switch question

  • @Mbun I really disagree about Monster Hunter. I found the c-stick nub relatively useless for aiming, because it was too unreliable for a game that timing-focused. You could totally get used to letting go of the control stick to make minute adjustments to the camera with the d-pad if you learned how to use the game's target camera (basically Z-targeting but without the tracking and more like a camera recenter).

    If anything, the ZL and ZR buttons were more useful for Monster Hunter, because all of them (even MH3U released before New 3DS) allowed left / right camera panning to be mapped to those buttons. That is the most effortless way to play that game, admittedly complicated by the addition of hunter arts in Generations that could only be activated by X + A + R, a touch screen input, or ZL and ZR.