Resident Evil 7 (PC/PS4/XB1)

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    Just completed it. starting was strong, then game going downhill shortly after few hours

    I rate it 8/10. its combat is worst i have seen in AAA first person game plus only one type of enemy. i mean really!!.

    Once you done with baker game become absolutely terrible. my fav parts was baker family dinner. only thing close to being scary>! Spoiler

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    @Black-Cell Start a new paragraph and use >! Spoiler

    Like this

  • What do you people think about the DLC? At first I was a little bit disappointed because I was hoping for more story content. But at the end I actually spent quite some time with the minigames like 21 or Ethan Must Die!

    I even recorded my personal best. Took me like 6 hours.

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  • I got a link to this in my inbox. An apology for the delay for the free DLC "Not a Hero". Thought it might be of interest, especially since GT/EZA examine these delays.

    Anywa, here they're apologising for it not meeting the high expectations of the main game. I think this is seriously classy, working extra on content that is going to be free just to meet quality standards. That's pretty cool.

    Anyway, here's the link:

    Resi VII apology

  • @Churchy I was expecting a E3 shadow drop :(

  • "Not a Hero", "End of Zoe" and Gold Edition of the game with everything in it all arrive December 12th. Huber's freaking out somewhere. :)

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  • #notmychrisredfield can't wait

  • I've been waiting for this to buy the game, I'd only borrowed it so far. Awesome news, can't wait to pick up the Gold edition and play through all that sweet DLC.

  • I borrowed it from my brother for one playthrough, when i get the Gold Edition I do a 2nd one for

    the other choice

    and then play the DLC.

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    With the last price cut to PSVR, I finally decided to go for it and eventually get RE7. The gold edition went on sale relatively recently on psn so I picked that up and played through the entire campaign and main DLC in VR. I streamed it over 4-5 nights I believe.

    First thing I'll say is, it's worth messing around with the VR settings. I haven't had any major issues before and the default is set to walking slowly, fov filter on, crouch/jump transitions off, 30 degree turns with the right analog. Now I was fine while playing but about 2 hours afterwards, while I was playing Overwatch, it just hit me a little bit and I didn't feel that great. So the next day I switched it after reading online, turned off the fov option, increased movement speed, changed turning to smooth 10 which basically meant it played like a standard fps game and turned on transitions for crouching and I was set from there. Found it to play a lot better and didn't have any issues. Oh, I also stood up while playing after the first night, just felt more immersed.

    So the game. This was a great experience. In VR, the textures and resolution are clearly downgraded but you feel so immersed in it and the main things still look fantastic, like the character models and anything really close to you.And things do get up and close to you in this game. My god, the opening hour or so. Not only is it arguably the scariest part as it's so damn dark but when the action kicks in, it's frantic!

    I do love that it's gone way more into the survival horror again. It had a few fun jump scares and maybe 3-4 sections that I genuinely found terrifying due to the sound, chilling music used and the surrounding area. They really did a fantastic job with that.

    I think initially I wasn't huge on the story and I was questioning a few things on how this thing was here but the more space I've given it, the more I've actually liked how small it is. I don't think it's a spoiler but if you want to know nothing don't read the end of this paragraph. I do think they did a poor job with the choice you're given about halfway through the game. There's just not enough development to really care about the characters bar the context given.

    I think it actually had some of my favourite boss fights from the Resident Evil games and I loved seeing the callbacks and references throughout. The DLC is probably a little weird but I'd a good time with it. Not a Hero at least offers a bit more info while also adding... maybe stuff that's a bit difficult to suspend your disbelief while End of Zoe is a hilarious bit of dlc which reminded me of a less wacky Executioner dlc from The Evil Within.

    I'm glad to see RE series back on track and hope they do continue with survival horror and I seriously can't believe how good a job they did with making this a VR game, it really is a proper AAA VR game. Now I'm ready for some REmake 2 news