Worst "lost my save" moment you've had

  • Due to a save corruption bug I've literally played through Telltale's The Walking dead: Season One three times! I still love the game, but going through those kinds of games several times making the same choices is super tedious haha
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  • @ZeusBurger said in Worst "lost my save" moment you've had:

    I guess this really doesn't count but the closest I can think of is the rebooted Tomb Raider (first one) where I was on the last level and the level started to glitch a bit but I managed to get to the final goal - only instead of triggering the cut scene the game booted me back into the level and I was stuck running around with no way to progress. I went to reload a save but the game had already auto saved into this glitched area so I couldn't finish the game properly...

    I watched the last of it on Youtube and I only missed a quick time event and the ending cutscene but it still annoyed me, from then on I always made sure to have at least 2 save files going for any game I play.

    The exact thing happened to me in the 2008 Prince of Persia game (I believe it was that one). I remember climbing a tower to get to the final boss, but was stopped in a room to kill some enemies. Once the enemies were dead the gates opened and I could progress to the top of the tower. As I got to the top the game glitched and booted me back to the room where I had to kill the bad guys...but there were no bad guys and the gates were still locked.

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    Can't say I've had a lot of those moments, the one that comes to mind is Tales From the Borderlands. I finished the first 3 episodes and then I formatted my PC thinking the game used cloud saves but it didn't. Haven't played it since.

  • I NEVER played through Resident Evil 2, because my brother chose to delete my file because he needed a free slot for one of his ridiculous sports games...to this day RE2 is the only mainline Resident Evil game in existence (RE6 is nonexistent) that I haven't finished...
    I'm a broken man, damned to relive this tragedy until my dying day.

    Is there no hope? Are we all damned?

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  • @Luepp25 there is hope. Resident evil 2 remake?

    There is always hope.

    Personally I would go back and play 2 again anyway. It's awesome. Probably my favourite one in the franchise.

  • @Ellis yeah...i really should :) probably gonna play it leading up to the release of 2REmake.

  • Xenoblade Chronicles
    180 odd hours all gone. ALL was lost!
    I had no motivation to go back to it but did eventually and completed it skipping almost all side content.

  • Gamecube "white high capacity" card crash.

    While every game was corrupted my Skies of Arcadia save was toast with being within 1 hour from the final boss.

  • My friend's brother once saved over my Monster Rancher 3 file. I lost everything and never played it again.

  • As child I was very invested in Secret of Mana on SNES, at one evening I failed my 1st try to beat the final boss (I didn't understand Yin and Yang magic at that point) and had to go to bed, when I came home from school the next day and wanted to try again, the save was gone.

    Another a bit more recent one, I was playing Mystical Ninja 2 on N64 for a Let's Play, wanted to start recording my playthrough of the last world but the save got corrupted. I used an Action Replay to get to that point of the game with all Passes I had till then as fast as possible, but a delay in uploads was inevitable.

  • I overwrote my Sly Cooper 4 save when I was about 80% through the game. It did annoy me, but not for long.

  • I once had a high capacity PSX card lose two high level Diablo saves (my buddy and I played hours and hours of co-op).

    The kicker? It also fried the controller and memory card ports of the machine. I had to send it in for repair because of card freaking out and burning things up.

  • Mine actually happened recently.

    My save file got corrupted some 150 hours in during a run of Crusader Kings II where I was aiming for a specific achievement. Kind of a pain in the ass, but I suppose I will survive.

  • Had a big memory card for my Gamecube with all my game saves on it. One day it came up a message about it being corrupted or something and told me to do something. Without knowing what it meant, I was just like "Erm... Okay" and then I found out it completely wiped my card. I was devastated. x)

  • The worst one I can think of was when I tried to beat Max Payne on hard boiled and near the end my save file became corrupted and had to start over from the beginning.

  • When EA brought ME3 to Origins and not on steam, and I couldn't use multiple save files to load into the game that I had built up over the last 6 years. That was the worst. Still haven't ever played ME3, or any other EA game for that matter.

  • @Bluesuiter Don't you just point the importer to the saves? I used mine, no real issue from what I remember.

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  • Kingdom Hearts 2. I got so invested in the game and gave myself the weekend to complete the final stretch; starting at early morning playing until past midnight- I was tired and kept dying over and over again, I decided even though I was up to the final boss in the last boss stage I needed to sleep. I woke up early-ish the next day and transported the ps2 from my room and away from the box TV and out into the living room because the cgi cutscenes were the shit and the TV in the living room was better. I then thought 'oh my friend would want to see the end, if i wait half an hour or so I can invite her over. At this point I had already booted up the game so I decided to start a new save file. You know what happened next. Saving is an automatic rhythm you get into and after playing for 60+ ... I realised what I'd done immediately... I was so sad. I only had one save file so I lost the whole play through. Wasnt until a couple years ago I saw the ending cutscene.

  • My years old minecraft world, started it during alpha.

    A huge world, gone because my laptop broke down.