D&D 5e Virtual Tabletop

  • A friend and I are currently building a new virtual online tabletop exclusive for DnD 5e. We've talked about it for ages and are finally starting to develop features we really want to see in existing software such as better map building, free standard asset packs, and "premium features" like dynamic lighting for free as well. The product would be supported by a marketplace where users could buy and sell custom asset packs like character tokens, user stories, tilesets, etc.

    I'm sincerely curious about your thoughts on online tabletop gaming. What appeals to you most about the existing online tabletops now? What would you want to see in an ideal virtual online tabletop?

    We sincerely appreciate any feedback or interest you might have.



  • My initial thought is that you have to compete with Roll20. Or set yourself apart from them. They support a huge number of D&D-style games, as many of them would be able to utilize the same assets.

    One of the more difficult parts of such a website is getting the userbase there. The most attractive part of it will be finding online sessions, and people will go to the site with the largest userbase.

  • @Stormcrownn Agreed to your points. We know Roll20, FG hold a large stake. Over 500 people have signed up for the private beta so far so we're standing on a somewhat strong leg to launch with competitive force.

    Our goal this year is to build a great tool for GMs and expand after. We're starting with only DnD/OGL to narrow in on the user experience and will be launching a marketplace and social experience similar to Steam after (Steam for VTT, I suppose is the goal)