Resident Evil 7 (PC/PS4/XB1)

  • I adored RE7 on so many levels. My favorite thing about it is that you can play it from front to back in VR, but not one time did I feel like I was getting an inferior experience because I wasn't using the headset. It made me want to buy a PSVR to play it again, but I didn't enjoy the game any less because of that.

    It looks like the game is selling well, and Capcom deserves all the praise they get for a couple of reasons.

    -7 months from announcement to release.
    -Noticing a hunger for a game like this. They successfully adapted a known franchise to move the series forward, while generally maintaining the things that made RE great.
    -Support for a platform (PSVR) whos user base is hungry for long form AAA games, without alienating people that are unable to play it that way.

    My only criticism of the game is that once you learn the rules of the game, the tension falls of a little bit. That's probably more on me for playing so many games that I am able to identify these rules more easily, but its noticeable.

    I hope they learned from the way this game was made and the things they are being praised for and apply it to their other franchises.

  • @ReeseRed
    Too be fair that kinda applies to most horror games, kinda like RE4, it's easier to lure enemies into a bottleneck, headshot one of them, kick, then knife, repeat.
    Same thing applies to 7, except it's luring a enemy into a room and closing the door.

  • @DMCMaster I also adore the short timespan between announcement and release. I still have flashbacks from RE5 where we had to wait 4 years after the first teaser.

    RE7 is great. It aint perfect but I couldnt come up in a way to improve it.

    I am torn of the second half of the game where you

    run around the ship as Mia. This Game reminds me to much of revelations 1. In fact all the monster where picked directly from the revelation games.

    I think Capcom managed to do a great compromise to satisfy fans of the old and new games. This makes me both excited and worried about the RE2 remaster, because it might going to look much more different than what the RE1 Remaster looked like.

  • Adding Huber's review to the OP

  • @Rico
    Do remember that Capcom hired the guy behind that fan made RE2 remake, also considering RE2's legacy, I have a feeling it will be made with multiple camera systems to appeal to the 3 groups of RE fans, that being the fixed camera, over the shoulder, and the newly added First person.

  • @DMCMaster that would be cool but I can't realy imagine this going to happen. It would be a lot of work.

  • @Rico
    True especially when it comes to balancing advantages and disadvantages of each style.

  • I had only previously played 5, although I watched Huber stream just about every other entry - and I really enjoyed 7. Some will say they didn't think it was scary, but I felt an enormous amount of tension throughout most of the game. Even some things I knew were going to happen still had me creeped out. A really nice atmosphere. I liked the return of puzzles, but a few of them were too simple and would like to see the difficulty regarding them ramped up a bit in 8. As for the story, I thought it was done pretty well. 6 was such an over the top spectacle that it left the series in a state where a semi-reboot was almost necessary. My only issues were surrounding the graphics really (Xbox); as enjoyed the True Detective Season 1 aesthetic and art direction. But it seems for those who got to enjoy it in PSVR, it was worth the hit in the overall graphics department to deliver on that front. There are ties to the past, interesting questions about the future, and given its success there's no reason to call for the end of the series just yet, Looking forward to what's next, and definitely REmake 2.

    As for spoiler stuff....

    I got the bad ending, although I felt letting Mia probably die was the best course of action at that point. The ending boss battle was pretty lackluster, wanted a little more but then Redfield makes an appearance... Personally I'm going to say they just want us to think it's Chris - and more likely its a clone, an unknown evil relative of Chris, or Hunk! (I really like the idea of it being him from what I've seen of his backstory, and having him morph into the premier villain for the next few games.) Lots of possibilities. Also a shout out to the Happy Birthday! tape - You knew that wasn't going to end well, and there was some intense dread for me leading up to it.

  • Wanted to give my thoughts on playing it in VR. What Huber said during the full playthrough is true. You did feel motion sickness after a small session in the beginning (40-60 minutes). But after a few sessions became 80-100 minutes. By the end of the game I did a 4 hour 1 sitting. I was constantly sprinting and wasn't bothered by it. The settings I had was the default settings of 40 degrees and slow movement. Any questions feel free to ask.

  • Finished the game on Normal ( PS4).

    Enjoyed the game overall. I didn't find it surprising or 'creative' .

    Possible spoilers *:
    The final boss was very disappointing .
    Kyle said at some point that the faces are not looking good.He is right they do take me out of the game .
    The pacing of the game is pretty good.
    the enemies design is okay.Liked the 'Nemesis' elements in the game.

