EZA Money in the Bank (ideas!)

  • Hello to the most wonderful community ever in gaming. I just finished watching the Nintendo Switch 2017 betting special results and am so excited for the E3 2017 Betting Special. I wanted to make this thread because at the end of the Nintendo Switch results Jones and Bosman said they had no idea how the “Money in the Bank” concept worked or what it would mean for EZA. Here are the bullet points based on the Wikipedia entry on the “Money in the Bank Ladder Match” under the concept section.

    • The briefcase contains a contract that guarantees a match for the WWE World Championship/WWE Universal Championship

    • The Gimmick of the briefcase was that a challenge could be issued within one year of winning the briefcase

    • The challenge can be issued at any point to the champion no matter where they are regardless of physical condition

    Chris Jericho is the man given credit to creating this concept. It’s purpose in WWE writing is to create the drama of anything can happen anytime in the WWE Universe. In execution challenges usually wait until a champion has just finished with a match because the champ is supposedly at their weakest. Damien Sandow, Money in the Bank holder, is as far as I remember the only competitor to cash in and lose. There have been times when challengers have given a heads up to the champ when they would cash in their contract ala Rob Van Dam telling John Cena to show up for the ECW One Night Stand PPV event because he wants his title shot at that PPV. Not to confuse anyone but WWE CEO Vince McMahon had at this point all rights to ECW, WCW, and other wrestling companies from the 80’s. Why was an ECW PPV a thing, because goodwill to a loyal group of wrestling fans. Just think what if Nintendo made a Dreamcast 2 just for Sega fans. Anyway, back to the Money in the Bank. Now it should be noted that in all the cashing in for Money in the Bank matches only one champion ran away and refused to accept a match. That wrestler was CM Punk. Who for weeks had been on a tirade of how WWE was the lazy man’s wrestling, John Cena was a terrible champion, WWE wrestling was boring, the fans of WWE were all zombies, and WWE in uncreative people only love it because it is the show in town. CM Punk would make references to him winning the WWE championship and leave WWE as champ to wrestle in New Japan or Ring of Honor (an independent wrestling promotion where CM Punk made a name for himself). At the WWE Pay-Per-View Money in the Bank the main event was CM Punk vs John Cena. CM Punk did win and was then immediately challenged by Money in the Bank holder Alberto Del Rio, however, CM Punk ran through the crowd with his new championship belt in hand. And WWE fans were stunned. The WWE championship was no longer in the WWE. Of course this was all a story line so technically it was. Now before I move onto what I think the EZA Money in the Bank should be I have to mention Seth Rollins. Seth Rollins was a Money in the Bank holder who cashed in his contract during the main event of Wrestlemania 31. Wrestlemania 31 was set to end in Brock Lesnar (the champ) vs Roman Reigns (#1 Contender), however when both men exhausted and staggering on the mat Seth Rollins ran down to the ring, handed his briefcase to the referee, and made a 1v1 match into a triple threat match. Seth Rollins would enter himself in the main event of Wrestlemania 31, win, and left Wrestlemania as champion.

    Right, so what does this mean for the EZA Money in the Bank? First, I think EZA should design their own Money in the Bank briefcase. Second, I think maybe you should have similar rules. A Money in the Bank holder is guaranteed a shot at the Slusser cup (hope that is spelled correctly). Third, the holder should challenge the champion whenever in any video game they (the challenger) chooses. Right now Cold Blooded has the contract so if he wanted to appear at Ultima Brad’s home while Brad is streaming Cold Blooded has that right. If Cold Blooded at the end of a Tuesday night stream wants to issue a challenge he has that right. If Cold Blooded tells Brad they are going to play Halo at 3AM in a secret stream he has that right. Or if Cold Blooded is honorable and let’s Brad know “hey i’m cashing in at e3 2017 as expected” then that is ok. However Brad should be allowed to pull a CM Punk and run away/refuse a challange. The cashing in does not have to pertain to only video games. I realize the Slusser cup is won through betting so should Ultima Brad and Cold Blooded be on the same EZA podcast I feel Cold Blooded could cash in his contract and take over one of the bets. Or as is the case tonight, Cold Blooded, would make some quick bets and challenge Ultima Brad using the Fire Emblem Nintendo Direct. Of course if this were to happen I feel there should be a third party to design those bets for Cold Blooded and Ultima Brad. It would be the equivalent of challengers bringing a ref for the match that is about to commence. Those are my thoughts. Obviously the the EZA crew should discuss what the EZA Money in the Bank means to them. I had a few examples in my mind and wanted to share them. Love & Respect.

  • That somewhat falls in line with what I was thinking when I sent the EZA crew the Money in the Bank briefcase. The contract I drafted for them stated that it could be cashed in at anytime as long as a third party was present to "officiate." However, I also didn't want to be too pushy since I don't want to dictate their content for them! Obviously, they are free to do as they will!

    I do love the idea of Ellis streaming a game that has multiplayer compatibility and Cold Blooded suddenly challenging him to a battle right there and then.

  • That's pretty awesome that you sent them a briefcase! And also I'm glad I wasn't the only one that had this line of thinking of betting and game challenges. Hopefully these ideas can be discussed in their conversations.

  • Things are about change. Drastically.