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    @Carlos sorry bruh, but that is sexist. If you don't know why an escort would protect herself from potentially malicious johns by recording their encounter you need more help than i can give. It's not perma ban worthy but it is sexist.

    How is it sexist? I do like women. I just don't take them seriously due to the way they act sometimes. I do understand why an escort would have, ya know, sex with multiple partners - it's for money. I get that, but taping themselves? What are you trying to do? Make people think you're a whore? scratches head

    Let me put it in another way, I had no problem having a female protagonist in a video game. Or even as a "second character" in a game, like Last of Us. It never really bothered me.

  • I was a pretty old school member of GT, I think I joined back in about 2008? when Valkyria Chronicles was announced. Had great times running the Valkyria and JRPG factions, lots of cool people there.

    Kinda stopped poisting when blogs and factions got removed and it became harder to have a discussion about JRPGs without some troll like Labwarrior (anyone remember him?) running in to turn it into some argument about xbox

  • @Sieghardt
    I remember him

  • Banned

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    Yo! I'm really liking these forums so far

    @Art I was wondering if you were the GT Art..

    The one and only!

  • Hello There. I think everyone know me.

  • admin

    Hello everyone. Glad some of you kept up the old names and avatars too. Good times. There were still some old timers in the forums near the end. They didn't all fade away.

  • DMC gave me the scoop there was a forum here and I'm back. Great to see the forum and yeah, still crazy about fighting games and playing SFV at tournies near me with Gief (please Capcom put Q in ;__;).

    Good to see everyone

  • @Faaip Good to see you too Faaip.

    I've been good. Still at uni and I'm working over the summer right now. As for where I went on the internet for gaming stuff, I was lurking Neogaf for awhile. When I finally decided to post, I got permabanned.

    I'm surprised there aren't more old GT'ers here.

  • @mahchildren Glad to hear you're doing well man.

    A lot of GT people moved to the Escapist when the site closed.. we started a group there and have an active chat going. Some are making their way onto these forums now

  • @Faaip said in Former GT Members Unite:

    @mahchildren Glad to hear you're doing well man.

    A lot of GT people moved to the Escapist when the site closed.. we started a group there and have an active chat going. Some are making their way onto these forums now

    Finally made it. Glad to see so many old faces.

    @mahchildren Holy shit dude, feels like it's been ages.

  • the good old times

  • I was Fridge-man in the old GT forums as well. Was there since 2007.

  • I was there since 2007 but never really posted much.

  • Hoi!
    I was a GT member since 2007 and stayed till the end.

  • @Musou-Tensei
    Figured you would find your way here sooner or later

  • I migrated with two factions when they gave the forum and community side a make over.

  • @DMCMaster
    Yeah, thought I give this a try, Escapist didn't work out well.

  • @Musou-Tensei
    Lol, what happened?

  • Gotta try and get Nyxus over here too.

  • @DMCMaster
    Basically, I made some threads for newely announced japanese games like I did on GT, and I got attacked for it because I apparently didn't gave them a reason to discuss the games, I had mod permission for these threads though. This and it being rather close on becoming a second neogaf, I eventually said fudge it and rage quitted it with a thread that got me permabanned, which was my intend.
    After GT died Rederoin opened a private ex GT group on escapist, which is seperated from the forums so I joined again but only for that group.
    You really get warnigs for the most stupid shit there, even people like Sheria gets warnings, it's simply a bad forum I have no love for, it's really not far away from being a second Neogaf, they care more about social issues than actual games.

    This one seems nice though, I looked through a list of all threads and it's all pretty neat, not a single thread about social stuff. The layout kinda sucks though and you can't put pics in spoilers, but else it's alright.