Bring back Don's Design Lab

  • For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about:
    Youtube Video

    Man, I love those vids! Don is so creative with his SMB levels. The whole editing and just everything is put together so nicely.

    I just want the Design Lab back in the EZA shows. Make it a monthly thing or something.
    Or even better a weekly stream where one and one goes through the level of the month, and then you put it together and edit it.

    Really a hidden gem in GT shows.

    Who's with me?

  • I'm 100% certain that the majority of the forums are with you on that charge, but sadly I believe that that specific intellectual property is in the gruesome claws of Defy Media.

    Not sure when and where it was mentioned (Cup of Jones?) but Don isn't likely to return to it. What we might get are fresh ventures like his frankly brilliant betting videos, and other surprises from the mind of the mystery man, so long as we love & respect and are well behaved boys and girls.

    Not raining on your parade, call this a well meaning echo for more Don Media Ventures™.

  • Any Don is good Don. Loved to see his creativity, though their current situation probably makes it hard to get a bunch of people together to do something like DDL. Of course, Discount Gaming was amazing as well.

  • They'll have to rename it, but Casanova's Creation Corner sounds good to me!

  • @Brad-Grenz said in Bring back Don's Design Lab:

    They'll have to rename it, but Casanova's Creation Corner sounds good to me!

    LOL! That name is awesome! :D

  • @flower_arrangement Yup, but a name change would do it. Keep the content the same and just change up the name.

    Also, I think a one on one stream with the guys wouldn't be a too big of a problem. Then put it all together at the end. So we get some awesome streams, and a nicely edited vid at the end. :D

    Anyway, you can always dream.

  • admin

    It may come back eventually, but right now he's pretty stacked with Huber Syndrome, Game Sleuth, and helping with other videos here and there - all in addition to his day job at Funhaus. (By the way if you want to make this kind of post in the future, it's easier for us to find in the feedback section.)

  • The show's back now! A 30 minutes episode. Great editing in the video, loved how we always cut back to a certain decision making moment when someone was wondering any particular design choice they stumbled upon. :)

    Super Mario Maker 2: Don's Design Lab - The Ravages of Youth
    Youtube Video

  • The "sexy room" is quite possibly the greatest design implementation of all time.
    Youtube Video

  • @tokyoslim Good god this episode was amazing and yes, it's all about that sexy room. Don is a master, this format is amazing, this is the stuff I want from my allies!

  • @themarcv Kyle's face when he died there. Only he could get that much joy out of that.