.

    The early twenties are brutal, man.

  • @sam776 Hugs.

  • Banned

    I'm so tired of Ubisoft.
    After seeing Ghost Recon Wildlands gameplay from various sources, I just have to wonder what the fuck is going on with those Frenchy fucks.
    As per usual, the game looks almost nothing like what was initially shown. Graphics are subpar, features are missing, and changes have been made to the series simply for the sake of appealing to a demographic that the games were never meant for.
    No competitive multiplayer? What the FUCK?

    I'm starting to think that Rainbow Six Seige was a complete fluke. That game had some huge changes made, but it ended up being an excellent entry in the R6 franchise.

  • What's the deal with Last Guardian? Why is everybody so hyped for that? Looks dumb to me. Does everybody go apeshit over it just because there's a big dog-rabbit thing? Is that it? That game has shown me nothing other than that there's some big dog-thing. Ooh sweet. Get off my lawn dog-thing!

  • @V8Dave I'm not personally hyped for Last Guardian, but I guess that pedigree of the game designer/director Fumito Ueda builds up the hype. Ico and Shadow of the Colossus are beloved games. Just like some people are hyped for next Hideo Kojima or CliffyB game. Or it can just be the developer, next naughty dog game will be hyped no matter what it is. And ofcourse people have been waiting for Last Guardian a long time, they weren't even sure if it's coming.

  • I say this realizing I will lose all respect here but.... Dark Souls. I'm tired of Dark Souls. I'm tired of everyone saying how amazing it is, how it saved gaming, how the world is a much better place because of it. Everyone freely critiques games like Madden or Assassin's Creed for not changing that much between their iterations but Dark Souls gets a pass because it's Dark Souls. The fanbase as a whole largely seems elitist and will look down on others that just don't enjoy the overall vibe of the game. I think this ties into a much larger issue, where people are unwilling to hear anything besides praise about their favorite things and it leads to extremely one-sided conversations or even worse, no conversation at all.

    Well now that I've said my bit, I fully expect to be burned at the stake. All I ask is there be dancing and drinks at my funeral.

  • @Tegs said in Enter The Negative Zone.:

    • when your burrito is too full and breaks and then you have to eat it with a fork.
    • the netflix "are you still watching?" message popping up when it's out of reach.
    • ripe avocado timing. impossible to get this right.
    • around 4 o'clock when you go to get your daily icecap at tim hortons and they've decided to clean the machine so it's not available.
    • people who don't like bacon.

    I'm sure there's more. I'll be back.

    You know what you do is you keep the avacado out until they are just slightly soft and then throw them in the fridge. I've gotten them to stay fresh that way for a few days. Avacados are the best!

  • @sam776 said in Enter The Negative Zone.:

    "What's bugging you?"

    My life. I wish I could understand it, but I can't, and I hate that I can't. It results in a constant tearing down of my emotional state from within my own mind. Video games, friends, and the occasional hug are my only temporary relief, even if the feeling never lasts very long.

    The early twenties are brutal, man.

    I think we all have this to some extent.... some of the most amazing authors clearly struggled with this and many more amazing people of our times. The thing I've come to realize is that your thoughts and emotional states can be controlled... it's kinda like going to the gym for your brain. When you catch yourself slipping into that exestential "thought hole" practice stopping it and forcing yourself to think about something else (which is basically what you're doing when you choose to go play a video game at that time). You'll suck at it at first and it will seem like trying to stop the flow of a river with a sieve but you'll get better with practice. Emotional stability isn't an inherited gift, it's a learned skill and it takes time to master. But you can totally do it. Good luck!

  • I'm tired of American politics after two decades of being an activist, and later, a lawyer. Even my side of the aisle (the left) has become bitter and toxic, something they learned from our increasingly toxic, 140-character limited celebrity culture. Brevity is wit, guys, brevity isn't meaningful discourse about serious issues. Video games are my only outlet but I'm too busy to play them much, argh.

    And now I'm tired of BREXIT too. I was going to move to London if Trump won, damn it. ;) I now also need to de-invest in the UK, since it'll take years of uncertainty to re-hammer out UK's trade relationship to the world, although today is definitely not the day to do that. I guess I'll have to settle for Paris or Madrid.

  • Attempting narrative in a game, rather than letting the player be the author of her own story.

    The best stories in games are the ones you and your friends tell yourselves.

  • @SabotageTheTruth I think if Dark Souls were to get another installment (maybe two) without significant changes, you'd see some of the same criticisms levied against the series. Keep in mind that Madden is yearly and Assassin's Creed has been nearly so. Fortunately Miyazaki seems inclined to leave the Souls world behind for the time being, though I fully anticipate more Souls-alikes from From Software.