Enter The Negative Zone.

  • What's the deal with Last Guardian? Why is everybody so hyped for that? Looks dumb to me. Does everybody go apeshit over it just because there's a big dog-rabbit thing? Is that it? That game has shown me nothing other than that there's some big dog-thing. Ooh sweet. Get off my lawn dog-thing!

  • @V8Dave I'm not personally hyped for Last Guardian, but I guess that pedigree of the game designer/director Fumito Ueda builds up the hype. Ico and Shadow of the Colossus are beloved games. Just like some people are hyped for next Hideo Kojima or CliffyB game. Or it can just be the developer, next naughty dog game will be hyped no matter what it is. And ofcourse people have been waiting for Last Guardian a long time, they weren't even sure if it's coming.

  • I say this realizing I will lose all respect here but.... Dark Souls. I'm tired of Dark Souls. I'm tired of everyone saying how amazing it is, how it saved gaming, how the world is a much better place because of it. Everyone freely critiques games like Madden or Assassin's Creed for not changing that much between their iterations but Dark Souls gets a pass because it's Dark Souls. The fanbase as a whole largely seems elitist and will look down on others that just don't enjoy the overall vibe of the game. I think this ties into a much larger issue, where people are unwilling to hear anything besides praise about their favorite things and it leads to extremely one-sided conversations or even worse, no conversation at all.

    Well now that I've said my bit, I fully expect to be burned at the stake. All I ask is there be dancing and drinks at my funeral.

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    • when your burrito is too full and breaks and then you have to eat it with a fork.
    • the netflix "are you still watching?" message popping up when it's out of reach.
    • ripe avocado timing. impossible to get this right.
    • around 4 o'clock when you go to get your daily icecap at tim hortons and they've decided to clean the machine so it's not available.
    • people who don't like bacon.

    I'm sure there's more. I'll be back.

    You know what you do is you keep the avacado out until they are just slightly soft and then throw them in the fridge. I've gotten them to stay fresh that way for a few days. Avacados are the best!

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    "What's bugging you?"

    My life. I wish I could understand it, but I can't, and I hate that I can't. It results in a constant tearing down of my emotional state from within my own mind. Video games, friends, and the occasional hug are my only temporary relief, even if the feeling never lasts very long.

    The early twenties are brutal, man.

    I think we all have this to some extent.... some of the most amazing authors clearly struggled with this and many more amazing people of our times. The thing I've come to realize is that your thoughts and emotional states can be controlled... it's kinda like going to the gym for your brain. When you catch yourself slipping into that exestential "thought hole" practice stopping it and forcing yourself to think about something else (which is basically what you're doing when you choose to go play a video game at that time). You'll suck at it at first and it will seem like trying to stop the flow of a river with a sieve but you'll get better with practice. Emotional stability isn't an inherited gift, it's a learned skill and it takes time to master. But you can totally do it. Good luck!

  • I'm tired of American politics after two decades of being an activist, and later, a lawyer. Even my side of the aisle (the left) has become bitter and toxic, something they learned from our increasingly toxic, 140-character limited celebrity culture. Brevity is wit, guys, brevity isn't meaningful discourse about serious issues. Video games are my only outlet but I'm too busy to play them much, argh.

    And now I'm tired of BREXIT too. I was going to move to London if Trump won, damn it. ;) I now also need to de-invest in the UK, since it'll take years of uncertainty to re-hammer out UK's trade relationship to the world, although today is definitely not the day to do that. I guess I'll have to settle for Paris or Madrid.

  • Attempting narrative in a game, rather than letting the player be the author of her own story.

    The best stories in games are the ones you and your friends tell yourselves.

  • @SabotageTheTruth I think if Dark Souls were to get another installment (maybe two) without significant changes, you'd see some of the same criticisms levied against the series. Keep in mind that Madden is yearly and Assassin's Creed has been nearly so. Fortunately Miyazaki seems inclined to leave the Souls world behind for the time being, though I fully anticipate more Souls-alikes from From Software.

