How can the Switch replace the 3DS at $300

  • I really think that the Switch needs to be down around the $200 mark to start attracting people away from the 3DS. Maybe a 'portable mode only' model which is cheaper could start to do that, as has been speculated.

  • One word, Games.

  • The 3ds started at $250. And still costs $200 today for 6 year old tech.

    The price differential and time passed is exactly analogous to PS Vita and PS4:
    PSVita: $200 in 2013
    PS4: $280 today

    So I ask you: How can the PS4 replace the PSVita at $280? Will Sony really no longer develop a cheap portable

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    I don't see the Switch replacing the 3DS. Unless of course ALL 3DS devs jump ship onto the Switch. Which is unlikely, but possible.

  • My expectation is that the Switch will replace the 3DS for a certain segment of players, but not entirely replace it (right away anyway).

    Most of the more hardcore, adult players will likely move over to the Switch and Nintendo may lean into the 3DS as the budget, kid-friendly alternative.

    That's my expectation anyway.

  • @anato Yeah. It really does come down to this. We can talk about price and battery life, but at the end of the day if a new Pokemon game comes out in Holiday 2018 only for the switch, (Not a third version of Su/Mo) They will want to get it.

    They've already done that with Fire Emblem Switch, and I think that game will pull a ton of people who don't care about Zelda or Mario.

    I didn't buy a 3DS because I liked the form factor, I bought one because I HAD to play Fire Emblem. (And Pokemon/Advance Wars back in the day).

  • @Stormcrownn Exactly, and I'm pretty sure they know this.

    All they need to do to get the current 3DS userbase to make the switch is to release the Holy Quartet - Pokémon, Monster Hunter, Fire Emblem, Animal Crossing - exclusively on Switch. If they release one of each over the next 2 years, alongside their other Nintendo staples, the Switch simply can't fail.

  • @Axel Yeah definitely, and they have plenty of time to do so. Since Nintendo is going to continue to support the 3DS for a little bit (The Nine seem to think a year) they have some time to release these games on the Switch. We already know a Fire Emblem is in the works, and since a new 3DS game is coming out they don't even need to rush the Switch release yet. There is still that rumor of Pokemon Stars, but I would think it can't simply be a port with a handful of new Pokemon to lure many new potential buyers. We all could hope that the teams have been hard at work on Switch games and they will clue us in within the year. I was pretty upset with the game announcements during their presentation but it does seem like they are going to do their own thing and trickle out some treats for us throughout the year.

  • Maybe when Switch 2 comes out the 1 will be cheap, parents can get the new "base" and let the kids use the old joycons while they get a pro controller. I am actualy debaiting getting a second set of joycons for arm's but I don't know if it's worth it, since I would much rather get a pro controller. I mean how many other games will make use of motion control in a good way. =D

  • Can any other European ally share what price you'll get it at? Over here it costs 330€, plus 70€ for Zelda. What the actual f**k?! And it will still probably be sold out. Just shocked, that's all.

  • In Singapore it's possible to place pre-orders, but they still haven't announced the price, which is a bit scary. And I just checked the website of the shop where I pre-ordered and it now says that the console will be bundled with Zelda and 1, 2, Switch. What the hell is that about? I was obviously going to buy Zelda but I don't want 1, 2, Switch, I don't want to be forced to pay extra for it. I have a feeling I'm going to get royally screwed.