Question: Platform gaming for beginners?

  • Hello all -

    I am still pretty new to actually gaming and am looking to get some platforming skills. I purchased Shantae Half Genie Hero after seeing the HYPE run Kyle did on stream, but it has proved too difficult for my untrained hands. What are some good basic platformers that I can play to hone my skills?

    PC preferable, but we also have a PS4, PS3, and Wii U.

    Thanks to all in advance!

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    Any and all Mario games. The new ones especially are designed to be played by the inept, unless you go out of your way to find harder challenges.

  • The easiest I can think of is Kirby's Epic Yarn on Wii, because you can't die. And if you want to up the challenge you can try to collect everything.

  • Rayman Origins/Legends are both really fun, though they do have some challenging sections.

    I also have to recommend Shovel Knight, even though it can be pretty tough. Its a great game!

    Jak and Daxster is also a good starter in my opinion. You can get the collection for PS3

  • @Musou-Tensei I don't typically think of Kirby as a platformer, but his games really are perfect for this! Lots on the Virtual Console, and they can serve as stepping stones towards more advanced platformers.

    Yoshi's Wooly World is another delightful game that comes to mind that serves as a great starting point. My first games I ever owned/played as a kid were the Donkey Kong Country titles on SNES, and those are available on Virtual Console. However, I'm fairly sure DKC games can be regarded as kinda tough.

  • Super Mario Sunshine or the two Galaxy games, mostly the first Galaxy, because FLUDD and waggle act as safety nets if you screw up jumps. Both games will eventually escalate, but it should at least ease you in somewhat. Generally try to find things with less bottomless pits or one hit kill spikes, so maybe stuff like Banjo Kazooie too even though long falls in that game can one hit kill you as well if you don't negate it by a well timed beak bomb or land in water.

  • Thanks @art, @Musou-Tensei , @Faaip , @Billy , and @Mbun - really appreciate all this feedback. I think the Kirby and Mario Galaxy games are super actionable, so I'll be getting my mitts on them.

  • Thought I'd just throw in a few recommendations after these ones:

    The early Sonic the Hedgehogs are worth a go. You can download them on Steam or you could get the Mega Drive Ultimate Collection on PS3 which has all the early ones and some other games on it. Both are super cheap.

    As for PS3 you could download some of the PS1 classics. Spyro the Dragon is a great simple platformer that evolves through the series. And Crash Bandicoot is definitely worth a shot.

    As for other Steam games FEZ could be worth a shot purely for the fact that you can't really die (it'll just put you back to where you were) but there is a huge puzzle element to that game, the same with Braid.

    Also, I haven't played it yet but Owlboy on Steam could be worth a shot too.

    So basically:


    • All old school Sonic the Hedgehogs (you can get the newer 3D ones like Generations as well)
    • FEZ
    • Owlboy
    • Braid


    • Sega Mega Drive Ultimate Collection
    • Spyro the Dragon series (PS One Classics)
    • Crash Bandicoot (PS One Classics)

    Hope that helps!

  • @Churchy Not to shoot down other people's suggestions, but Owlboy is a terrible idea, because you don't even really platform ever. You freefly around in that game without any sort of stamina meter 99% of the time. FEZ as you said is more of a puzzle game too, but might work since it does have platforming elements and is rather laid back. Braid is almost strictly a puzzle game. You just move around inside the game to facilitate solving the puzzles. Limbo or Inside are similar to that and could maybe work, but I still think they introduce other genres better. Maybe just personally, but I feel like the oldschool Sonic games are pretty difficult, especially the first one.

    Not sure about Crash either, but Spyro is a really good suggestion though.

  • Everyone's already had great suggestions. I'm a firm believer that Super Mario 3D World is a good game with excellent level design and variety. It also has a nice difficulty curve, starting out easy and then gradually getting much tougher (especially if you want to get all the green stars).

  • Ratchet & Clank series (for example the latest PS4 entry)
    Steamworld Dig
    Ducktales Remastered
    Sly Cooper series

    All on the Playstation Store

  • I would suggest 2D platformers to work on your timing. As given the non 3D environments, platforming and timely jumping. Has to be more implemented in the level design to keep gamers engaged.

    The older Mario games like Super Mario World, will be a good start. You'll get plenty of practice learning how to measure distance and time jumps to take out enemies. And use those same skills to ascend or descend from platforms.