Worst "lost my save" moment you've had

  • I was a poor kid, and I bought a second hand copy of Pokemon Red from the video store. It seemed to reset the save data if you shook the catridge too much. So I had to restart that game many times. It was most devastating when I had all 151.

    What was worse though was that my friend started a new file and saved over my file on Pokemon Gold - this file had a complete Pokedex. So infuriating.

  • I once lost a Final Fantasy VII save file that was right before the last boss. I put in so much time, did all the side quests, recruited Vincent and Cinnastix, got everyone's ultimate weapon, beat Emerald and Ruby, and mastered most of the summon materia. I still suspect my brother of deleting it, but he's maintained his innocence this whole time. I never did actually beat the game, but years later I watched the ending on youtube.

  • I can't remember past 2015, so I'll just say my recent playthrough of Fallout 4.

    I had it all. All the money. All the resources. The biggest friggin' settlement you've ever seen in Sanctuary. Then... one day... I decided to download the update for the XBL version... It. Deleted. My. Recent. Saves. And continued to do so as I loaded up each one... >:c

    I stopped playing Fallout 4 after that, and will probably never go back. The game treated me like garbage, so I'm going to treat it like garbage.

  • I've had several, but the one I lost playing Super Metroid for the first time was one of the worst. I was within a half hour of completion, I believe.

  • Pokemon Black 2. Oh it sucked. I had completed the Pokedex for the very first time. Luckily the day before I transferred all of my favorites into the Pokemon bank so that they could be in my Pokemon Y game. But I went into my save the next day, and everything was corrupted.

  • My experience was really crushing. Gran Turismo 2. I had put so many hours into that game, had one nearly all cups, had all licenses on gold! All the dream cars I wanted. Long story short, I let my cousin and his friend play. After that, my savegame was gone. It hit me so hard, I just never picked the game up again.

  • My most recent moment was when Valkyria Chronicles came out for the PC a little while back. I was so pumped to play it, I went 8 hours straight, called it a night during a tricky stealth mission, and completely forgot that I had to manually save the game.

    Yes, I went 8 straight hours not saving, and I lost all of that progression. Haven't touched it since that little debacle.

  • I was 50 to 60 hours into Persona 3 and nearing the end before my then baby brother dipped the memory card in tea. never touched that game again.

  • About 70 hours of persona 4. Wasn't a good time getting back to that point.

  • Quake II. Fell in the lava, but I was like "It's okay, I saved before this jump" ... chose save instead of load, overwriting the only save slot I used. It was really close to the end.

  • When I was younger, I was trying to collect all the secret bombs in Bomberman Hero to unlock the secret last world for the true ending. It was very tough and tedious, and I needed literally one more bomb to get there. Cue my folks having company over and despite me asking my folks not to let the company touch my game systems, folks doing exactly that. Some little girl deleted my save file, and I was so heartbroken and upset I never played it again.

  • Me accidentally saving over my Pokémon gold. It had all my trades from Yellow, which I got rid of.. that or a couple of times playing hours ahead on ds or gb and falling asleep with it still on/ loosing all that progress

  • For me its kind of lost.

    I played FF7 on the PS1 and mastered that game. I got mastermateria for all types times 3, meaning i had enough for each player. I got all the ulitmate weopons and all limit breaks. My chocobo stables were all filled with golden chocobo. I maxed out the time to 99.99 and all my character HPs were 9999. I probably spent 400 hours of just going back trying to uncover myths. when i graduated high school my brother lost the original memory card :( but he told me recently that he found it

  • I lost all my Pokémon stored in Pokemon Colosseum along with my chao gardens and all 180 emblems from Sonic Adventure 2: Battle.

    It taught me a valuable lesson about third party memory cards. They may be cheaper but it's never worth it.

    Known that lesson for a long time, sadly my dad thought otherwise, I remember we got a different Pelican controller each week because a simple round of Melee or Soul Calibur 2 was enough to destroy them. Finally after 5 or 6 he figured it was better to spend the $40-50 for a official gamecube controller

  • @Qiou94 ah yes, something similar happened to me recently. Was playing The Witness and my guy glitched out o the boat mid transit. I was stuck on the wrong side of the invisible wall. The last checkpoint was made after I fell in so I was stuck. My only option was to go back to an earlier save point costing me to redo an hour or two worth of puzzles. I get more upset at recent game save loss than old ones. I tend to forget what old saves consisted of and dont mind replaying things I haven't played in a long time.

    Playing somewhere I'm the middle of Shenmue 2 for an hour and having the game crash due to a scratched disc hurts. You have no choice but to relive that hour with the same conversations.

  • I've had a few of this during the PSX days. I was playing an RPG, and my memory card was full, I lost ALL of my XP, my progress in this RPG, and I lost my $#!^ and decided to get a new Memory Card, which I also lost, too. Two memory cards, goddamn. I wish I was more careful that time... either way,. nothing hurts more than progressing in a huge RPG, only to lose all the save due to some unforeseen crap.

  • When I was really young, my older brother came into my room when I was playing Pokemon Blue. I had all 150 pokemon and I pretty much had only played this game for months on end. He laughs and says "you and your damn pokemon" and rips the cart out of the Gameboy while it's on. RIP my entire file and all those hours. He felt so bad and actually helped me recapture all 150 again.

  • Skyrim. I usually save like crazy but I was just super relaxed one day, chilling with hours of fun skyrim gameplay....then the game crashed...and I realized my last save was from at least 5 hours before...I ended up not touching the game again for almost a full year.

  • In the age before Gametags and dedicated log-ins, Knights of the Old Republic on original XBox. I'd spent hours on Taris, the tutorial planet, and finally gotten to the point where you have your own ship and the game opens up, and you can travel to planets freely. Then I trade off to my friend to take a break and let him catch up (since he had to play it at my house)...and he saved over my file with his new game.
    That, and MissingNo. killed my Poke'mon Blue.