Best games playable on vita?

  • Severed
    Rogue Legacy
    Nuclear Throne

    There are probably others I'd recommend, but I probably play them on PC or another console.

  • @naltmank Hahahaha, DR is a lot more than that. If you really want to know, I'd be happy to try and explain in a relatively spoiler free way.

  • @Billy I'm not in America, but I heard that if I connect to a US PSN account I can access the US playstation store. My little brother has one back in the states, so I was just planning on using his. Regarding symphony of the night, I might not be able to get it in time - my estimate delivery is between 1/31 and 2/7. Are there frequently sales like this? I looked online and Child of Light is also available for super cheap.

    @michemagius that'd actually be great. I know story is super important, but I also have no clue what it's about or how it plays.

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    I really really enjoyed Tearaway

    But you also got games such as:
    Escape Plan - really fun puzzle game with short levels which really uses the Vitas functions in a cool way
    Killzone Mercenarys - Guerilla Cambridge's fun FPS game (just too bad the studio just shut)
    YS: Memories of Celceta - quite good JRPG

    There are also a bunch of PS1 games you can pick up which I recommend, but will only focus on Vita titles for now :)

  • @naltmank Yes, you will frequently see flash sales like this. One or two weeks only, but between 40-80% off. You can buy things through the website also, so maybe you or someone else can access the US page?

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    Get Gravity Rush unless you are going to play the remaster on PS4 at some point. Amazing game.
    Get Tearaway even if you plan on playing the PS4 version. They are essentially two different games.
    Killzone Mercenary . Probably one of the best games in the franchise, and probably the best looking handheld game you can play.
    God of War collection. Framerate is kinda meh on Vita but still very enjoyable games.
    Axiom Verge. The 2D Metroid everyone wants and Nintendo lacks the aptitude to make.
    Muramasa. Gorgeous side scrolling hack n slash bliss.
    Trails of Cold Steel. Amazing JRPG series.
    WipEout 2048 unless you plan on playing the Omega collection on PS4.
    Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth. Great JRPG that just happens to be about Digimon.
    Metal Gear Solid HD Collection. Lack of pressure sensitive button may end up biting you in the ass in certain parts, but otherwise a very good handheld port of two incredible games.
    Titan Souls. A very fun, very hard little boss rush game.
    Shovel Knight. A great, constantly updated platformer.

    Now for some PSX goodness.
    Final Fantasy 1-9. Tactics too!
    Breath of Fire 3-4
    Suikoden 1-2
    Silent Hill
    Chrono Trigger/Cross
    Castlevania Symphony of the Night
    Front Mission 3
    Vagrant Story
    Legend of Dragoon
    Spyro 1-3
    Arc the Lad series
    Legacy of Kain: Blood Omen
    Mega Man Legends 1-2/The Misadventures of Tron Bonne
    Namco Museum 1-5
    Parasite Eve 1-2/Third Birthday
    Um Jammer Lammy
    Dino Crisis 1-2
    Legend of Mana
    Vib Ribbon
    Wild Arms 1-2

    Probably a ton more I am forgetting, but enjoy!

  • Spelunky is a game I tend to come back to a bit. And other games that I leave there just in case are Rogue Legacy, Sound Shapes, Luftrausers and Geometry Wars 3.

    Recently I finished Hitman Go which was great on vita.

    I was going through Darkest Dungeon and about to get back into Suikoden 2 but it looks like either my cable is dead or my vita is dead. Which is even more awkward when you travel around. I'm hoping I can find an old model cable somewhere along the way.

  • Pretty much every great game for the Vita has been mentioned (even the old gems) so all I have to add is Grand Kingdom.

    Welcome to the best handheld in the market!

  • I bought it for Persona 4 Golden, and even though I had already played it, I consider it alone was worth getting the Vita.

    Aside from that I've really liked the Danganronpa and Zero Escape games, and Trails of Cold Steel is on its way to becoming my second favorite JRPG franchise, so definitively two great options.

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  • Definitely get Persona 4 Golden! I can also warmheartedly recommend:
    Tearaway. The shear amount of ideas and creativity put into this game is amazing and amazingly charming. This game makes your vita special, because this version cannot be made anywhere else.
    Danganronpa. Fuck this game is japanese. Fuck this game is engrossing and has character.

