2017 Easy Allies Best Moments of the Year

  • In the last Podcast, Huber laid down the Prove It Ticket with authority and it was awesome. I invite you to check it out if you haven't. Many people said it was the best use of the Prove It Ticket so far.

    This got me to thinking...what would you all think about voting in December for the Best Moments of the Year. The community could collect votes on a few awards and the guys could read the results on the last Group Stream of the year.

    I think the best way to do it is to have the Power 9 (do we have an official name for the 9 Allies we watch? Just saying Allies makes me think them plus the community) come up with categories, the community posts moments they think should be nominated either here or somewhere else, the guys pick the final nominees at the beginning of December, and finally the community votes.

    Some ideas I had for categories are:
    Best Stream (for a stream that appears regularly like Bosman v Wozniak or Talking Syndrome)
    Best Individual Stream (for a single stream)
    Best Podcast Moment
    Best Tabletop Escapade Moment
    Best Use of the Prove It Ticket
    Best Group Stream Moment
    Best E3 Coverage Moment
    Best Bet
    Jolly Award (Best Moment Overall)
    Best in Show (Best EZA Show ex. Easy Update, Huber Syndrome, Frame Trap, etc.)

    These are just suggestions. Feel free to add your own. Also, if you like or dislike the idea just take a moment to say why. I hope this creates discussion and we have a great awards show at the end of the year that we can all feel a part of.

    Love & Respect.

  • Tonight's Pokemon Snap stream sure will be a contender of sorts.

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    @ChucklesBrown I totally agree! for once I managed to make that stream and it was beyind jolly!

    The hardest bit of these awards will be to go back and REMEMBER all of the moments, which may favour the later episodes of everything.

    Also think we should exclude the very first stream they did as I think we all were just way too happy to see them all back in biz! otherwise that might win by default :3

  • @Chaseman12 said in 2017 Easy Allies Best Moments of the Year:

    do we have an official name for the 9 Allies we watch?

    The Mighty No. 9, obviously.

  • @Billy @Chaseman12 I've heard The Nine used in Q&A and L&R questions before. I like the way that sounds.

  • @Lotias The idea is to have the awards be just from 2017.

    Also, if we write down big moments either in this thread or another, that would make it easier to remember.

    I know the guys are busy but once they have the nominees, if there was a nominees video for each award, that might make it more balanced.

  • @Lotias there was a 2016 thread that didn't really go anywhere, but I made a pretty comprehensive list of what I thought the best of 2016 was here if it will help jog your memory on some highlights of last year:


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    @Chaseman12 Oooh! my bad! sorry my head hasnt really been on top today :D But that makes sense then! :)

    @TokyoSlim Thank you! I will check it in! :D

  • For regularly occurring streams, I would rather have an award for a single instance of a stream (i.e. Bosman hitting his 400k score goal in BosWoz) than for the best stream overall, much in the same way that I would rather have an award for the best show episode (i.e. the Huber and Ian getting cookies Easy Update) than the best show overall. That framing keeps things positive and celebratory, but if the award was going to the best overall show then I could see things getting kind of negative because it becomes about picking the best of the Nine, which is something I wouldn't be super comfortable with.

  • @alexwhiteplays That is an excellent point. I agree. Would you think the Jolly Award needs to go as well?

  • Best moment to me is for sure The Trial of Bosman, even if the result was completely nonsensical and unfair, it is a perfect representation of the Allies to me.

  • @Chaseman12 I think it's better to celebrate individual moments than it is to celebrate a particular show or person, so I don't really think that the Jolly Award would have the same problem as something like best show/best stream.

  • There should be a Best Betting Special category, considering that the Switch betting special occurred in the past week.