Say Something Good About a Game You Otherwise Despise

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    @Hazz3r I literally cannot understand why a person would not like Dishonoured. One of the best stealth games OF ALL TIME.

  • @El-Shmiablo @flower_arrangement I also didn't like the game. Gameplay was nice, but the story was "meh" at best. Also the ending(s) was/were really disappointing. It's what ultimately destroyed the game for me, as it was going on a positive note until then, but it ended really anticlimactic
    and bland.
    I also couldn't connect with Corvo, as a main character (or any of them for that matter).

  • @El-Shmiablo

    I can't really explain it all that well. I really don't like the chaos system. I'm not going to spout the whole "ludonarrative dissonance" crap but it does feel really weird to me that I am presented all these different ways to commit murder and I'm not really allowed to use them!

    I also really don't like how long it takes for Corvo to become powerful (You have to REALLY commit to be able to stop time). I think it would be a much better game if abilities were learned between stages or something.

    I dunno man, I spent my entire playthrough just wanting to get to the end. Didn't enjoy it at all.

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    @Hazz3r The only time you aren't "allowed" to use them is if you are trying to do a low chaos run.

    Motherfuckers got wrecked on my first playthough. Slow motion bolts to the face err'where.

  • Their games look amazing for the hardware they are built on :)

    Any naughty dog game ever (Except ctr) <3

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  • NieR has the best soundtrack in any video game I've ever played, so much so that it motivated me to go through the game four times and get the true ending.

    Goddamn that soundtrack was good.

  • I really don't despise any game, as long as it makes someone happy, I'm okay with it.

    That being said, GTA V had graphics i guess...

  • Bethesda games are... Hilarious to discuss with other people in a watercooler "and then she fell through the world and i couldn't hand my quest in" sort of way.