Video Game Questions Thread

  • Got a random question about a game or a series, but don't want to create a new thread or start a whole discussion?

    Ask it here, and hopefully you will get an answer!

  • I'll start!

    If I want to play Dragon's Dogma, should I just start with Dark Arisen? From what I understand, it is better in every way with the exception of the title music.

  • @parasitepaladin I see no reason to play the original release when you can play Dark Arisen.

  • @parasitepaladin Dark Arisen adds a lot of post game stuff, but all the original content is intact. Like @Musou-Tensei said, there's no reason to play the original, really. Think of it as a "Game of the Year Edition" or something.

  • Oh! I like the idea of this thread, since I have some quick questions too!

    I'm playing through Xenoblade Chronicles for the first time, and I'm at the Nopon village (Frontier?). I have been compulsively clearing every side quest I can, but it seems like there are a lot of filler quests. Maybe they are there to make grinding more pleasant? Anyhow, should I forgo doing every side quest and focus on main story? Should I do a few side quests only? Would I be vastly underpowered without doing them? I just want to avoid pace-breaking and burnout.

  • @Billy First of all, great pick! Second, you don't have to do every side quest. That being said, Xenoblade chronicles is pretty grindy, so it is quite possible that you might eventually face a boss that you won't able to beat, in which case you'll be forced to go back and grind some levels and equipment. Unless you are willing to take a lot of tries.
    My advice would be that you do as much side quests as you can, but if you feel tired of them, do continue the story because it's so worth it.

  • @Billy some quests can only be done at a certain time so any quest with a clock beside it i would do as soon as your able

  • @Billy many sidequests you can do anytime, but some (the one with the clock) will eventually be impossible to do if you progress too far in the story. how i did sidequests is look at the rewards for them and see if its worth it

  • A+ thread idea.
    Has anyone heard if Dragon Quest 8 has any performance issues on the normal 3DS? I don't have a new 3DS, and I feel like it might be a game that has some serious frame rate dips on my older hardware. Pokemon could hardly do double battles, which was a bit of a bummer (though I loved the game regardless).