Enter The Negative Zone.

  • @sam776 yeah early twenties was a weird time for me too. I was transitioning from college times to young professional. So went from spending time with friends it took years to develop to an area where I knew no one. It felt harder the second time around. Not being at the same life stage as others meant I had less common ground with those around me. It was depressing. But it forced me to be comfortable and happy with myself.

    It takes time getting used to and there's no use in faking it. Once I figured that out, everything else just fell into place. Making friends and girlfriends was easier because I was less desperate and happier to be around. Just keep doing you and learn to love life for what it is and you'll be fine.

  • @ChaoticMeltdown said in Enter The Negative Zone.:

    Troy Baker. His voice makes me cringe so hard also his "I'm way cool" attitude really rubs me the wrong way.

    I personally like his voice.
    But, I will say I am annoyed with these games using the same handful of voice actors over and over again. It's getting to the point that I get taken out of something because I just go "Hey its Troy and Nolan". There has to be a wide ocean of talent available. I want to hear more variety.
    It does not need to be Troy Baker in everything. Especially now he's doing Batman, after doing Joker. It's a little silly, even if they are different game series.

  • @Inustar Yeah I wish he wasn't in everything and that new voice actors get a chance. Also I didn't know that he is now doing Batman as well, I mean sure he was voicing him in the Lego Batman movies but now the games too? I preferred Roger Craig Smith as Batman, he has that gruff voice that fit just right.

  • @Inustar said in Enter The Negative Zone.:

    I think we're having two different negative arguments. I agree with yours mostly, though if I enjoyed a game I don't think it's bad. That's a matter of opinion.

    My point was specifically aimed at people, some I know and deal with often in my life, who hate a game because the internet says it's bad. Or they have a friend they look up to who says it's bad, so they do too. This came up recently with CoD. These people gave no real reasons why this game, that's not even out, was going to be bad.

    Nah, I get what you're saying. Was just tacking onto it that I dislike when the opposite happens and an obviously bad game comes out that people feel the need to defend even when it doesn't deserve to be defended either due to them having preordered it and got stuck with a bad game or just the contrarian attitude of going against everyone else to stand out.

    I agree with you on disliking seeing games people are excited about needlessly hated on as well. Seeing it lots lately with Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild now that everyone is talking about it. Funnily enough, I was hating on it before what we saw at E3, but Nintendo definitely won me over hard with what they showed. The game definitely looked worse before, yet there's only an outcry of hate against it now that people are actually stoked for it. So many people were posting ResidentSleepers in the Twitch chat during the Tuesday stream when EZA brought it up, and I've never seen people do that even with other trailers that start out slow.

  • Souls fans saying that I just don't get the game. No, I understand the game that doesn't mean I have to like it.

  • People on other sites who have only watched the anime for something jumping in on threads about the manga and getting mad about spoilers cause the anime is 20 years behind. Can't talk about Diamond Is Unbreakable anywhere until the anime finishes so nobody gets upset it seems

    • People who say the mobile port of dragon quest 8 is "perfectly playable"

    • Whenever someone compliments the writing in a David Cage game.

    • People who write off "Cutesy" games like Ni No Kuni, Kirby or Pokemon

    • Bloodborne not being on pc. I will randomly think about how good it would look and play compared to ps4.

    • Gran Turismo hasn't been truly great since GT3 and that's really sad imo. I saw GT Sports announcement and trailer and thought to myself "Wow.... PD truly have no idea how to improve this series anymore, maybe they should just make GT3 remastered and call it quits"

  • The only modern port of Secret of Mana being on mobile, where virtual controls make it nigh unplayable...

  • I really, really hate the recent-ish trend of rebooting franchises under the original name with no subtitle or anything. I feel like recent games such as Tomb Raider, Doom, and Thief draw attention away from their namesakes, which deserve to be remembered and have those names refer to them only. Also, it's really annoying to always have to clarify which game I'm talking about and it makes it really hard to search the internet for them.

  • @ChaoticMeltdown said in Enter The Negative Zone.:

    Troy Baker. His voice makes me cringe so hard also his "I'm way cool" attitude really rubs me the wrong way.

