Fire Emblem Direct

  • Heroes has me on the fence. I've played many similar mobile games to this and you eventually hit a pretty hard wall unless you pay up. The only exception I found to this was Galaxy of Heroes but the grind in that game became insane after awhile as well. Considering the microtransaction window was shown in the direct (ranging from $2 up to $75), I can't help but feel it will follow suit but I imagine the initial download will be free, so I'll try it out before passing further judgement. Tharja popping up in the trailer definitely made me pay more attention.

    That remake looks great and I'm all in. Warriors... I will play but I wish they wouldn't show the smallest bites of it. The Switch presentation basically shows a logo and someone grabbing a sword, this showed... maybe 15 new seconds? If that truly is coming out this year, they should have more to show, which hopefully will be fixed in the following months.

    Either way, Fire Emblem is a great franchise with legs to grow and I'm glad Nintendo is showing it some love. Now if we could just get a Mother direct...

  • @SabotageTheTruth i believe their having a online services direct in feburary

  • Echoes was the biggest surprise for me. I had not even considered that they would be developing another Fire Emblem in 3DS. The most exciting announcement was a new Switch Fire Emblem. Also glad it's not just an HD port of Fates.

    It seems like Nintendo is looking to make Fire Emblem an annual franchise, which is crazy considering the state of the series just 5 years ago. But also potentially worrying.

  • @Cypher As it stands now, I'm not overly worried. Remember that Fates was a 2015 release initially in Japan, so Echoes is two years afterwards. Even though they are completely overhauling Gaiden, I imagine it's easier having a framework and story already in place somewhat. The real test will be their transition to the Switch, and although it's a long ways away, I am so excited by the prospect of another console Fire Emblem.

  • I've never played a Fire Emblem game but the stuff in the direct has got me interested. I love me a good Musou game so I will be picking up Fire Emblem Warriors and deep diving into the series with that.

    I also have Awakenings installed on my 3DS but unplayed (I'm a terrible human being I know) so I might play that someday soon to have a taste of what the main series is like.

    The mobile game is easily the most blatantly exploitative one Nintendo have come out with so far although gameplay-wise it does look interesting. So I'll give that a stab when it hits iOS.

  • I'm happy to see most of us are in agreement here. The Direct was done amazingly. Very good decision to have Yuri do the narration.

    Blown away by Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia...not as much this dude. (A Shenmue Huber level reaction).

    I love that its not just another Fire Emblem 3DS game, while we all would've loved it, a remake of an original with mechanics no other game has used really gets me hyped. Promoting any unit to any class will be fun as hell. Release date of May was surprising, this game has likely been long in development.

    Fire Emblem for Nintendo Switch - I'm surprised they announced it this early. Perhaps this will be one of the major games they will tease before E3, and be one of the major games that we want more information about, perhaps dropping a Q1 or Q2 2018 release date as well. (Other than the "one more thing..." that might hold Metroid/Mother 3).

    Warriors, as Ben said, its what we expected. I look forward to it but I don't have a whole lot of hype yet. It needs to have something original that gives a nod to the series, until I see that there isn't much excitement from me.

    Fire Emblem Heroes looks pretty good, but I'm not sure how they will balance having 1 Star -> 5 Star heroes. I'm struggling to picture a reality where you don't hit that wall where you suddenly have to spend hundreds of hours grinding. Basically, how much time am I saving with real life money? If I'm saving so much money that my time spent playing the game feels pointless, then the game will be a disappointment.

    I'll certainly play it until I hit that wall, probably spend $5 to see how it all plays out, but the second I hit that wall I'll ditch it.

  • @thenerdtheword Haha, how wild to potentially start a long-running SRPG series with a Musou game! Awakening is the most accessible starting point into the series, in my opinion, so that would be your best bet to experience gameplay more indicative of the series.

  • @Billy said in Fire Emblem Direct:

    @thenerdtheword Haha, how wild to potentially start a long-running SRPG series with a Musou game! Awakening is the most accessible starting point into the series, in my opinion, so that would be your best bet to experience gameplay more indicative of the series.

    That's how I roll!

    I'll try and give Awakenings a shot but my 3DS is a Pokemon machine at the moment. My current task is to complete Pokemon Sun before I get my Switch because I want to be distraction free for Zelda. Maybe once there is a lull in Switch games in a few months I'll have the time to give it a go.

  • Seconding the love for Awakenings here. Fates wasn't bad by any means but everything just clicked so well in Awakenings. To me, better characters, better stories, better objectives in combat.

  • Best announcement was the 3DS game IMO, which is surprising considering Nintendo's launching the Switch in a month and a few days. I wonder how long it was in development.

  • @Axass i wouldnt say long they can reuse alot of assets from awakining and fates

  • @FF7Cloud That's true, that, together with the huge install base, may also be the reason why they went with a 3DS game still.

  • @Axass
    I have a feeling SoV might be used to test out a few things that will be fully fleshed out on the Switch title (Like the dungeon crawling)

  • @DMCMaster That's a pretty good prediction. A proper console fire emblem would feel a bit "old" without a third person camera interface. Moving through towns in third person would make for a good reveal at E3 or whatever.