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  • To preface my first post: I followed Gametrailers off and on from the very beginning (back on my parents' glorious dial-up), but never got involved in the community contained within, and as much as I've been promoting EZA from the moment I knew it existed, I didn't notice these forums until roughly 20 minutes ago. The first post I saw after my initial CTRL-clicking of all the categories was a music review, so I figured that I'd begin my own contributions with something that I personally hold very dear: music! I'd really like to find my spot among all of you, so I'll be posting in hopes of discovering that spot. :)

    A preface within the context of this post: For about the last 2 years, I've been listening almost exclusively to Japanese music of all genres; the reason why is another post all by itself, but I mention the above to compliment the album I'm making this post about.

    Astronoid is a band from Massachusetts, who describes their genre as "Dream Thrash", however, what piqued my interest was a stranger on Facebook describing their newest album as, "If Mew wrote a black metal album". For those that haven't before, definitely check out Mew as well.


    I digress. Astronoid's 'Air' was the first time in a long time that an American release wrapped its talons around me, lifted me off of the ground, and flew me in circles over my surroundings. The album has (in my opinion) great pace, great production, and great content.

    If you've heard of Deafheaven, Astronoid is essentially Deafheaven minus the depression, emotional instability, and intelligible vocals; it's (mostly) a hyper aggressive band playing behind beautifully overproduced singing vocals. For me, it is a perfect choice for background music or dedicated listening alike.

    I'll put links to the full album and single in the comments for anyone who'd like to listen (both are official from the band or band's label)

    I hope someone enjoys, and I look forward to getting more involved in the forums. Godspeed!

  • Full album:

    Youtube Video

    'Up and Atom' single:

    Youtube Video