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  • I sometimes buy limited edition sets, been known to splurge for an artbook or two, and have some other collectible type stuff I've bought over the years. I generally don't feel like in many cases it was worth it (Destiny Ghost Edition) - but sometimes something just hits me right in the wallet and I have to have it.

    Youtube Video

    Youtube Video

    I have this coming. I don't actually like the "Take your Heart" set. I like the artbook and soundtrack, but the figurine and bag I don't have much of a use for. The steelbook is great looking though.
    alt text

    Anything you've got that you particularly like?

  • So are we starting a discussion or you just wanted to announce that you pre-ordered P5?

  • @Excalibruh That's a pretty snarky response considering that the P5 steelbook is literally 1/4 of the things mentioned in my OP and I am specifically discussing the steelbook design.

    Also, I'm going to assume that given where we are - like 90% of this forum has P5 preordered. Kind of hard to brag about it in this environment.

  • I like the art on this too:
    alt text
    And no, I haven't preordered the collectors edition guide, I just like the art. :p

  • i like steel books if there flat the dark souls 2 one is awful i have one for valkeryia chronicles,bloodborne and ff15 aswell

    i also have the take your heart edition pre ordered as atlus always have great collectors editions

  • @FF7Cloud Cool. I just wasn't feeling the Morganna figurine and the bag. Like, I'd probably put the figurine IN the bag and then put the bag in my closet and then forget about it. Couldn't justify the extra $33 over the Prime price of just the Steelbook.

  • @TokyoSlim i beleive on amazon theres a edition you can get with just the steel book and soundtrack

  • @TokyoSlim Didn't mean to be snark, sorry. Just legitimately wondering if you were just telling us about your tendency to like collector's stuff or if you were also interested in learning about ours.

    To stay on topic, tho. Don't really care much for art books but I'm a sucker for steelbooks myself.

  • @FF7Cloud I know. that's the one I posted. :)

  • @TokyoSlim sorry hada brain fart lol

  • alt text

    This has been my favorite gaming collectable so far. It was such a great feeling that first day, opening up the Fallout 4 case, putting on a Pip Boy, and navigating the world with it. Then it turned out the game was just okay and it got really heavy to wear after awhile so now it's just decoration... but still!

    Also, the Morgana plush is top-tier. You're a monster @TokyoSlim for not realizing this. Stoked for the bag as well, the one I use for my work is falling apart.

  • @SabotageTheTruth I thought I was a monster for KYB.

  • @TokyoSlim I can't separate KYB from reality anymore. Everything I know is a lie.

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    I bought this on release

    alt text

    Were quite expensive, then like 2 weeks later it was down more than half price, silly me. But still really nice art book in there!

  • I used to be all about Collector's Editions, Limited Editions, Day One Editions and it will give a free blowy editions. You're looking at the guy who bought Halo: Reach three times so they could get all of the stuff that came in the various versions of the game. Life was great, I was paying a lot for my games but I was getting cool and fun extra things with them. Then I ordered the Dragon Age: Inquisition Inquisitor's Collector's Edition from GameStop UK.

    Yep this box of potential goodness:
    alt text

    I was so hyped for the game and was planning to use the contents of the box as part of my playthrough. The sketch book, quill and ink would be used to make notes and the map and markers would help me plan my moves and track the quests I was interested in tackling. It was going to be a fun and unique way of interfacing with a game, for me anyway.

    Release day came and I waited for the post to arrive, I even booked the day off work. The box didn't arrive because the courier apparently received the package late. Also GameStop managed to charge me for it twice. Bare in mind that thing was £130 so I was £260 down without a copy of the game in my hands.

    Two days later, after a lot of phone calls and eventually getting a refund for the false second purchase, the box finally turned up. Still excited I gleefully opened it up thinking of the wonders inside. I even filmed the unboxing*

    Disappointment immediately set in because out of the box's contents the following items were broken beyond repair:

    • All of the War Table Pieces
    • The Inquisitor's Badge
    • The Lockpick Set
    • The Ink Jar (which thankfully didn't have any actual ink in it
    • The steel book case was dented
    • The frigging Inquisitor's Case itself

    Also the Steel Book was a generic case designed to hold any version of the game so it had slots for multiple disks for the PC version which irked me to no end. The actual game came in a normal PS4 box stuck to the top of the box because that is the classy way of receiving a limited edition version of a game these days.

    So out of a £130 purchase only four items (the Sketch book, Card Set, Coins and Map) were actually usable.
    A quick search online also revealed that this was the state that the majority of copies of the set came in to their owners.

    Then came a hellish few weeks of a back and forth with GameStop at first not claiming any responsibility for the state of the Collector's Edition. They eventually gave me a refund of 50% of the product 's value because according to their terms they shouldn't have been giving me a refund anyway but wanted to as a goodwill gesture. I was so annoyed that I contacted the maker of the set directly (Triforce) and appealed to their better nature. It is only this past week, over TWO. YEARS. LATER. that I have been sent a new box set to replace the broken parts.

    And do you want to know what the worst thing about this whole thing is?

    It tainted Dragon Age: Inquisition for me.

    I could only play it for ten hours or so before having to throw in the towel. The thought of throwing away so much money on something only for it to slap me in the face cut deep. It plagued my every moment in the game. A game I couldn't wait to play became a painful experience because of something outside of the game and its developer's control. As someone who works in the games industry I knew my thoughts were crazy but they were still there. So it sits unloved and nowhere near completed on my shelf of shame. Everytime I look at it or think about trying to play it again I just sigh, audibly, loudly and longingly. Thinking of what could have been.

    It was shortly after that I vowed to stop buying collector's eds. I didn't want to be burned again. It has is a rule that has seen me save a bunch of money and still enjoy the games I like. The only exception I have given myself was with the Fallout 4 collector's ed because that thing was so cool and above and beyond what you usually get.

    This is my story, take it as the warning that it is.

    Buuuut......on Saturday I pre-ordered the Collector's Edition for Zelda: Breath of Wild because it felt right for some reason so maybe I haven't really learnt a lesson from all of this :P

    *I think I still have this video saved somewhere, it is painful viewing. You can see the moment right where my heart breaks and everything.
    alt text
    If I find it I will share it.

  • Man that sucks. Thought I had it bad when my Destiny Ghost edition box came crushed. At least nothing inside was broken. How did they manage to break nearly every damn thing inside your box? That takes effort.

  • Ashens has a great series showcasing these special editions:

    Youtube Video

    That said, I wish I had money to purchase these for some games. I would love to get my hands on that Alduin Statue from Skyrim...

  • 0_1484698754922_IMG_2683.JPG
    i probably watched the dvd a thousand times over

  • @HylianMigz I still have mine too.

  • @TokyoSlim said in Artbooks, Steelbooks, Special Editions, Figurines, Collectables, and Bundles.:

    Man that sucks. Thought I had it bad when my Destiny Ghost edition box came crushed. At least nothing inside was broken. How did they manage to break nearly every damn thing inside your box? That takes effort.

    It was a mix of poor box insert design and using a postal service that didn't give a shit and threw the package around.

    Also the crushed box thing happened with my Destiny Ghost Edition, I should have seen it for the omen that it was :P

    I have bought some really cool Collector's Eds over the years though. The Halo ones up to 4 have always been really cool and the Arkham ones with the statuettes take a prime place in my collection of gaming tat.