Former GT Members Unite

  • Hi.

    8 characters. Blah, blah, blah.

  • @MadJ Dude! Yo!!!

  • @Faaip Hey, dude!

  • @Sieghardt i was a part of the jrpg faction lol and i remember labwarrior too

    i wonder if owwie and infernochaos are still around

  • @FF7Cloud OMG labwarrior, that guy made me seriously hype for Fable 2, I enjoyed the game, but my god is that game bad.

    I was an old GTer as well, probably around 2007-2009, I spent most of my time in the Extreme Metal Faction, had some pretty good times there.

  • @DMCMaster said in Splatoon 2 Global Testfire Announcement:

    Shoot Pink this way, whats the worse that could happen?

    Anyway on subject, Ill never understand why they only do it for a hour, and judging by the times Ill probably be at work during each one.

    She didn't even wanted to come to the GT group on Escapist, and tone policing here is even stricter, wasn't that the reason she left GT, because she hated the restrictions?

  • @Art pretty much what this guy said. ;D

  • lurked in 2006 joined 2007 i was in the top 10 post counts just shy of 30k posts.
    same name, mainly kirby avatar back on gt

    was big into factions, mainly the conspiracy theorists faction and a nintendo faction

  • Had 2 accounts. Klingonsown which I first created in 2008 and then Albinoloach which I created sometime after the 2012 redesign because I lost everything.

    Commented a lot when I first joined but slowly started becoming less involved. I lurked around until the very end though I think the last time I ever commented on anything was probably a few months before it shut down.

    I'd be incredibly surprised if anyone remembered me.

  • @Albinoloach Your name does seem familiar. If I saw an avatar pic, then it would be easier to confirm. But that's not necessary. And Welcome to Easy Allies.

  • @-Jak- Thanks man. Feels good to be on a real forum. I think this may have been my last avatar but it's hard to remember. Oh well.

  • I Was not on the forums as much but I commented heavily. Either as "Myxe" or "MyxeQ". But I think I had been on there since 2006 or maybe before.

  • @DigitalNoodle always. >:)

  • @El-Shmiablo said in Former GT Members Unite:

    Last time he talked to me he told me is a Sony rep now.

    actually the job i was going for was a brand ambassador. so i would have just been marketing Sony products but not actually working for Sony.

    anyway what ended up happening was after the interview i got call back and it turned out i didn't get the job selling Sony products, however they did still really like me and while the Sony marketing roles were already filled by other candidates, because they still liked me and wanted to hire me, they ended up giving me a position on their contract with Intel and i ended up spending a month selling Laptops for intel.

    after that it turned out to only be a temp job (being just a temp job was something they just somehow forgot to mention when they hired me)

    so after that i was unemployed again for a few months which sucked ass and eventually ended up finding a new job last year and these days i've just been working in a call centre doing customer service for inbound calls for about 6 months now.

    and now that i have steady employment i'm just saving money i earn now so that i should be able to move out into a sharehouse soon. hopefully within the next month or 2.

  • actually is the old gt user marcos24pr here?

    i miss that guy XD

  • There are still fanboys missing. Either that or they are not using their original usernames and avatars. Cowards.