Kill Your Babies!: Kill off Microsoft (Xbox Exclusives)

  • Lost Odyssey
    Alan Wake
    Tales of Vesperia
    Panzer Dragoon Orta

    The others offer more interesting and/or unique scenarios for a game to deal with. They'll make good finalists.

  • Lost Odyssey
    Alan Wake
    Panzer Dragoon Orta

    I'm not too much into railshooters, though I have to say, the story is phenomenal.

  • Before the straw poll is created by our overlord, I'd like to point out the new episode of Easy Update not only is all about KYB, it also features the new mechanic of a "shield". Whether or not we implement it here, it might be interesting to experiment with.

  • @SabotageTheTruth I almost tried to shield MWC.

  • @SabotageTheTruth How to implement shields in our version of KYB is tricky... Should all have one shield? or are there x amount of shields that anyone can use? When shield needs to be activated for it to work? Right after the kill, or is there a time limit? But I'm sure we can work things out with our Overlord, once he decides to create the Stawpoll of final judgement.

  • @jipostus Yeah, that's what I've been thinking on too. It might work if everyone who helped create the list received one shield. To add additional spice, maybe a rule where you can't shield the game you nominated, but another game you feel is worthy. I do remember speed of the kills being a problem with certain lists, so this implementation might make it worse.

    Watching through this Easy Update though, they touched on one thing that has always bothered me (a bit) with these lists - killing a game you haven't played. So often, especially towards the beginning of the list, games are murdered because they haven't been played/heard of, or exist in a certain genre. It effectively kills the drama and makes certain kills lack impact. On the inverse, since most of these lists are created by the community, there's always one or two games that most of us have never heard of, so we'd run the risk of letting only the most obscure live, which also isn't very great. If I had to put in a vote for the direction I'd like to see things go is back to the roots - lists pulled from various sources online that could then only be killed if someone had experienced them. Basically, I want to feel the kill. Granted, this is just one drunk Psyduck's tossing out ideas.

  • I think the problem is that a carefully curated list whittled down by two to three people that care deeply about most things on the list is a wildly different approach compared to a shotgun-list made and whittled down by dozens. Shields really aren't compatible with this play style.

  • @DeweyDTruman We can make it work!


  • I agree that shields would probably not work well in our circumstance. Unless you just want to give the only shield to me along with the responsibility to be the only person allowed to save Metal Wolf Chaos. In which case I'm 100% in favor.

  • @DeweyDTruman

    Totally agree, until a new system is created, best to not have them

  • Ok, I've been offline going through backlog so allow me to respond in order:

    1.) I saw the episode when there were still four games viable, and knowing it was all about KYB, I refrained from posting, because I figured some of you would respond here and lo-and-behold, you've done so in kind.

    2.) On being given the title of Overlord.....

    AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAH..... C'mon everybody - I'm no Overlord.

    An evil facilitator, maybe. But I surely have no dominion over anyone. Thanks though. ;-)

    3.) When I heard the concept of the shield, I found it immediately fascinating, but just as quickly struck down the notion for our versions for one reason: Amount of players. What makes the shield brilliant is the fewer the players, the more impactful the strategy. Because anyone can play at anytime, keeping up with the shields would be a nightmare. And revenge killing would make them moot as they most likely would survive only one or two posts.

    4.) I do like the notion, IF the shield were to be implemented, that it could not be used against the game you nominated, but having to go back and forth between threads to double check would be a pain. Also, the time aspect is an apt observation: The Saturn list taught me many things and I'm trying to adjust accordingly. So all in all, I really like the concept, and it would provide additional intrigue with this game, but the cons outweigh the appeal in my view.

    5.) I understand the criticism about killing something simply because of not playing it, but to outlaw that wouldn't work because you can't really deny anyone's motivations, regardless of the personal stake in them. But fear not - I have plans for the future (don't know long because it is on the players to keep these rounds going per each person's schedule) and believe it or not: I'm winding down with topics. I can assure you we're past the halfway mark with the number of total times I can keep being the point-person on this. But enough of that for now. If I keep blabbing, I'll spoil my surprises (but they're lame in the grand scheme of things so don't get your hopes up shrug)

    6.) The concept of a round being played between two or three people does, I feel, carry more impact. But this can't be a closed off event. This is open to everyone, and as such, does lose some of the potency.

    7.) I'm really sorry for the long post, so I'll probably have to break a forum rule and double post to keep the straw poll separate. So give a moment while I do that. I hope this helped any potential questions, but if anyone has any feedback, other ideas to improve the game, or just general thoughts - Please share! A better game for you can only happen if you make your voice heard!

  • We are now down to the final two! Which game should be the flagship title to carry the Xbox brand?

    Lost Odyssey
    Alan Wake

    Click the link below to cast your vote. As always, there will be a 24 hour time period to give as many people the opportunity to vote, so the vote will be called at 8:30 EST

  • Looks like my love of Alan Wake and Twin Peaks won't save Alan Wake. Oof.

  • [insert joke about Microsoft doing a good job of killing off their exclusives on there own here]

    That's an interesting final two...

  • After collecting the votes and by a score of 10-4, the definitive game that should be Xbox's flagship franchise is:

    Lost Odyssey!

    Thanks to everyone for voting, posting, and killing and special shoutouts, as always, to everyone who throws out ideas to make this game better.

    Love & Respect everybody!

  • Awesome choice and definitely one of the best games on an Xbox

  • I did a quick check, and on the list we had: 13 Xbox games, 16 Xbox 360 games, and only 1 Xbox One game.

    Of those Xbox games, 7 were new IPs (or sequels to IPs that started on that console), 7 were Japanese games.

    Of those Xbox 360 games, 10 were new IPs, 4 were Japanese games.

    Comparing those numbers to the Xbox One current (and future) line-up, it's not surprising why the console has been struggling so much compared to the PS4.

    Microsoft DOES have a strong stable of IPs that cater to all tastes. Can you imagine if Lost Odyssey 2, a new Jet Set Radio, a new Otogi or Metal Wolf Chaos, a new Panzer Dragoon, a new Perfect Dark or a new Crimson Skies had come out in the first 2 years of the console? Maybe the landscape would be very different.

    Microsoft doesn't seem to know how to use nostalgia or innovation to make us dream anymore, whereas Sony hits all the right chords.

    Sony also realized one very important thing: not every IP needs to be a multi-million seller. Niche games like Gravity Rush will never be as financially successful as Uncharted, and that's ok! It's the diversity that excites people, draws them to the system, and maybe will trigger their curiosity down the line. Hell I'm playing Yakuza for the first time and loving it! Microsoft's strategy of banking everything on a handful of key juggernaut IPs is a big mistake, as people get fatigued and if one installment underperforms, they're left with nothing to pick up the slack.

  • @Axel Wow. I thunderously applaud your dedication to going in-depth behind this list. Bravo! And I completely agree: Nostalgia is not a small reason for Sony's success through the PS4. I mean hell, there's going to be a remastered FF XII and Crash trilogy. New IP like Horizon is highly anticipated, plus they have some exclusivity stuff on multiplatform games (RE VII's PSVR tie-in for example). I'm really curious what exactly the Scorpio is and what Microsoft's plan is going forward.

  • @Brannox said in Kill Your Babies!: Kill off Microsoft (Xbox Exclusives):

    I'm really curious what exactly the Scorpio is and what Microsoft's plan is going forward.

    Me too. This list made me remember how good the first two Xbox consoles were, and how lacklustre the One is at this point.