Worst "lost my save" moment you've had

  • For me it's with Pokémon gold. I had sunk 540+ hours into that game and I had maybe 10 different level 100 pokémans. I was gonna start it up to show a friend how big my pokédick was with all my pokemanz, master balls and game time only to find that the cartridge battery had died and my save was forever lost..

  • PSO on Gamecube, me, my brother and cousins 600 combined hours gone. Still have no idea what caused it.

  • Bioshock: Infinite
    I went in with a thought "Ok, a lot of people seem to like this game".
    I played for a couple of hours. Not sure how the thing with saves and checkpoints works in this game, but when I came back, the last save/checkpoint was from waaaayyyyyy back.
    And so I said "Hell I'm not playing this all over again!"
    Never played it since

  • My little brother was holding the SNES controller pretending to be "playing the TV shows" while the console was turned on.

    All of my bananas in Donkey Kong Country... :|

  • My brother lost our high capacity GameCube memory card.

    RIP in peace in pieces to the following:

    DBZ Budokai 2 with everything unlocked
    All my Legend of Zelda saves
    LotR: Two Towers with everything unlocked
    Mario Kart: Double Dash!! with everything unlocked
    Need for Speed Underground 2 & Hot Pursuit 2 with everything unlocked
    Star Fox: Assault with everything unlocked

    And here are the 2 killers:
    SSBM with everything unlocked
    TimeSplitters 2 with everything unlocked

  • Pretty much every time I died in morrowind I lost about 5 hours of gameplay. Same with fallout and all eldara scrolls. Though not as bad now.

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    @benoit489 said in Worst "lost my save" moment you've had:

    SSBM with everything unlocked

    We lost our SSBM memory card in a move, and actually had a blast re-unlocking stuff. I mean, that sucks, but it actually breathed new life into the game for us.

  • Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. Most of the way through the game and then gone.
    I mean plus side I had a reason to play through all of San Andreas again.

  • I was a poor kid, and I bought a second hand copy of Pokemon Red from the video store. It seemed to reset the save data if you shook the catridge too much. So I had to restart that game many times. It was most devastating when I had all 151.

    What was worse though was that my friend started a new file and saved over my file on Pokemon Gold - this file had a complete Pokedex. So infuriating.

  • I once lost a Final Fantasy VII save file that was right before the last boss. I put in so much time, did all the side quests, recruited Vincent and Cinnastix, got everyone's ultimate weapon, beat Emerald and Ruby, and mastered most of the summon materia. I still suspect my brother of deleting it, but he's maintained his innocence this whole time. I never did actually beat the game, but years later I watched the ending on youtube.

  • I can't remember past 2015, so I'll just say my recent playthrough of Fallout 4.

    I had it all. All the money. All the resources. The biggest friggin' settlement you've ever seen in Sanctuary. Then... one day... I decided to download the update for the XBL version... It. Deleted. My. Recent. Saves. And continued to do so as I loaded up each one... >:c

    I stopped playing Fallout 4 after that, and will probably never go back. The game treated me like garbage, so I'm going to treat it like garbage.

  • I've had several, but the one I lost playing Super Metroid for the first time was one of the worst. I was within a half hour of completion, I believe.

  • Pokemon Black 2. Oh it sucked. I had completed the Pokedex for the very first time. Luckily the day before I transferred all of my favorites into the Pokemon bank so that they could be in my Pokemon Y game. But I went into my save the next day, and everything was corrupted.

  • My experience was really crushing. Gran Turismo 2. I had put so many hours into that game, had one nearly all cups, had all licenses on gold! All the dream cars I wanted. Long story short, I let my cousin and his friend play. After that, my savegame was gone. It hit me so hard, I just never picked the game up again.

  • My most recent moment was when Valkyria Chronicles came out for the PC a little while back. I was so pumped to play it, I went 8 hours straight, called it a night during a tricky stealth mission, and completely forgot that I had to manually save the game.

    Yes, I went 8 straight hours not saving, and I lost all of that progression. Haven't touched it since that little debacle.

  • I was 50 to 60 hours into Persona 3 and nearing the end before my then baby brother dipped the memory card in tea. never touched that game again.

  • About 70 hours of persona 4. Wasn't a good time getting back to that point.

  • Quake II. Fell in the lava, but I was like "It's okay, I saved before this jump" ... chose save instead of load, overwriting the only save slot I used. It was really close to the end.

  • When I was younger, I was trying to collect all the secret bombs in Bomberman Hero to unlock the secret last world for the true ending. It was very tough and tedious, and I needed literally one more bomb to get there. Cue my folks having company over and despite me asking my folks not to let the company touch my game systems, folks doing exactly that. Some little girl deleted my save file, and I was so heartbroken and upset I never played it again.

  • Me accidentally saving over my Pokémon gold. It had all my trades from Yellow, which I got rid of.. that or a couple of times playing hours ahead on ds or gb and falling asleep with it still on/ loosing all that progress