    I have a handful of Vita games, but I've yet to finish them so therefore I won't recommend them. But I've heard Gravity Rush is a good time.

  • Funny enough I've spent the past month catching up on Vita games, my recommendations:

    • Stranger Of Sword City

    • Demon Gaze

    • Persona 4 Golden (I bought a vita JUST for this)

    • Shiren the wanderer: Tower of fortune and the dice of fate

    • Oreshika Tainted Bloodlines

    And then just about any PSX classic RPG.

  • Thanks so much for the suggestions guys! It's a little intimidating how many games I have to get through now :D

  • does persona 4 golden play on playstation tv

  • Oh, almost forgot to list Muramasa Rebirth. Play it, do it. Awesome game.

  • You've gotten a lot of great suggestions! I'm pretty new to the Vita myself but I would echo the Danganronpa recommendations and also say to check out Yomawari Night Alone if you think you'd enjoy something creepy/cute/sad that has an interesting story can be enjoyed quickly to get through the main story or drawn out with plenty of side adventures and exploration.

    I didn't notice any extra details on Danganronpa so, trying to avoid spoilers, the basic premise is a group of highschoolers at an elite academy for the "ultimate" students find themselves trapped together and tasked with either living there forever or committing murder in order to leave. When a murder happens, everyone has to work together to hold a trial and oust their murderous classmate or face the penalty... which is death for everyone except the murderer who can go free. Between trials you can interact with your classmates to learn more about them and earn special skills to help with the trials.

    Trials are very similar to the Ace Attorney series where-in you gather clues throughout the school and then present evidence and build the narrative to discover the killer. The trial has various modes to make things more interesting/difficult. For instance you will watch your classmates debate and have to fire your gathered clues off as "bullets" to dispute their flawed statements. Another component has you playing a type of "Hangman" game with yourself where you reveal an important word or phrase with letters that appear on screen. There is also a rhythm game obstacle.

    Very interesting game with over the top characters and a deep story.

  • @logic__error that actually sounds so dope. Can you like, majorly fuck up and "lose"? Or is it pretty straightforward all the way to the end?

    @FF7Cloud I think so... I actually lost an auction at the last second for a vita/ps TV/controller/P4Golden/FFX/Killzone bundle at the last second (it finished while I was asleep and I got outbid... stupid time zones). This thread makes me really wish I had won that one!

    Another follow up question: for the PSOne Final Fantasy games, which do you think I should go for first? I'm definitely most interested in FF9, but do you think if I played that first, it would be hard going back to FF7? I feel like I should play FF7 because it was such an important game, but FF9 has such nice vibes.

  • Motorstorm RC - The best racing game on the Vita.
    Playstation All-stars Battle Royal - Better than smash imo because this feels like a fighting game
    Freedom Wars (best if you have people to play with. Monster Hunter style game)
    Hitman Go - Strategy game
    Sonic All-stars Racing Transformed - In my opinion better than Mario Kart 8
    Guacamelee - 2D side scroller platformer
    Danganronpa 1-2
    Jak 1-3
    Batman Arkham Origins: Blackgate - 2.5D Metroidvania game

  • @naltmank I would say that the Danganronpa games are fairly straightforard, in the sense that you can't really screw up as you mention. During the trials you could have wrong conclusions, but you simply have to repeat the trial at that point, so really you would eventually be able to force your way through.

    A fair warning with the games, they are kinda long, about 30 hours, and they are slow, and can get a little tiring, so be aware of that. I love the games, but they are not for everyone. I'd say that if the premise sounds interesting to you, and you don't mind spending a considerable amount of time just walking around and talking to people then you should definitively go for it.

    And ... don't forget about P4 Golden ;)

  • @naltmank What Bard91 said, pretty straightforward. They certainly do take time. I think the second game took longer for me, about 26 hours for the first game and 35 for the second. The trials in the first game lasted about an hour and a half on average and in the second game they were 2+ with a little break to save in the middle. You can decide to skip the "Free Time" portions, where you talk to your classmates, in order to save a little time but then you miss out on getting helpful skills that make the trials a little easier... and the weird characters are some of the best parts of the games.