The EZA Community Top 25 Best of 2016!

  • @Stephleref Haha, not many Microsoft fans either - believe I'm the only one who gave Gears or Quantum Break a Top 5 nod.

  • @thenerdtheword said in The EZA Community Top 25 Best of 2016! (Countdown):

    I wonder if anyone else voted for Pokémon GO?

    I did! It was my #5 as well. That means it got more points than Quantum Break, and tied No Man's Sky and Gears of War 4. Haha

  • All five of mine made the list, but while they were in my top 10, I kind of played it that way for my top 5.

    Games I liked more than one or two were: Zero Escape 3, Ace Attorney and Steins Gate 0. Knowing they wouldn't make a top 20 (which it originally was) made me leave them out.

    I'm surprised I predicted the last 4 though, in order at least. I personally expected U4 as the winner knowing the community. I consider it a good game though, just 2016 had a lot that were just as good.

    P.S. I'm amazed Dishonored 2 didn't make it.

  • @Sheria If we learned anything from this list, assuming a game couldn't make it on was a mistake. Axel said INSIDE went from being off the list to #11 because 2 people put it as their GOTY towards the end. Zero Time Dilemma was #26, with 7 points, and I Am Setsuna was #25 with 8, so it could have easily made this list with a few extra points... hell, it could have slipped into the Top 20 with one GOTY pick since Civ VI, Titanfall, and Hitman each had 12 points.

    I think the heavy hitters, in this community, for the year were pretty obvious but the race for the rest of the list was fierce! One person's votes could have changed the results dramatically and that's pretty cool!

  • @logic__error Yup, very true! Like I said, it was really fun for me to see it all unfold because with every new list I got I saw the rankings change, especially under the Top 10. That's why I kept asking for more lists, I felt like the more we got, the better we would represent the tastes of the community.

    So for next year, just vote with your heart, and not strategically ;)

  • For me Uncharted when it ended it just reminded me of playing the rest of the games. That alone secured it as one of my favorite ps4 games.

  • i was just reading this again and was wondering for 2017 will we have to do a top 30 where it is a ridicules year

  • @FF7Cloud Nah. It just means it'll be harder to choose our lists 😊

  • I know, it's ridiculous! I'll see where we are at the end of the year, but it's going to much harder to pick favorites, that's for sure.

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    This year is already hard to pick from... and I still haven't played Nier or mass effect yet!

  • We all know the correct answer is Yakuza 0