The EZA Community Top 25 Best of 2016!

  • Tokyo Mirage Sessions is probably my pick for most underrated game of this generation because the game was released on the Wii U's dying days and i know alot of people will miss out on it but it does so many things right.

    For one, the game gives a meaningful purpose to killing regular enemies because every single enemy in the game has 2 unique material drop which is used to craft weapons and those weapons have their own unique strength and weakness and equipping them let's you earn xp to unlock 4 spells per weapon, think Final Fantasy 9. Battles are fun since you are always given a good reason to kill enemies, which is what a RPG should do and this game does it beautifully.

    Second is it does what Chrono Trigger did extremly well and not that many JRPG's replicated for some reason and that's giving you a reason to play around and switch party members because every character can be better or worst in a certain situation, you have your guy who has bolt spells, one with fire, one with wind and every character has chain attacks so they can all feed off of each other to do combos.

    Dungeons are much better than what we got in Persona 4, they feel different and have puzzles in them instead of being a generic maze everytime.

    The only thing lacking from that game is the characters and the story which isn't all that interesting, this is no intriging muder mestory ala Persona 4 where you fall in love with Dojima, Nanako and your friends.

  • I would love to play the Trails of Cold Steel games but I don't own a Vita or PS3. Hopefully with 3 coming exclusively to the PS4 we can get a compilation disk with 1 and 2 on it for the PS4 as well to catch those of us who haven't played up. I'd buy it.
    Actually I just did some research and found out both are streamable on Playstation Now, so I might finally have a reason to give Now a go.

  • Another Trials of Cold Steel game? There were two this year? Wow. Well I have nothing further to add (besides the confusion) because what I said about the other game applies here.

  • @Brannox the first came out in late december 2015, and it was agreed that games released very late would qualify, besides it also released in 2016 in Europe. The game themselves released years ago in Japan.

    I should be getting ToCS2 by next week, and I really wanna play it soon, but it's gonna have to wait, I'm confident it would have made it high on my list if I had played already.

  • @bard91 o come on whats a 100 hours?

  • @FF7Cloud The problem is that I can't guarantee I'll be able to put in that much time before April 4th, and I definitively don't want to have to suddenly stop playing while in the middle of the story, that's why it is best for me to wait.

  • @bard91 yea that's the thing with persona 5 right around the corner id wait too. There is a nice yakuza like plot summary on the main menu to freshin you up on the first game if you a bit rusty by then.

  • @bard91 Thank you very much for the context!

  • Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth

    #12. Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth - 15 points


    #1: 2 (parasitepaladin, ZyloWolfBane)
    #2: 0
    #3: 0
    #4: 2 (FF7Cloud, Sieghardt)
    #5: 1 (Tearju Engi)


    Release date: February 2 [US], February 5 [EU]
    Developer: Media.Vision
    Publisher: Bandai Namco Entertainment
    Genre: Role-playing
    Platform(s): PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita



  • This is all madness.

  • So far I have played one game on this list for more than 30 minutes. It was my GOTY, and it made the list at #18

  • Cyber Sleuth is pretty great once you look past its handheld origins (Correct me if im wrong, but wasnt it a PSP game, then a expanded version on Vita, which was then ported to PS4), not trying to knock it, although I do wish the visuals had been fined tuned a bit for the PS4 version.

    With that said I played the game pretty late into the year (Like Dec 30th) , but I enjoyed it, and it helps ease the pain of P5 being delayed

  • Wait, whaaaa? Digimon?

  • @Nillend Do not underestimate the game solely by its license, as far as I know, it is a great game, overlooked by many. Haven't played it myself, but I am interested to try it out.

  • @jipostus yea its a pretty good smt clone.

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    alt text

    I did NOT expect to see this so high on this list!

  • @TokyoSlim None of my games have been on the list yet at all... I'm sure 2 of them are still to come though, especially if we've got Digimon at #12, but if any of the other 3 show up I will be very surprised. 

  • To anyone who ever expresses surprise in any list thread, from this point forward, must learn the FIRST rule of this community: Expect the unexpected.

    For Digimon specifically, I'm not shocked its on the list, but I AM a little surprised with its place. I feel it would have been a bit lower, still top 20, but not top 15. Either way, I've heard nothing but positive things every time I have heard about it, so bravo to Cyber Sleuth for making it this high.

  • @Brannox I think i enjoyed it so much because my expectation of it were so low. i was expecting to see some of my fav digimon from when i was a kid and move on. However the game is so much more then that.

  • @FF7Cloud well that's a good way to pick my interest, an SMT clone for consoles with a Digimon theme, which I'm really fond of, makes it sound much more interesting, I had considered it at some point, but decided to pass on it.