Upcoming/Recently Released Indie Titles

  • Since I'm looking to become part of an indie studio myself, I thought I really ought to play more indie games. I don't know many indie titles that I should be looking out for so I was hoping that you folks could help me out! What are some cool upcoming or recently released indie games?

  • I think it's well worth looking into Stardew Valley, Darkest Dungeon, VA11 HALL-A and Owlboy

    but if you're thinking of going into indie development you should probably go for a genre you're passionate about & knowledgeable about yourself rather than picking up on the trends of games that started development anywhere from 2-10 years ago

  • I'd add Enter the Gungeon, Oxenfree, and Firewatch to the list of recently released greatness.

    I've been clamoring for Y2K as well, which the developer describes as, "a bit of Persona 4, Paper Mario, some Earthbound, and a lot of Wild Arms and Lufia 2". It no longer has a release date (that I'm aware of) so who knows when it'll come out.

    Lastly, the trailer for this has made me hyped for awhile now. It's out, I just haven't had a chance to play it yet.

    Youtube Video

  • @Sieghardt i have to play more of VA11 HALL-A, it has its charms, I've played about an hour of it but it hasn't captured me in any way that makes me want to get back to it.

  • Oxenfree is a beautiful piece of work from 2016. Sure, it may indeed look good. But most importantly to me, it feels sooooo real. Characters react in ways that we expect them to. If you are thinking about a narrative heavy indie game, I would suggest this style of writing, as I believe it speaks more closely to a typical "gamer". Gone Home, Firewatch, and many other games also do this. I don't think you have to be that addictive, blow-out, all-hands-clamoring game like Stardew Valley or H1Z1, if you have the charm and charisma of a well-written game.

  • Oxenfree is a hidden gem of 2016. The way the story is told and character development is out of this world!