The EZA Community Top 25 Best of 2016!

  • It's a good game ruined by Squeenix's forced add-ons, like multiplayer and Microtransactions. And the story is not complete, and it was supposed to go on, but because this one didn't do nearly as well, it might take several years before we see the story continued, as they announced the Hiatus of Deus Ex along with the Marvel deal, or perhaps we won't see the story finished ever.

  • @Brannox said in The EZA Community Top 25 Best of 2016! (Countdown):

    I hate Argo for being the single most aggravating horse EVER (So much so I was happy for the bit on the way to the final Colossus. For those that have played the game, you know what I'm talking about)

    I could not agree more! I played this for the first time myself in the last month and despised that horse more than I've despised any other creature.
    That being said I actually did really enjoy the game and look back at it fondly. I haven't played Ico but I am very interested in checking out it and The Last Guardian one day.

  • For Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, on its surface, is something that would appeal to me, but I passed on it for several reasons. However, I feel it didn't get enough GOTY talk last year, and I'm happy to see it place in the top 10 here. It seems like a really good game.

  • Mankind Divided is a really immersive game, I ended up playing it for hours every time I sat down with it. The atmosphere in general throughout the game is just something that really speaks to me, there's a wonderful sense of intensity always looming there, ready to strike. The freedom of choice is there both in actions and in the dialogue very well done, and especially some of those speech challenges felt always really satisfying to complete. Side missions were also great and those, too, had different outcomes, if so chosen. And I like Jensen, he's a good character.

    It is really a shame, that the story ended so abruptly, that's my biggest negative of the game. I could have gone on for so much more. And now there's a chance of maybe never having a pay-off. :/

    Personally I didn't even try out the multiplayer mode (thought it was a challenge mode of some sort?) or didn't even notice the microtransactions. I read about that complaint at one point, but couldn't find them anywhere in the options. Found out later that they were somewhere in the main menu. So yeah, didn't bother me.

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    When this list had its deadline I still hadnt played too much The Last Guardian, so I didnt feel like it was right by me to put it on my list. Im kinda glad I didnt put it on. I mean I like it and I find Trico to be AMAZING, but at the same time I felt really annoyed by the controller and the puzzles. To be fair, Im thinking of playing through it again when I know the puzzles a bit better and see if it helps haha.

  • Honestly, I haven't played many games in 2016, but I really enjoyed Mankind Divided (even with the PS4's sluggish menu). Some quests drove me to frustration with not so obvious goals in how to properly complete them such as the cult mission, but in the end, the game really brings you into it's world. It does 1st person immersion very well in the sense that everything has a size and scale to it, the world feels lived in, and you do not feel like you're so important over everybody else there. The first mission has you attempting to get around a police blockade and even by using force, you don't necessarily get by with ease.

    I recently started The Witcher III (finally) and as a huge fan of TW1 and TW2, I find that 3 didn't exactly need an open world and that the open design doesn't exactly lend itself well to the type of game that is TW3. Whereas, in Deus Ex, the world felt like the perfect size as well as a great mixture of linear and open areas. I especially admire how many tunnels connect into apartments and apartments connect to baloney's, each with their own personality.

    Shooting and stealth are certainly flawed but I really like being inside this game world.

  • Deus Ex: Mankind Divided was my personal GOTY so I'm glad it made it this high, I was actually worried it would end up much lower given the lack of hype this game receives from the "EZA Universe".

    @Sentinel-Beach and @GoTaco put it perfectly, what makes this game is the amazing sense of immersion, how believable and relatable the world feels.

    Bonus points for it being set in futuristic Prague, where I've lived for several years. It was fun for me to hear and read Czech all around me, recognize a couple landmarks, and just generally see how they kept the current architectural style of the city while merging it with this very distinct Deus Ex cyberpunk style.

    The side-quests were a particular highlight for me, they are few in numbers but each of them can take about an hour to complete. The choices offered by these quests, both in terms of narrative and gameplay are absolutely astounding, and I even reloaded my save a few times after completing a quest and later finding out I could have done things differently.

    This game rewards exploration like very few others even dream of. And by reward I don't mean pointless collectibles, I mean valuable narrative bits, loot, intel, and so on. Every locked apartment or storage room not only contains something for you to pick up, but also tells its own story.

    Here's an anecdote that for me embodies what this game is about, also mild spoilers:

    Early on in the game, my boss Miller kept calling me to report to the office, but I was too busy exploring the city to bother with the main quest at this point. As a player I hadn't even met this guy yet so I didn't even know whether he was an important character or not. I set my sights on a residential building and tried to break in multiple apartments. Some required me to hack the front door, others I managed to enter by jumping from balcony to balcony and finding an open window. Many were connected to one another by air vents, but some of those were obstructed by electricity or placed too high for me to reach. Moving the fridge allowed me to climb up and access them.

