How do you feel about fan fiction featuring real people?

  • I ask this, because in my search of to find things to add to my media list, I stumbled across GT/EZA fan fiction. Thankfully I am not curious enough to read any of it.

    Fan faction with real life people in it is a bit odd to me. I'm very much not into it.

  • Yeah, it's a little weird.
    But I never like to put people down for doing something creative, and that they love.

    But yeah.... weird. I guess I understand this more on a huge celebrity level, rather than EZA level, but I guess this is a great indicator of success, and impact.

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    I have always been a bit sceptical to fan fiction as its just "hopes and dreams from (mostly) one individual that just like to see something" ....also I've read some of the fan fiction out there and frankly, some of you guys scare me...

    I guess it might be okey based on video games and books etc, but real people, not so sure

  • Yeah, that is... Weird... Including EZA as characters that are loosely based on them in some fictional story, I guess that's fine, but including them as pretty much themselves in Fan Fic... I would say that crosses a line.

    ...For some reason this also reminded me of certain Internet Rule, and just a thought of that someone has given EZA that treatment... shudders

  • @jipostus OH. THAT RULE.

    Should I post some lines from the stories? Or would that be too mean to however wrote them?

  • Putting people into fictional worlds can be cute and fun, like if Brandon lived in the world of Sun/Moon or fleshing out further the Hell/Nega-World introduced in Easy Update. But fanfiction that revolves around real life or things that could occur in real life, especially sexual fanfiction, makes me very uncomfortable. To me, the difference is that fanfiction that incorporates real people into fictional settings is an extension of that fiction, cannot be accomplished in other ways without access to the subjects you're writing about, and is something that you could good-heartedly share and appreciate with the person or people you're writing about. Real-life based fanfiction feels stalkerish and disrespectful to the fact that these content creators are people with their own lives, and can deliberately misread or theorize relationships that can make the real people involved feel uncomfortable. There are some content creators where I've had to disengage from the fanbase entirely because the abundance of romantic and sexual fanfiction being written about platonic coworkers made me pretty grossed out.

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    @parasitepaladin It'd be better to be respectful to the people who wrote it and not to post anything without anyone's permission.

  • tbh i get the reason why it gets written (from a place of admiration and love) but I feel like it crosses a line.