Rate the Song Thread

  • @Haru17 I liked it a lot actually. I especially loved the bass and the string instruments used throughout the song! The ending was a fantastic payoff too. 8/10

    Saosin - Illusion & Control

  • @Light I really like this heavier style, the triplet feel of the guitar part in the verse is a welcome change from bar chords and static rhythms typical of the genre. When those chords come in, they're used effectively to communicate the power and energy of the chorus instead of being lazy songwriting. This is also one of the few songs where the screaming and growling at the end doesn't feel like it comes out of the blue, the drum fills and the guitar ramping up build nicely into it so that it still hits hard without feeling too cliche or arbitrary. The skill of the vocalist contributes to the overall song a lot, the range from falsetto to a lower register with good control over tone and then again into the grittier delivery is impressive and carries the song through. I wish that the bass was brought out slightly more, it never really stood out from the guitar and overall the song felt as though it focused a lot on the higher registers which is unusual for a hard rock song. Reintroducing a strong kick drum and a bit more emphasis on the bass guitar in the mixing would bring this up to a 10, but as it stands I'll give it a strong 8/10.

    This one's actually a song one of my friends put out recently that I was surprised with and want more people to get to hear! Luke Metzler -- Disco Therapy

  • @alexwhiteplays That was actually pretty good. I liked the funkiness and, I guess, pacing? Just how the music swelled was nice. Checked-In / 10.

    "Nightlife" — Childish Gambino

  • @Haru17 I'm no music expert so I can't give a super in depth analysis or anything but the beat was infectious, I really enjoyed the song. I found myself bobbing my head whenever I listened to it. It's a bit scrambled but in a good way.


  • @michemagius I was skeptical until they started singing in Japanese. Then I knew XD. Anyway, it's a nice song. To be honest I'm more struck by the visuals than the beat itself, so I have to go with a Japanese teenage boy's waifu-filled dreams / 10 (I'm sorry).

    As for my song, I won't say the name, but I will say that I was shocked to have missed out on this gem.

  • This thread can not die on this song. C'mon guys, become good.

    Besides, coercing people into listening to your music is too much fun.

  • @Haru17 Sorry man but I seriously can't stand that sort of music, 1/5

    Here's some Neon Indian to see out the end of summer

  • @kwozymoto Wow that was extremely not for me, in any way.

    Here's my contribution, better enjoyed in a moment of rest imo enjoy

  • @bard91 Good to calm down after a workday really enjoyed it. Gotta check some more of their songs out 8/10

    My favourite song from one of my favourite childhood games. Just cruising down a mountain with deep powdersnow SSX Tricky - Finished Symphony (Untracked)

  • @kwozymoto Good to see Neon Indian getting some love! He released my favorite album last year and Slumlord definitely is a highlight. The whole album felt like the decade of the 80s took some acid.

  • @kwozymoto That's okay, as long as someone gets the joke I'm sated.

  • @bard91 "Why so serious, SSX?" / 10

    I loved it. It works better when you're not looking at the cover, though.

    Now let's get saucy.

  • @Dragonhunter Glad to see this thread revitalized! I love the way this song exploits dynamics. By starting in the midrange with strings and then moving the melody down to the bass to build power it is able to maintain a sense of momentum, and I like that the same instrument group was used in both cases to make it flow together nicely. The shift in percussion used was cool too, with the moving from the resonant bell to the thudding bass sound and then to the gong hit and the suspended cymbal roll to bring up the tension. The climax, pause, and ending with the piano was also well done because the in the climax the melody moves to the brass section which gives it a lot of power, the pause lets the loud sound ring out, and the move to the piano brings us back to the high-mid register that we started with. If I had one criticism, it's that it feels fairly formulaic at times. It's well executed and tightly constructed, but the way the song develops--while tried and true--feels a little tired to me. It's great at doing what it does, but there's nothing that makes it feel especially unique. 4/5.

    Here's mine! Joywave -- Bad Dreams.

  • not sure what exactly that is supposed to be, but I think it is ok, probably wouldn't be able to make it through an entire album of that though.

    I guess I'll just post what I was listening to

    deustche metal ist best metal!!!

  • @bard91 I'm suprised, usually when foreigners talk about german metal it's always Rammstein, and I really don't like Rammstein. This one is alright, as the weeb I am I personally prefer when a female japanese singing voice is mixed into the screaming, like this one
    Destruction - Foreground Eclipse

  • @Musou-Tensei I have very little respect for Rammstein, specially when compared to all of the fantastic metal bands Germany has produced.

    I actually thought you were posting a weeb version of a Destruction song that I didn't know about (the german thrash band).

    Anyhow I tend to like weeb music as well, but that one didn't really do it for me.

    I'll keep the german love going

    I had a blast seeing these guys live, and seeing all the germans in the crowd getting pumped was pretty awesome.

  • 6.8/10

    Good rhythm and production, but not very memorable.

    Might as well keep the German thing going...

    Wumpscut - Bunkertor 7

  • @Oscillator Like the instrumental! Not a giant fan of how the singer sounds. I may not personally enjoy it, but I can realize that it doesn't suck.


    Sticking with Germany, here is a song from the worlds best power metal band.

    BLIND GUARDIAN - Twilight of The Gods

  • @parasitepaladin I totally love the vocal style, blending the operatic clean high vocal with traces of grittier vocal tones is really cool and fits with the epic style of the song. Also definitely a fan of the rhythms in the guitar, there's some really cool songwriting happening in the solos. Interestingly, there's a huge amount of classical influence in the chord progressions (this is true in metal in general, since the heavily dissonant instruments need consonant songwriting to prevent the whole thing from falling apart, but it's even more apparent here with the classical-style vocals). There's a moment between the first and second choruses where it feels like there's a lack of momentum, but the solo after the second chorus where it goes into the triplets does a great job of pushing the song forward. I liked it overall and added this to my YouTube favorites. 9/10.

    Peeling away from German metal, here's a chill-out track that makes cool use of audio splitting. Listening recommendation: listen to this with your eyes closed and through headphones. Chrome Sparks: Marijuana.