More games should do that!

  • We've all played some great games and sometimes, during these amazing moments, something so spectacular happens that we are surprised that we haven't seen it before in other games. A feature which other games should Incorporate and makes this game special.

    What did you consider as a feature that was so good, that more games should include? It could be gameplay mechanic, dialogue, visuals... anything.

  • Do like The Elder Scrolls, and have virtually no limitations. Go where you want, do what you want, pick up anything, put it anywhere.

  • I see what you're saying, but I also think this can be a "be careful what you wish for" situation. Those little sparks of innovation are often quickly adopted into many games, and while they improve gaming overall for awhile, they also can get run into the ground until they become clichéd and boring. Dark Souls-style combat seems to be all the rage lately, and I think it's generally still working, but in a few more years we may be tired of it and begging for something new.

    So I guess what I think more games should do is just try to do new things. Sadly, coming up with game-changing (literally) mechanics is both difficult and risky. The safe bet is churning out another grey, testosterone-fueled gunfest, because lots of people are content to play essentially the same game over, and over, and over.

  • Banned

    I was playing Mass Effect and was like, daaaaamn, I wish the next Fallout had such limited dialog choices.

  • Weirdly for me, the control schemes for a game really gets me to take notice, especially on console. This one is low hanging fruit, but the control scheme for Halo was pretty incredible at the time. Coming from PC with mouse+keyboard, when I played Halo: CE for the first time I was really impressed at how quickly I adapted to it. I still like mouse+keyboard better when I'm in "try-hard" mode but I love the comfort and convenience of having a controller in my lap.

  • Some sort of codex. I like game that have a log of all their enemies and areas. Mass effect 1 was the best. The guy that read out about the different species and things. Got me so invested in the world, I was eager to learn more of it. I think all rpg games should have them.

  • Minecraft and The Elder Scrolls' ability to have an in-game notepad. Wait, did TES have a notepad? I might be remembering a different PC game.

    DS Legend of Zelda's ability to make notes on your map.

  • Persona's dating sim lite. Not that I want every game to have it, but I loved the everyday life stuff that the game had. I loved making those relationship links, romantic or not. I'd love to at least have a couple more games give me something similar. It might have made this wait for P5 not as bad.

  • The ability to swap shoulders when you're aiming in a third person shooter.

    It sounds really simple but it's incredible how many developers forget to implement this very basic and very important feature. It's the first thing I check when I'm playing a new third person game.

  • Almost every single game should have some form of New Game + whether that is letting you replay through a story driven game keeping gear and items you wouldn't normally acquire until later in the story or with new costumes or "cheat codes" to play around with or with new and harder challenges or with extra characters you can meet that didn't fit perfectly well into the main story making it feel like a director's cut version of the game you just played. I don't care if the mode has to be DLC programmed after release due to time constraints. Developers put New Game + in your game.

    Example would be if in Pokemon you could start the story over but all your Pokemon are still in your PC and you keep all your items that aren't key items. The closest they've done to this was a system called the Key System in Black and White 2, except that system required a second player to link with you to unlock Easy Mode for you or Challenge Mode, but they could only give you Challenge Mode if they had already beaten the game. This was a problem, because if you had two friends who both wanted to play Challenge Mode, both would have to have beaten the game, except to restart in Challenge Mode one would have to wipe their game save, losing the ability to give the other player Challenge Mode anymore. The only way to do it was for player 1 who had beaten the game to give player 2 Challenge Mode, then wait for player 2 to beat the game in Challenge Mode to give it back to player 1 after they wiped their game.

    New Game + should never be this complicated. Simply let someone who enjoyed your game enough to want to replay it start it over with added incentive of some sort.

  • The ability to alter the random battle frequency rate in Bravely Default was, I felt, a huge step in the right direction for RPG's. One of my biggest gripes with random encounters was how often you'd get stopped when trying to simply traverse from point A to point B, or when trying to simply explore a new area. Being able to turn off encounters and explore at your own pace was a very welcome change. Same goes for turning the rate up - it helped drastically when trying to level grind.

  • Witch Time. Every game needs Witch Time. If your game doesn't have Witch Time, it is a lesser game for it.

    Okay I'm obviously being hyperbolic but I really do love witch time and I am 95% convinced the only reason I think Transformers Devastation is as good as it is happens to be because it has Witch Time in it.

    @Inustar said in More games should do that!:

    Persona's dating sim lite. Not that I want every game to have it, but I loved the everyday life stuff that the game had. I loved making those relationship links, romantic or not. I'd love to at least have a couple more games give me something similar. It might have made this wait for P5 not as bad.

    You might like a game called Cherry Tree High Comedy Club on steam. You aren't quite dating people but it's the only other game I've played that had social link-like elements to it.

  • A single player campaign.

    I dont have friends that play games. there are games that look to have cool mechanics and Worlds. I dont pay for Xbox live or PSN and have no interest in playing online with random people because I'm not that great at dual analog fps games. That being said, I wish I was able to enjoy some part of SW Battlefront, Titanfall, or even Destiny. As a person that has a very large game collection, I worry about the future of games that required online support for patches and now it's required for gameplay. Ugh...