Worst "lost my save" moment you've had

  • I overwrote my Sly Cooper 4 save when I was about 80% through the game. It did annoy me, but not for long.

  • I once had a high capacity PSX card lose two high level Diablo saves (my buddy and I played hours and hours of co-op).

    The kicker? It also fried the controller and memory card ports of the machine. I had to send it in for repair because of card freaking out and burning things up.

  • Mine actually happened recently.

    My save file got corrupted some 150 hours in during a run of Crusader Kings II where I was aiming for a specific achievement. Kind of a pain in the ass, but I suppose I will survive.

  • Had a big memory card for my Gamecube with all my game saves on it. One day it came up a message about it being corrupted or something and told me to do something. Without knowing what it meant, I was just like "Erm... Okay" and then I found out it completely wiped my card. I was devastated. x)

  • The worst one I can think of was when I tried to beat Max Payne on hard boiled and near the end my save file became corrupted and had to start over from the beginning.

  • When EA brought ME3 to Origins and not on steam, and I couldn't use multiple save files to load into the game that I had built up over the last 6 years. That was the worst. Still haven't ever played ME3, or any other EA game for that matter.

  • @Bluesuiter Don't you just point the importer to the saves? I used mine, no real issue from what I remember.

  • Youtube Video

    From the Allies

  • Kingdom Hearts 2. I got so invested in the game and gave myself the weekend to complete the final stretch; starting at early morning playing until past midnight- I was tired and kept dying over and over again, I decided even though I was up to the final boss in the last boss stage I needed to sleep. I woke up early-ish the next day and transported the ps2 from my room and away from the box TV and out into the living room because the cgi cutscenes were the shit and the TV in the living room was better. I then thought 'oh my friend would want to see the end, if i wait half an hour or so I can invite her over. At this point I had already booted up the game so I decided to start a new save file. You know what happened next. Saving is an automatic rhythm you get into and after playing for 60+ ... I realised what I'd done immediately... I was so sad. I only had one save file so I lost the whole play through. Wasnt until a couple years ago I saw the ending cutscene.

  • My years old minecraft world, started it during alpha.

    A huge world, gone because my laptop broke down.

  • Probably not the worst (thanks MadCatz PS1 memory cards!), but my most recent big one was the Witcher 3. I stopped playing about halfway through last year and picked it back up a few months ago and finished up the main story. Started Hearts of Stone, stopped playing again.. and then the Blood & Wine release date was announced. Unfortunately, it was around the same time that my Windows 10 install started to act up. When it comes to unexplained Windows errors, I've got a scorched earth policy that has worked quite well for me (aka reformat). Unfortunately, I forgot that my copy of Witcher 3 wasn't on Steam but on GOG Galaxy, which does NOT backup saves to the Cloud. :(
    That's a LOT of time down the drain.

  • just recently lost like 3 hours of save date for zero time dilemma, and the game really feels tedius when you just gotta repeat some really long puzzles

    didnt save for a while, and the game crashed on my pc

  • Final Fantasy XIII. I was at the very end of the game and playing on PS3. I attempted to create a new user for myself cause I was playing on a friends profile and ended up deleting it losing all my progress. Unfortunately I never thought the game was good enough to go through everything again and I haven't finished it to this day.