Zero Escape fans! Planning on replaying the series? (Possible spoilers ahead!)

  • So, as many who clicked on this topic will no doubt know, Zero Time Dilemma is on the verge of releasing around the world. As many who click on this will also likely know, the plot to the Zero Escape franchise is pretty complicated, featuring a tangled weave of detailed character backstories and a great deal of time travel.

    So, the question is, how best to refresh oneself on the story so far? Personally, even though I played both to completion, I did so on release for both games, so it's been a while. To me, these are games that can only be played properly once, so approaching a refresher marathon has been something of a complicated issue.

    Whaddyou folks think? Is it best to boot it up and erase the data, then pretend never to have played the game before and base all decisions on that approach? Or, just gun for the final, true endings? Maybe skip the procedure, and just catch up on a wiki? Personally, I have no idea, and time's starting to run thin!

  • VLR is still fresh in my mind, but never played 999.

    I heard 999 is coming to Steam by the devs.

  • I'd say if you already played them once before, playing them again solely going for the perfect endings should be fine. I recently bought the iOS version of 999 to blast through that story again, but VLR is also still pretty fresh in my memory.

  • For new people to the series, I.E. PC people who are looking forward to ZTD steam release. You absolutely need to play the previous 2 games. I can't stress that enough. VLR will be your biggest problem because its handheld only. 999 can be emulated, and theres rumors of a pc release. But seriously. Play the first 2 before the third or youre ruining your experience of playing 2 master crafted games

  • I can't believe we are finally getting a conclusion to this series. I remember liking Project Bluebird several years ago on Facebook, but didn't think anything would happen. Dreams really do come true.

  • My hype levels are in orbit for ZTD next week. I cannot believe it actually got made and we are getting it so soon. Hoping to Platinum it on my Vita, like I did VLR. I am excited it looks more similar in tone to the darker 999, which I preferred slightly over VLR.

  • @wenchwogg Same, I enjoyed both games a ton but 999 is by far my favorite of the two because of how much darker it is in tone. It's also not as sci-fi crazy as VLR, and more believable in a way because of that.

  • @Smartzke I feel exactly the same way. I also felt the characters were more relate-able on normal where in VLR they felt like 100% pure anime characters and that really took away some of the enjoyment for me to be honest.

  • I'll toss in here and say VLR in my opinion is vastly superior. I feel 999 had better characters overall but some of VLR's bunch are really great. Siggy and Phidos banter is probably the best character interaction in the series for me. VLR also has really funny text for when you tap things in the puzzle rooms too many times. Zero Senior's speech about termites still makes me think to this day. Tuesday can't come soon enough