Enter The Negative Zone.

  • The free pass some developers get when releasing games that have inherent flaws that only blind loyalists can ignore, while anyone with a reasonably objective mind can see.
    Rockstar for one: GTA Online is still a mess that desperately needs to be balanced, a singleplayer where every character feels forced in their writing, aiming that is still subpar compared to every other open world game with shooting mechanics.
    (placing a horse and coach on a railroad in RDR does nothing btw, the train just slides it away from the tracks, just mentioning)

    Naughty Dog: Releasing the Uncharted sequels with minimal if any improvements to gameplay, wisecracks that are way too overabundant, shooting mechanics that are adequate at best, a linear experience where everyone has the same experience and the main focus is purely on the graphics. The story is average at best.
    Releasing Last of Us that had the same mediocre shooting mechanics, plothole filled story, extremely bad ai, a ludicrous "stealth-system", Mindnumbing " puzzles" that are just of the "get this ladder from here to there" variation, barebones crafting and once again, "oh but it sure looks amazing though!".

    Rocksteady: Well the Batman games are pretty incredible I must admit, but the opinion that Origins supposedly "sucks" is purely based on the fact that it's made by a different developer. In truth, it did many things better gameplaywise, added the detective mode many games now use, and has arguably the best story of the entire series. But noooooo it's not made by RS, so therefore it must be crap.

    Blizzard: My god Diablo3 was a mess and a shell of it's former glory until 3 years after it's release. Not even going to mention WoW after Mists of Pandaria.
    And seriously, Overwatch? A small amount of characters, ridiculous microtransactions, hitboxes that are devoid of fairness, and the ulti's that recquire zero form of skill whatsoever, no campaign that's worth mentioning. 10s everywhere! Because it's frickin Blizzard! Titanfall got buried because of this! Overwatch gets lauded! Lauded!

    I must add that all these games are still good, but the perfect 10s they're receiving are totally unjustified.

  • @ChaoticMeltdown To be fair, I didn't mind the censorship in some parts of South Park: The Stick of Truth. You know which parts :P

  • Despite playing games, I hate "gamer culture."
    Despite loving metal music, I hate metalheads.
    And despite loving to paint and draw, I hate art culture at the moment.

    It's so weird and hypocritical, I admit it, but man there are some pervasive mindsets in those groups that really grind my gears.

  • I cant stand vinegar.

  • @PlayerPi said in Enter The Negative Zone.:

    I hate game of thrones.
    It ruined D&D for me. My group of friends that I played with since high school turned from classic dungeon crawling and fighting dragons into a world of politics and betrayals that never lead to a fight.

    I also hate zombie apocalypse and any version of it. Even attack on titan.

    I dislike a lot of things other people like with no real justification. Its nice to be negative on the internet with out needing to debate it. On the flip side There is a equal amount of things I like that people don't like.

    I feel like you don't truly like something when you like everything.

    Funny enough I get this a lot when I stream, "Dude you hate everything" whenever someone asks my opinion about something.

    Which I can't really help, I grew up in an era when a lot of games BEGAN, so comparing newer titles to their previous titles is something I mechanically cannot avoid.

    But when it comes to GoT, walking dead, Dr. Who I don't "Dislike" them but when the fandom is so....aggressive about your need to consume and enjoy these programs it's actually a turn off, I want to enjoy them simply because I found it myself, I'm the same way with anime, it's rare when someone's recommendation was actually a good one, there's a lot of stinkers out there that people only like cause they're younger, the tropes and cliche storylines aren't as played out to them as they are to me.

    But I digress, when you hate everything you find that the things you truly enjoy make you REALLY passionate about them, for better or worse. And I go through it ALL the time :D

  • @Fridge-man said in Enter The Negative Zone.:

    The word "cringe"

    This. My God, I hate this word so much.

  • I'm very offended by people who take a screenshot of a picture instead of saving it to their phone. Then putting it as their facebook banner picture. You can see all their phone details and stuff, it's so annoying. Just save the picture and make it look better!

  • Most rogue-likes or randomly generated levels. I find that so many rogue-likes lack intriguing design, and it feels as though luck is a huge factor in player progression.

    The one exception to this is Dungeon of the Endless as it manages to have other mechanics which allow for more player control and choice, along with the fact that there seems to be more parameters governing the randomised aspects.

    Seriously, whenever I hear the word rogue-like I quiver in fear and whisper to myself in the corner.

  • Open World Games- Walking about for hours aimlessly doing mostly boring side quests. There are exceptions of course but most are just a waste of time. Cut to the chase I say, give me a focused narrative & tight gameplay over pointless content any day.

  • I hate when people dislike entire games just for graphics alone. stuff like "These textures are not high res enough, this game sucks" or "These graphics are from 200x, the game is unplayable" makes me want to bash their skulls in with a sledgehammer. If the gameplay and the story are solid enough, graphics shouldn't matter too much, as long the games aesthetic is done well. Yes, they could always be improved, but that should not be turn off for entire game. I know one guy who stopped playing Skyrim because of this, I barely managed to contain myself from punching him into his face. Also, the fact he was playing it on Xbox 360, and not on PC made me mad.