    Eventually I found myself in a very, very fancy place, and started snooping. I stole everything I could, even finding a secret hatch in the floor which revealed a safe. As I looked around, I could tell that whoever lived here was a fitness and sport buff, there were magazines about hiking, cycling, a punching bag... Oh, and family pictures! Hmm, two men, and a child? Oh, a gay couple apparently, cool cool! As traditions demands in Deus Ex, I also had to read this person's emails. I managed to hack the laptop, to find that it belonged to... Jim Miller! Damn, I'm in my boss's apartment, and he's waiting for me to show up at the office... His emails revealed he was actually going through a divorce with his husband (confirming what I had figured out by looking at the family pictures), and it was not going well, their adoptive daughter's custody being in question. I now felt empathy for the guy, the guy I still hadn't met! I left and respectfully closed the door behind me, Huber-style.

    When I eventually went to talk to him, I felt like I already knew him. And when he acted like a dick to me, I didn't take it personally because I knew he was going through a rough patch. Later on, you catch him on the phone arguing with someone. You can ask him what's going on and he refuses to tell you, it's a personal matter. But I knew what it was about. I found that incredible, and I think you can count games that offer this sort of experience on one hand.

    So that ended up being a looong post but I hope this explains why I loved this game and why in the end, it doesn't matter to me that the main story was obviously cut short. That's not the story that matters most.

  • Ratchet & Clank

    #6. Ratchet & Clank - 29 points


    #1: 2 (Tragosaurus, ACardAttack)
    #2: 2 (Brannox, Jak)
    #3: 1 (Farsendor)
    #4: 3 (Fridge-man, Sentinel Beach, Churchy)
    #5: 2 (Axel, DMCMaster)


    Release date: April 12 [US], April 20 [EU]
    Developer: Insomniac Games
    Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
    Genre: Platformer, Shooter
    Platform(s): PlayStation 4


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  • a game i will get to eventually.

  • @FF7Cloud
    Hell get it now, takes a rainy day to beat.

  • Awesome! Ratchet & Clank made the top ten. One shy of top five, but I'm super happy it made it. A synopsis of my Community Comment on it:

    Really great to go through old locales with a fresh coat of paint, great weapon design, good (not great) story, and most importantly, a feeling of having fun. Of being caught up in the moment where you pause the game, take a second to realize the joy being felt, and being so grateful that the game exists.

    @Axel, @DMCMaster, @Fridge-man, @Sentinel-Beach, @Churchy, @Farsendor, @Jak, @Tragosaurus, and @ACardAttack: A through high-five, shout out, and thank you for enjoying this game enough for it to make your shortlist!!

  • I did play R&C and I actually forgot that I had. I enjoyed it but it felt quite dated to be honest and I was a bit disappointed that they didn't add anything new at all. I played on Hard I believe and it felt like the flow of combat was a lot more broken up with less flow than I recalled from the past. Not sure if that's cause I was playing more calculated or what, but I didn't feel it like I used to.

    I remember play Future: Tools of Destruction for the first time in 2007 and not believing how great it was. I think R&C may have peaked tbh.

  • R&C number 6! Much respect.

  • That's an intereating one, I nrver liked R&C games in the past so I pretty much glanced over this, but at least it's good to see people liked it.

    Now if only the same could be said of Sly Cooper :(

  • @bard91 RIGHT?!?!

  • From my post in the 2016 - A Look Back thread.

    Ratchet & Clank is a fantastic game! Ratchet & Clank is probably one of my favorite game series and will always be great in my eyes. I replay the first four on the PS2 every couple years. I never had a PS3 so I sadly missed all of the newer ones. I would definitely PSNow them but the first in the Futures series isn't out there yet (or wasn't the last I checked) so I feel weird about skipping it to play the others. Maybe one day. Anywho, I really liked the reboot. It put so many smiles on my face: seeing locations from my childhood in beautiful PS4 detail, remembering those jokes and lines from the original, exploring new areas, and using new weapons (to me at least). It's also one of the few games that I can go back and replay multiple times and thoroughly enjoy it. Such charm. I hope Insomniac keeps making Ratchet & Clank games. I haven't played many games released in 2016 but it was my Game of the Year. I can understand why some people didn't enjoy it as much as me, especially Huber's critique of no new weapons, however most of the weapons were new to me since I never played the PS3 era. Not the undeniably best game to come out in 2016 but my favorite.

  • I'm happy to see that Ratchet & Clank gets some love from the community. It's a solid game, nothing phenomenal, but it does what it's supposed to.

  • Got to say I'm a little disappointed R&C is so high, thought it was an incredibly average game when I played it last year.

  • DOOM

    #5. DOOM - 32 points


    #1: 1 (jipostus)
    #2: 1 (MiserablePerson)
    #3: 6 (Brannox, Sazime, DMCMaster, Churchy, Browarr, Ruaidhri18)
    #4: 2 (Farsendor, ACardAttack)
    #5: 1 (Sheria)


    Release date: May 13 [US/EU]
    Developer: id Software
    Publisher: Bethesda Softworks
    Genre: First-person shooter
    Platform(s): PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows


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  • Yeaaaah! Doom in the top 5! This game surprise the crap out of me. I played the beta of the multiplayer and almost didn't pick it up. Then, that single-player feedback hit and I was in. Such an amazingly told story. Simple story, but told SO well.