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    Oh man, Saga is so good, I dropped off around the 3rd or 4th graphic novel, has it been able to keep its standards of quality up this whole time?

  • @TheMarcV Yea. I'd say somewhere in the 4th/5th graphic novel there's an issue or two (can't remember) where it looked like Fiona was probably really busy drawing other things and the art suffers a little bit, but soon after it's back to its normal greatness. The 6th graphic novel is coming out in a week or two, you should hop back on board!

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    Well I might because what ended up happening was I was collecting the trades but then a couple of x-mas ago my GF got me the 3 vol hardcover collection. Once I got that I kinda decided that maybe ill wait till the next big collection, if 6 is coming out soon maybe the big collection is as well, I'll have to look into it.

  • I'm actually really glad someone made a comics topic. Like I wrote earlier I've started buying single issues a couple of years ago. I was always hesitant to buy them mostly because I kinda like to display my books/games/movies and there's really not a great way to display single issue comics.

    I've actually been thinking about getting a big photo album and then putting my single issues in there protected by plastic sheet protectors. Then I can have like a Marvel/Image/Archie/Etc album for my single issues.

    I was wondering, does anyone here know of a cool way to display your single issues??

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    @TheMarcV I have a friend who bought some picture frames that were about the same size as a single issue. He found them at Ikea who knows if they still have them.

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    Interesting, that'd be a good idea to display special issues. I had thought about displaying them in a way where you could see their covers, but I can't think of a way that wouldn't also take up a bunch of room as well.

    I've also kinda thought of some magical machine that would kinda be like a juke box but instead of cycling through albums it'd display comics and you can then select them and the machine would release the issue to be read. Thats a pipe dream tho.

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    @TheMarcV I wish there was a way to scan some covers to make them poster size.

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    If you could, what cover would you want a poster of?

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    haha nice. Personally I've never gotten to into DC, which honestly is probably for the best, I already feel like im buying too many comics as is haha. I know if I were to give them an honest chance they would probably win me over and id be spending double every week then I am now. My GF brother picked up the We Are Robin trade and Ive read a bit of that, seems really cool.

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    Now is a perfect time to get into DC they relaunched it with all books starting back to issue #1

  • I was really into Batwoman until DC screwed that whole thing up.

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    @Vexchaneu now Batwoman and Batman are training Robin(Tim Drake) , Batgirl(Cassandra Cain), Spoiler(Stephene Brown), and Clayface to fight an army in current the Detective Comics

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    I heard about their relaunch, and that it was really good so far as well. I just always lacked the general interest in their comics and heros, and I'm okay with that. I hold absolutely nothing against their comics or fans, I'm just more or less satisfied with Marvel/Image/Archie. I do however LOVE DCs animated series, Young Justice was amazing and really if anything will get me to test the waters it'll be them doing another fantastic animated series that could drive my interest into checking out their comics. Time will tell.

  • @Swordfish00830 How depressing...

  • @TheMarcV Hey i was wondering how good is Ringside? as a fan of wrestling and comics it seems like a no-brainer.
    Also i recommend Afterlife with Archie which because of the premise pushes these characters to truly change and adapt in pretty incredible ways.

  • I'm reading a lot of marvel stuff, and I'm really excited about civil war 2. The only DC stuff I read is Batman.

  • @pinecone
    If I'm being honest I'm still snagging Ringside on my pull list but I've fallen behind on it. My problem with Ringside is that there might not be enough actual wrestling action to satisfy me. It mostly follows a retired pro wrestler has he deals with his past, which is interesting but I kinda wanted more of a story with a current wrestler and their trials and tribulations in the business. Their is a character like this but he's secondary to the main characters story line. I think the first Trade came out, and since it's an Image comic the first trade is only $10. I think at that price its worth it to check it out, i'm a few issues behind to so it might have picked up.

  • I don't do superheroes. The art is stiff, overly busy, and crowds the page. The characters are either grim or psychotic. And all the death, destruction, and constant deus ex machina turns me right off.

    My main thing is Disney comics. Uncle Scrooge and Donald Duck, from such artists/writers as Carl Barks, Don Rosa, William Van Horn, Romano Scarpa, Marco Rota, Pat Block, Daniel Branca, and Vicar.

    I also have a big Archie collection. The stuff from the 50's to the 70's is really well done.

    Not to mention The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers, Robert Crumb, Hsu & Chan, and classic newspaper strips such as The Katzenjammer Kids and Our Boarding House.

  • My current pull list:

    Green Lanterns
    Justice League
    Titans / Titans Hunt
    Detective Comics
    Grayson / Nightwing
    The Flash
    Robin: son of Batman

    Uncanny X-men
    Ms. Marvel
    Uncanny Avengers
    Extraordinary X-men
    All new all different Avengers
    All new X-men
    All new Wolverine
    Civil War II
    Star Lord
    Guardians of the Galaxy

    Black Magick (bought but haven't read yet...)