  • @iconmaster They've just become very formulaic for me. A quick look through their history shows all sorts of genres and ideas... until Dark Souls became popular, then they've stagnated as a developer. Here's hoping their next effort is something entirely fresh... or they could go ahead and revitalize Echo Night, I'd be okay with that.

  • @iconmaster Well said friend.
    @SabotageTheTruth Don't fix what isn't broken. But It is good that they've left DS and are going in a new direction now.

  • @eschatological come to Canada friend, Youtube Video

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    People who dismiss videogames as stupid and not respecting people that love them

    This with anime. It's just another entertainment medium. It's not all harems, moeblobs, and shounen.
    @Tommynaut21 said in Enter The Negative Zone.:

    -How a majority of developers nowadays are prioritizing story over new game mechanics

    @Mortambulist said in Enter The Negative Zone.:

    • The general lack of innovation in game design.

    I've noticed this since the Wii days, people clamoring for innovation. You know what? I don't care about innovation! There, I said it. Give me a comfy new Dragon Quest with the same series established mechanics I've come to love any day. Not everything needs to be innovated. Sometimes innovation is a very detrimental and terrible thing. Look at how the Paper Mario series is being "innovated" right now. Nobody cares about new paper mechanics. That's not why we love that series. Everything people do love is being stripped out for the sake of "distinguishing it" from the Mario & Luigi series when they were already different enough.

    It's not just that one series either, there's tons of series the creators don't want to revisit because "We can't think of anything new to bring to it." Okay, but what about your fans who just want more of the same? Change is scary. Sometimes, like with the new Zelda, it can be good and overdue. This isn't usually the case today though. Things are getting over-innovated, and just because they could, people don't stop to think if they should. You don't always have to reinvent the formula. Just deliver up a solid game, a new entry into the series you know people enjoy. If you can think of new things to introduce to it, sure toss that in and see how it does. If you can't, then don't stress about it and just give us another entry in something we enjoy and love.

    @Inustar said in Enter The Negative Zone.:

    People who hate a game for no other reason then it being popular to do so.

    I hate the opposite, when contrarians try to defend an obviously bad game with a loose argument of "I enjoyed it." or "It wasn't THAT bad." Happens with movies and games, and these people are literally rewarding developers for making bad games by buying them anyways. At least wait for them to go on sale if you think there's really something there despite what everyone else is saying. Also, just because you got burned on a game purchase doesn't mean you have to pretend to have enjoyed it to save face. Don't burn your friends by promoting bad games to try and look less dumb.
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    Censorship HANG ON HEAR ME OUT!

    I'm sick and tired of all the people jumping on the censorship bandwagon saying things like "I won't buy it because it's censored" and "Thanks for ruining a game with your censorship garbage".

    Should censorship influence your enjoyment? HECK NO! I'd much rather play an altered game than not play it at all. Honestly I didn't even think Tokyo Mirage would come to the west because it's so heavily steeped in Japanese traditions. So having a chance to play that game has me excited as there are many games like it that will never even see the light of day in the west. Sure XSeed is doing a good job bringing us games to the west that most people wouldn't think we'd ever get but my point is that altering a wedding dress (no matter how dumb the reasoning) is hardly a reason to shun a game. And then going out of your way, rallying more people to not buy it because of those reasons is just mind numbing to me. The less people buy a product the more a company sees that these game's aren't worth bringing to the west. I'm not saying people should just buy games in hopes for more games, I'm saying people should honestly ask themselves if those alterations are worth passing on a game over.

    It seems that people are just getting angry for the sake of being angry. As long as the core mechanic isn't changed then I don't see a problem with altering something. Again, sure it sucks but at least we are getting the opportunity to play the games.