    Love him as a VA, but he does need to take a backseat for awhile. He's the Steve Blum/JYB of the last couple of years.

    Only reason I dislike him right now is because he's somehow managed to drag Laura Bailey to seemingly everything he's in, when she wasn't originally cast, and I'm more sick of hearing her >.>

  • @ZyloWolfBane
    He, Laura Bailey, and Travis Willingheim (or however you spell his name) are all friends, infact Laura and Travis are married to one another.

  • @DMCMaster said in Enter The Negative Zone.:

    He, Laura Bailey, and Travis Willingheim (or however you spell his name) are all friends, infact Laura and Travis are married to one another.

    I know, but the way he pimps her out you'd think THEY were married.

  • @wobess
    Kinda have to agree, although I'm ok if it's something that feels like there are more stories to tell in that world, If there are sequels to TLoU it should focus on a new cast (maybe a quick came from Joel and Ellie at some point at most)and make it a anthology franchise.

  • @ZyloWolfBane
    True, kinda wonder how Travis feels about that. Lol

  • @Bigdude1 agreed...sort of....as a canadian it's basically in my blood. although people who can eat bacon and legitimately dont like the taste at all kinda freak me out. @Mango you just made my life so much easier. thank you for this avocado life hack!!!

  • I hate game of thrones.
    It ruined D&D for me. My group of friends that I played with since high school turned from classic dungeon crawling and fighting dragons into a world of politics and betrayals that never lead to a fight.

    I also hate zombie apocalypse and any version of it. Even attack on titan.

    I dislike a lot of things other people like with no real justification. Its nice to be negative on the internet with out needing to debate it. On the flip side There is a equal amount of things I like that people don't like.

    I feel like you don't truly like something when you like everything.

  • The free pass some developers get when releasing games that have inherent flaws that only blind loyalists can ignore, while anyone with a reasonably objective mind can see.
    Rockstar for one: GTA Online is still a mess that desperately needs to be balanced, a singleplayer where every character feels forced in their writing, aiming that is still subpar compared to every other open world game with shooting mechanics.
    (placing a horse and coach on a railroad in RDR does nothing btw, the train just slides it away from the tracks, just mentioning)

    Naughty Dog: Releasing the Uncharted sequels with minimal if any improvements to gameplay, wisecracks that are way too overabundant, shooting mechanics that are adequate at best, a linear experience where everyone has the same experience and the main focus is purely on the graphics. The story is average at best.
    Releasing Last of Us that had the same mediocre shooting mechanics, plothole filled story, extremely bad ai, a ludicrous "stealth-system", Mindnumbing " puzzles" that are just of the "get this ladder from here to there" variation, barebones crafting and once again, "oh but it sure looks amazing though!".

    Rocksteady: Well the Batman games are pretty incredible I must admit, but the opinion that Origins supposedly "sucks" is purely based on the fact that it's made by a different developer. In truth, it did many things better gameplaywise, added the detective mode many games now use, and has arguably the best story of the entire series. But noooooo it's not made by RS, so therefore it must be crap.

    Blizzard: My god Diablo3 was a mess and a shell of it's former glory until 3 years after it's release. Not even going to mention WoW after Mists of Pandaria.
    And seriously, Overwatch? A small amount of characters, ridiculous microtransactions, hitboxes that are devoid of fairness, and the ulti's that recquire zero form of skill whatsoever, no campaign that's worth mentioning. 10s everywhere! Because it's frickin Blizzard! Titanfall got buried because of this! Overwatch gets lauded! Lauded!

    I must add that all these games are still good, but the perfect 10s they're receiving are totally unjustified.

  • @ChaoticMeltdown To be fair, I didn't mind the censorship in some parts of South Park: The Stick of Truth. You know which parts :P

  • Despite playing games, I hate "gamer culture."
    Despite loving metal music, I hate metalheads.
    And despite loving to paint and draw, I hate art culture at the moment.

    It's so weird and hypocritical, I admit it, but man there are some pervasive mindsets in those groups that really grind my gears.

  • I cant stand vinegar.