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  • After watching huber playthrough it I feel the same way about it now that I did when it was first shown, it's interesting on it's own had they just not named it resident evil or tried to tie it into the lore whatsoever (Or worse, create a new storyline with existing franchise characters. Or retcon anything).

    But as an RE title? As a fan of RE4, nope. Not interested in buying it. It's also far less of a game than the price provides value on IMO. I'll change that opinion if the free DLC actually makes it a complete package but it's still a bit.....sneaky in my eyes, the game needs to sell or they'll stop supporting it with free updates and they'll switch to paid DLC.

    Normally I wouldn't be that suspicious but capcom has made a pretty vivid history of late releasing incomplete games for full price and then wonder why people aren't biting, or just outright bad games that they loan their licenses out for like Umbrella corps.

    All other taste issues and business practices withheld, I'm just not a fan of the gameplay. It's too slow for my taste, the majority of the combat is in really tight spaces while being slow.

    Granted VR would make that easier, but you shouldn't NEED that in order for the gameplay to function properly otherwise it should've been a VR exclusive.

    All in all however I'm not the target audience, I'm not a huge RE fan. Whether it changed into this or stayed like RE5 and 6 I still wouldn't have been very excited about it. So my opinion matters very little lol.

  • I'm not a Resident Evil fan by any stretch of the imagination. First and foremost I don't do scary. I don't watch scary movies and I sure as hell don't play scary games. The scariest I've gone is Bioshock, or handing my friend the controller while he played PT and Outlast while I half paid attention. I tried playing the HD remake for RE1 since it was free with PS+ but I hated it. Just not my style of game. I have played RE5 a while ago and remember enjoying it enough as a one off. All that being said the franchise does interest me and I've ready up on all of the plots and lore, watched the coop stream of the terrible RE6, and plan on slowly watching the RE7 stream. I've only seem the prologue of the game through the EZA stream but holy crap was that intense and unsettling. I definitely want to finish watching it.

  • Best Resident Evil since the first 3. I think this game is most jarring to ppl who like the action RS games which I can't stand. I haven't beat it yet, but it feels just like classic resident evil to me just in first person and smaller scale.

    I want them to do this again but in a setting such as resident evil 2. I also would like to bring back umbrella and a few main characters. I want to explore high tech abandoned labs and lots of puzzles.

    The game is scary enough that I have to push myself to move forward. But I don't think it's over the top or anything.

    I like what kotaku said about the doors lol. I spend a lot of time debating if I should even go into the door lol.

  • So far. game is really boring and i doubt i will finish it. its better than 4, 5 and 6 but thats not saying much.

    I give it 6/10 so far.

  • Didnt feel like making a separate thread for this, but new trailer for the new CG movie

    Youtube Video

  • Playing RE7 in PSVR was pretty much the most intense thing I've ever experienced in video games. I didn't play the whole thing in vr, because it was making my eyes tired, but man, it's so cool!

    The graphics take a big hit through vr, but after a few minutes of immersion, I got into it and sort of forgot about that, so it's not a huge issue.

    Let's just say, I never thought I'd be this excited about being able to stare down inside a toilet

    I see a lot of people complaining about it being so "western" which is weird. Aside from the setting and the family, it's got all the trappings of a classic Resident Evil title. Puzzles, inventory management, ammo conservation, close quarters encounters, it's all there. And certain parts definitely scream "Japanese horror" to me, but since I can't figure out spoiler tags on this forum, I guess I'll skip that or wait until someone explains them to me, lol.

    Needless to say, I think this game is more true to the nature of Resident Evil than the series has been since the fixed camera angles games. I love 4, but it's by no means scary or tense, aside from maybe the chainsaw guys.

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    Just completed it. starting was strong, then game going downhill shortly after few hours

    I rate it 8/10. its combat is worst i have seen in AAA first person game plus only one type of enemy. i mean really!!.

    Once you done with baker game become absolutely terrible. my fav parts was baker family dinner. only thing close to being scary>! Spoiler

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  • What do you people think about the DLC? At first I was a little bit disappointed because I was hoping for more story content. But at the end I actually spent quite some time with the minigames like 21 or Ethan Must Die!

    I even recorded my personal best. Took me like 6 hours.

    Youtube Video