Settle It or Fun Game Monday: Skyward Sword?

  • @Haru17 sorry, worded that badly. Skyward Sword is my favourite currently.

  • @MiserablePerson Damn forgot about that little gem, thanks for reminding me. Just rewatched it and he does say that the reasons why he loves it comes later in the game unfortunately. Imma try to catch one of his solo streams and ask him directly. It's kinda hard though since he always streams so late for us here in EU.

  • If Kyle streams it, I'm definitely playing along with him. It's my least liked Zelda but I think after all this time it deserves a second chance. It's still a very good game after all, just an average Zelda.

  • I'd be very interested in seeing Kyle do a full playthrough on Skyward Sword in one way or another.

  • Not a fan, didn't like the controls, and really haven't liked a zelda game since wind waker...TP was fine and all, but it dragged on and felt and looked too much like OoT, just with wolf link instead

  • @Mbun Yeah, I think i'd be perfect right now when hype train is going so strong for Breath of the Wild. I really want to check SS out again, I've been trying to replay it several times this year but I can't seem to get the ball rolling, the controls always turn me off.

  • @KenshoD Kyle actually mentioned this in the stream where they built those robots (can't recall the name and can't google right now, Gundam something?). Someone asked if "Settle it" has to be full playthroughs and Kyle said that it absolutely didn't have to be, so maybe your idea would work nicely.

  • I honestly effing can't with this game sometimes. Just, like, who thought this was what the next Zelda game should be? It's like Huber with Resident Evil 6: even if it's come and gone, Skyward Sword always going to be there in the art books, on the wiki, and in the series' history.

    Fi on Blue Bokoblins: "This is a dangerous form of Bokoblin. My analysis suggests it is many times
    stronger than a Red Bokoblin. Its skin and clothing differ due to its hailing from a different environment, but it still has the same fixation with exotic undergarments.

    There are four different Bokoblin descriptions about their leopard-print underwear. It's not even a good underpants joke like in Super Paper Mario! ffs...

    alt text

  • @Haru17 Heh, yeah. I am actually playing through this game right now and it's surprisingly good (haven't played it since it launched). There's a lot of good stuff in this game that i'd forgotten about, I totally see why some people think it's a 10. That said there are a lot of bad things in this game as well, so I can see the other side too.

    Just to name a few:

    • Controls are exhausting and unsatisfying.
    • SO MUCH HANDHOLDING. Like seriously, if you've turned off the game, every time you pick something up you get the item pickup animation and sound with the text describing the item, like wtf, who thought that was a good idea? My Wii has been on for over a week because I don't want to deal with this shit. There's just a lot of annoying redundant shit in general that has no use at all but to slow the game down and piss the player off. This includes Fi, though she's not as bad as I remember.
      (I think I'll really appreciate BotW for getting rid of all this.)
    • The sky feels empty and gross. Why is it beige?
    • Dowsing. Why is this a thing?

    Some good things I picked up on:

    • Groose grows into a fantastic character throughout the game.
    • Link and Zeldas relationship is great.
    • Girahim is great.
    • 10/10 music.
    • Super charming dialogue.
    • Good dungeons with good bosses (for the most part).
    • It has vibes.

    Just a quick update to this thread, I actually got Kyles attention on one of his streams. He gave a "hard no" because he doesn't want to get burned out on the franchise before BotW, which I totally respect. Oh well.

  • @crey I agree with most of your points save for a few exceptions. I really hated the art style, writing, and world of this game. It made everything feel cheap. Like, did we really need a Zelda game with a cliche high school love triangle BEFORE Zelda gets kidnapped, in 2011? No, no we did not.

    The so-called 'handholding' doesn't bug me as the FFXV-style jarring cuts do. I mean seriously, we get three dream / premonition sequences before Link even wakes up. That's just doubting your audience and over-explaining at that point. I really liked the slow start in Twilight Princess because it had some sick story moments, some classic village puzzles, and it set the scale for the game, starting modestly only to mount and mount. It's kind of hard to do that when you start on a floating island. And I know it sounds like I have nothing but bad things to say about this game.

    That's because I do.

    I did nothing ever in my life to deserve Ghirahim and Groose. And don't try and take that out of context — I mean it in the negative sense. They are both such utter bad character designs, I cannot comprehend who approved them. Ghirahim is like an artist took Zant and the Twilight's weird floating rectangles and said 'his clothes are white and they're diamonds now.'

    And one final point about the world, I think there were fetch quests than in any other 3D Zelda game. They didn't have a real water area and the 'water' area they did have was covered in the same ugly beige as most of the sky. No one comments on the giant cloud dome until you can go there despite it being in plain sight for the entire duration of the game. The areas were constructed in a hurry and all feel and look cheap, with odd polygons that weren't even in the Gamecube games.

    And that forest temple is a joke. There, I'm done.