What systems have you owned?

  • I have: (all european PAL versions)

    • Game Boy Pocket, silver
      GBA, translucend purple
      DS Lite, black
      3DS XL, black
      SNES with Super Game Boy and import converter
      N64 with Ram Pak and import converter
      Gamecube with Game Boy Player and Freeloader, both black
      Wii, softmodded to play imports, white
      Wii U, black
      Mario Bros. Game & Watch


    • 2x Mega Drive 2 with 1 Mega CD 2
      Saturn with import converter
      Dreamcast, white


    • PSP, Crisis Core Limited Edition
      Vita, black, OLED.
      PS2, modded for imports, black
      PS3, black
      PS4, black


    • Xbox, black
      Xbox 360 Arcade upgraded with 60GB HDD, white
      XB1, black

    I used to have:

    • original Game Boy, my little brother accidentally smashed the screen

    • GBA SP, black, gave it to my brother when I bought a DS

    • that DS, silver, gave it to my brother when I bough a DS lite

    • Gamecube, my day 1 GC was broken out of the box and didn't read disks, replaced with a working one 3 days later (because weekend)

    • Wii, my day 1 Wii eventually overheated because that 24/7 update thing they had, which caused artifacts on screen, sent it to Nintendo and got a new(?) one 2 weeks later.

    • 3DS, black, Ambassador model, got stolen

    • 3DS Zelda OoT Edition, replacement for the stolen 3DS, sold when I bought a 3DS XL, but insted with OoT 3D, I sold it with RE:Revelations and Circle Pad.


    • PS2, my 1st PS2 stopped working 2 years ago, replaced it with a modded one


    • Xbox 360, 20GB, RRoD, still had warranty, sent it to MS and got a new(?) one 2 weeks later.

    • That Xbox 360, RRoD, no warranty, replaced with my current Arcade version


    • A german Pong clone with differnet sport variations
      2x Commodore 64
      various LCD games

  • Home consoles
    N64, PS1 (N64 was my main platform, I basically only played Nintendo games, still my GOAT console)
    NGC, PS2 (NGC was my main platform mostly because Nintendo fanboy, after playing The Twin Snakes I realised what I was loosing and bought a PS2)
    360, PS3 (360 was main plaform and made an xbox user, PS3 was for exclusive)
    One, PS4, WiiU (One main platform, PS for exclusives and WiiU is probably last nintendo hardware I'll ever buy)


  • Sony
    PlayStation 2
    PlayStation 3
    PlayStation 4

    SNES <-- first console
    Nintendo 64
    Nintendo Gamecube x2 (I got robbed, lol)

    lol no

    And I've had several gaming PCs. 4 or 5 entirely separate ones. Not counting upgrades here. I prefer gaming on PC, but I always get a console as well for exclusives.
    Some games are also better on console. Like Dark Souls. No hackers on PS4.

  • Meh, don't need to list the obvious ones that everyone had, so just gonna list the special ones.

    Atari Home Pong
    PC Engine + CD-Rom (200 game collection)
    Neo Geo (30 game collection)
    3DO (2 games cuz it sucks)

  • I see that nobody has come forward. It is up to me, it seems.
    That I, do in fact, own a GAME . COM

  • I have done a lot of system collecting (more so than games)

    Systems that I currently own:

    Atari 2600, 5200, Jaguar
    Amiga 1000
    Commodore 64
    Japanese white Turbo Duo, Turbo Grafx 16 (USA version)
    Sega Master System, Genesis Model II, 32x, CD, Sega Sports Dreamcast, Saturn, Blue Sonic Game Gear
    Game.com (Yes I have that one too parasitepaladin. The only game I got for it is Resident Evil 2 hehe)
    Nintendo NES, Gameboy, Green GB Color, Silver Gamecube, Jungle Green N64, Virtual Boy, Wii, Wii U, SNES, new 3DS XL
    Philips CD-i
    Panasonic 3DO
    Sony PS1, PS2 slim, PS3 Slim, PS4 white glacier, PS Vita
    Magnavox Odyssey II
    Collecovision, Intellivision

    Ones that I had owned at one time:

    JVC X, Eye (Basically a Sega Genesis + Sega CD into one uniform console!)
    Turbo Grafx 16 CD Add on
    Vectrex (Really cool vector graphics console with a vertical CRT)
    Fairchild Channel F (I bought it in a broken state)
    Apple II Plus
    Xbox 360

    Phew quite a bit! Though I stow most of the systems I own away in bins, I keep my main ones out.

  • Gameboy x 2
    Gameboy Advanced
    Super Nintendo
    PS2 x 2

  • Consoles:
    Nintendo 64
    Game Cube
    PlayStation 2
    Xbox 360
    PlayStation 3
    Wii U
    Sega Saturn (JP)
    Xbox (JP)

    GameBoy Color
    GameBoy Advanced
    GameBoy Advanced SP
    Nintendo 3DS
    PlayStation Vita
    PlayStation Portable

    Custom built gaming PC
    Asus Republic of Gamers Laptop
    iPhone 6

    I do plan on getting a PS4 sometime in the future. Also, I'd have no idea which console I'd chose if I had to pick only one.... Maybe my gaming PC if people buckled down and made emulators of EVERY single game in existence that doesn't yet have a PC port.....

  • have now:

    sega saturn
    new 3ds
    wii u

  • I've owned


    • NES (and a lot of games but most of them I sold to Funcoland a long, long time ago. I wish I kept them).
    • Gameboy
    • Sega Genesis
    • Playstation
    • PS2 (twice given that the first one stopped reading DVD disks and only was reading Playstation Blue Disks)
    • PS 3 (but only did so for the BluRay player till the very end of the lifespan)
    • PS 4

    I basically missed most of Gen7 and a lot of Gen6 since that was my college years and I was just busy with that. The games I owned for both I could have counted on one hand.