Super Mario Odyssey - Hopes and Dreams

  • I want each area to have its own distinct art direction. Each world in the trailer showcases this, and I hope they keep it up for the full game.

    I'm hoping that the worlds are packed with secrets and collectibles, and its not just big areas.

    Give us the ability to skip cutscenes.

    Most important - be challenging in your main game! Have a difficulty curve! No more of this "main game is super easy so everybody can beat it and then we'll lock the good levels behind a wall that requires 100% completion" garbage

  • It looks like a much needed change from the NSMB games. And shows Nintendo isn't yet out of ideas for Mario. Glad that there's more to the game than the city, as that immediately gave me a reminder of Sonic Adventure.

  • I need me a good-ass snow level/area.

  • All they had to do was show me that camera angle and they've satisfied all my hopes and dreams. I have more faith in Nintendo's level/game design than I do in any other company. This is going to be great.

  • Pretty much this for me:

    alt text

  • Will Mario wear a fedora?

    Someone mentioned if the game ended in Mario and Peach getting married finally, and I think that'd be one hell of an emotional moment after all these years, especially if Bowser sort of planned the whole thing and was secretly throwing a wedding/honeymoon for Mario and Peach, or Peach planned it and Bowser helped her pull off the surprise.

    I just want the game to have interesting new enemies and bosses. I want the worlds to feel good to sandbox around in. A couple of the moves look like they need some work. The dive looks more like an airdash right now. I also want to be surprised when I see that next thing the game has to show instead of "oh it's this fight again". I'm honestly not as on board about this game as the rest of you right now, and I'm kind of afraid it might get delayed to early 2018 and doom the console, but I'm trying to remain hopeful.

  • @Mbun said in Super Mario Odyssey - Hopes and Dreams:

    Will Mario wear a fedora?

    Good grief, I hope not... But those story beats would make for something incredible. I'm not sure that would obtain the Miyamoto Stamp of Approval, but a man can dream.

  • To be honest, there's only a few hopes I have in mind.

    • They've already touched on it but it'd be nice to have levels with a more open structure like Super Mario 64 and Sunshine.

    • I'd like there to be some sort of narrative that's a bit more subtle and touching like in Galaxy. Rosalina's back story was actually really touching and provided a bit more depth to her character. It could even be something on the side or optional like Rosalina's story so it's there for those that want it.

    • A small reference to Rawk Hawk. That last one is unrealistic but why the hell not?!

  • @Churchy said in Super Mario Odyssey - Hopes and Dreams:

    • A small reference to Rawk Hawk. That last one is unrealistic but why the hell not?!


  • @Billy I'm glad someone got that. Hell even just a poster in New York for "Rawk Hawk's Wrestling School" or something similar.

    As for story beats, if Koizumi gets a say then it isn't out of the realms of possibility. He did once say he'd been sneaking stories past Miyamoto for a while!