Coming To America (Travel Advice)

  • Hi Allies.

    I'm lucky enough to be planning a trip to California from the UK this March. We really hope to be able to make the 1st year anniversary and meet up with you guys and maybe to get some travel advice for San Francisco, LA, Death Valley and the routes in between?

    We're planning on coming for just a couple of weeks, flying into San Francisco and hiring a small RV for the time we're here. It would be wonderful if anyone had any suggestions on places to see/stay and a good route? We've been to the USA a few times but never the west coast. It's just the 2 of us and we enjoy good food & drink, walking, movies and taking in the sights.

    Anyway, thanks for reading, we're really excited and hope to see anyone going to the anniversary too.

    Love & Respect,

  • Although I'm not familiar with the exact locations to suggestion, Korean All-You-Can-Eat barbecue is something you can really only get in LA (And Korea). Highly suggest combining some alcohol with it for a really good time. :)

  • Thanks for the tip Stormcrownn. Will be sure to do that for sure!! :)

  • I'm not sure exactly what kind of RV we're talking about, but if it's on the smaller side, you could probably take Highway 1 down to PCH, stopping in Monterey/Carmel area. The issue is, that there's narrow roads and a lot of switchbacks North of Big Sur, so you really can't do it in something like this:
    alt text

    You would probably die.

    Monterey Aquarium is great.

  • I'm jealous, I've never been to the west coast. That must be a long flight.. do you connect in New York or something and then fly across?

    Have a good trip!

  • @TokyoSlim - It'll be the smallest, crapiest motorhome imaginable. I haven't driven much on the right before so figured better do it in something cheap and bouncy!! - thanks very much for the tips.

    @Faaip - Thanks so much!! It's about 14 hours from London with a stop in Ireland for some reason. Really excited, can't wait.

  • @LockNumber25 Wow, that'd be a good flight to have the Switch on :D

  • I know right, on that tiny little stand he puts out :) Only 3 hours battery though on Zelda I read.:(

  • Yeah, definitely don't do Highway 1 if it's an overlarge car. The route from San Francisco down the coast is narrow and has some parts that are a bit hard to navigate, especially in rainy or foggy weather (which it kinda looks like we might have up here in the bay).

    In SF, probably the best advice is to stay in the city and check Airbnb - it's pretty easy to get around using the BART and MUNI public transport or Uber. In terms of "have to" eats: even though it's SUPER touristy, I recommend House of Prime Rib; it's a delicious meal, very generous, and fun. The Castro is a fun place to bar hop, especially at the beginning of happy hours because you can just bounce from bar to bar (all within two or three blocks) and get proper buzzed. Also, there's usually dancing.

    Are you camping at Death Valley? If so, you may want to drive through Yosemite, then down to Death Valley rather than take the coastal road.

  • The best advice you'll receive is from this gem of a movie.

    Youtube Video

  • @SabotageTheTruth Oh thank god I'm not the only one that immediately thought of this movie.

  • @SabotageTheTruth - Ha-ha, yeah the reference was mostly deliberate. I love 80's trailers, old enough to remember them too!

    @La_Liz - Thanks so much for the advice. Will definitely take heed and get a compact RV because Highway 1 is a must. We're hoping to camp in Yosemite for a couple of days to go hiking but don't know much about the area at the moment - any tips for the national park, it all looks stunning.

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    @SabotageTheTruth This film made me want to visit US all those years ago :D

  • @LockNumber25 Unfortunately, I haven't camped in Yosemite. :( However, for sure check like a week before you get there because we've been having flash floods and some parts may not be open.

    I'll ask some friends about RV camping in Yosemite and get back to you. Are you thinking of maybe just day hikes or climbing too?