The EZA Community Top 25 Best of 2016!

  • DOOM!!! This was such a great return to form. From the moment you start to the time you kill the final boss, you're always on the move, there's secrets galore, and oh yeah, the various tools of gore and demon-slaying. And I really dug the soundtrack.

    If you haven't seen the musical performance at the Game Awards, I thought that was the best overall part of the show, and a HUGE shoutout to the NoClip doc series on DOOM. Good stuff.

    @jipostus, @MiserablePerson, @Sazime, @DMCMaster, @Churchy, @Browarr, @Ruaidhri18, @Farsendor, @ACardAttack, and @Sheria : My thanks for believing enough in DOOM's resurgence to stand out to you to make your lists.

  • DOOM was definently in my honorable mentions. If we would have submitted our top 10, it would have probably ranked number 6 for me. The best single player FPS campaign I played all year, that's for sure.

  • Before I reveal the next game, I'll just state a couple facts:

    • The Top 4 is wayyy ahead of the rest of this list, #4 received almost twice the points #5 got. Those are very clearly the 4 favorite games of the EZA community for 2016.
    • Among the Top 4, it was a very, very tight race, their positions kept switching with every list I counted. Just one additional list could have seen #4 end up at #2, but so it is.

    Now without further ado...

  • Overwatch

    #4. Overwatch - 61 points


    #1: 5 (SabotageTheTruth, Fridge-man, inustar, Stephleref, Swordfish00830)
    #2: 5 (tokeeffe9, Exist 2 Inspire, Excalibruh, Browarr, ObbyDent)
    #3: 4 (TokyoSlim, DeweyDTruman, Kaminski, DizBomber)
    #4: 2 (Brandon_Reister, DisturbedSwan)
    #5: 0


    Release date: May 24 [US/EU]
    Developer: Blizzard Entertainment
    Publisher: Blizzard Entertainment
    Genre: First-person shooter
    Platform(s): PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows


    EZA Review

  • while overwatch isnt really my type of thing, i may jump on the band wagon when i can pick the base game up for like 20 bucks

  • I'll probably never play Overwatch, but I'm looking forward to getting around to Doom one of these days

  • Overwatch placing so is not surprising, but I AM stunned its fourth. I thought for SURE it would first or second. Either way, despite its design, its not a game for me, but with so many votes, it can not be denied its appeal and impact.

    @Axel Thanks for the stats!

  • I love Overwatch as an outsider. I think I would have a lot of fun with it but I just don't feel like I could commit the time to becoming any good at it so I'm content to watching other people play for now! Definitely thought it would be higher than 4 on the list.

  • If I were to play a multiplayer game at the moment, it would definitively be between Overwatch and Rocket League, I tried both during trial periods last year, and both were a blast, however I'm really not interested in investing time into any multiplayers for now, so it remains as something I wish I could dedicate more time to.

  • I'm glad at least one of my games made the list, though it isn't like I had any doubt that three of them (only put in a top 4) wouldn't make the cut and that OW wouldn't be in the top 5.

  • Happy that so many people love Overwatch, but I can't get into competitive MP games any more. Love everything about the aesthetic, however. :)

  • I'm not into multiplayer shooters, (unless it's Unreal Tournament GOTY edition, then I'm in) but I would like to check out Overwatch at some stage.

  • Just a disclaimer: I only played Overwatch on the free weekends last year and never bought it. It's literally just the third best game I played that came out last year. I was too busy playing Sleeping Dogs and The Witcher III all of last year to worry about too many "new" games.

  • What I love most about Overwatch how accessible it is. Literally everyone could play it and enjoy it, even if you don't put much time into it.

  • I nearly put OVerwatch on my list because since it came it is has been a game that I regulalry play and love. It is also a game that fit around my life as a new parent. It is perfect for quick 20-30min sessions which for a lot of the year is all I've had time for!

  • @Nillend said in The EZA Community Top 25 Best of 2016! (Countdown):

    @Stephleref I think you're overestimating The Division.

    It's the best selling Ubisoft game of all time, sounds like you're underestimating it if anything. It sold more than a mainline Final Fantasy game.

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    With Overwatch, its a bit like Rocketleague were for me... Like I am the only person on this planet who hasnt played a single minute of it.. lol

  • @Lotias said in The EZA Community Top 25 Best of 2016! (Countdown):

    With Overwatch, its a bit like Rocketleague were for me... Like I am the only person on this planet who hasnt played a single minute of it.. lol

    How have you not played Overwatch and Rocket League wtf.

  • Overwatch is easily my favourite current multiplayer game and the more I play it, the more I think it could become one of my all time favourite multiplayer games.

    The character variety is fantastic, the way it goes about to promote as much positivity as possible with cards and play of the game. I think Blizzard have done a fantastic job with it.

    If you have a good group of friends, it's an absolute blast.

  • @Stephleref The list represents our favorite games of the year. Majority of the people were disappointed by The Division and big sales don't necessarily mean that the game is good. Whether or not you think that the internet represents only a minority of gamers, people here apparently weren't that impressed by The Division, otherwise it would be on the list. You don't have to be so aggressive about what people have and haven't played and liked.