    People vote with their wallet. Censorship might not completely ruin a game for you or even the people complaining about it, but it doesn't change the fact that people are tired of being treated like children and getting watered down products because some people who don't even play video games are making a huff about this and that in video games. Some things are obviously stupid to complain about, but some things like the example you mentioned were stupid to censor in the first place. Should that affect whether you purchase the product or not? YES! Everything should.

    You've talked about being grateful we're even getting some games brought over, and trust me people are. That doesn't mean they can't also be disappointed at the sometimes unnecessary changes made to "not cause a fuss" or more often to just secure a rating that will ensure more sales. Saying the less people who buy a product, the more companies see games aren't worth bringing to the west is missing the point, and to cater to that mentality is detrimental. The point of people making a fuss about censorship specifically is to show those companies that people do in fact care about their games, but they want them as they were originally constructed, the way the developers intended, not watered down or stripped of features to appease people who weren't going to buy the game anyways.

    Think of it like cash shop in competitive games. Vanity items only isn't AS harmful as pay to win stuff. Costume censoring isn't AS harmful as stripped dialogue, features, changed story, etc. It might even be necessary from a business standpoint, however every gamer still has a right to vocalize against these things. Some people would rather know everyone with a certain skin earned that skin. Some people would rather know in the game they're playing the character's costume is exactly what they're meant to be wearing, something the developer spent time and thought creating often for specific purpose, be it themes, personality, narrative reasons, reference, etc.

    Love and Respect as always, just sharing my two cents for the sake of understanding.

  • Troy Baker. His voice makes me cringe so hard also his "I'm way cool" attitude really rubs me the wrong way.

  • @Mango Thank you! It means a lot. : )

  • @Nillend Accepts : )

  • @SabotageTheTruth I haven't played any of the iterations after DS II, but to me the combat in the first two is stiff, and I would go as far as to say the movement/fighting is janky at times. I respect the parts that are difficult because they are simply difficult, but not when I die because of jank. And also I think the stiffness of the fighting is on purpose, but I'm not a big fan of the stiffness. That said, I do like the series so I don't want to be too hard on it.

  • How so many people are trying to make a "full" experience out of what was presented in P.T, IE just walking down corridors. Although it is a bit better then all the FNAF clones

  • Sequals.

    Even though I love many sequals like the Uncharted series and the Metal Gear Series, I hope there will be more "The Last of Us"'s running around. Thankfully Kojima is making something fresh and I hope Naughty Dog make something new yet again instead of The Last of Us 2. Please developers make more new IPs.

  • @Mbun said in Enter The Negative Zone.:

    @Inustar said in Enter The Negative Zone.:

    People who hate a game for no other reason then it being popular to do so.

    I hate the opposite, when contrarians try to defend an obviously bad game with a loose argument of "I enjoyed it." or "It wasn't THAT bad." Happens with movies and games, and these people are literally rewarding developers for making bad games by buying them anyways. At least wait for them to go on sale if you think there's really something there despite what everyone else is saying. Also, just because you got burned on a game purchase doesn't mean you have to pretend to have enjoyed it to save face. Don't burn your friends by promoting bad games to try and look less dumb.

    I think we're having two different negative arguments. I agree with yours mostly, though if I enjoyed a game I don't think it's bad. That's a matter of opinion.

    My point was specifically aimed at people, some I know and deal with often in my life, who hate a game because the internet says it's bad. Or they have a friend they look up to who says it's bad, so they do too. This came up recently with CoD. These people gave no real reasons why this game, that's not even out, was going to be bad.

  • @sam776 yeah early twenties was a weird time for me too. I was transitioning from college times to young professional. So went from spending time with friends it took years to develop to an area where I knew no one. It felt harder the second time around. Not being at the same life stage as others meant I had less common ground with those around me. It was depressing. But it forced me to be comfortable and happy with myself.

    It takes time getting used to and there's no use in faking it. Once I figured that out, everything else just fell into place. Making friends and girlfriends was easier because I was less desperate and happier to be around. Just keep doing you and learn to love life for what it is and you'll be fine.