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  • I picked up Marvel Unlimited a month or so ago, and am really loving being able to test out so many comics without having to blindly buy them. I wish there were less gaps in issues though!

    Does anyone have any Marvel Unlimited suggested readings?

  • @Fridge-man said in Comic book fans:

    Where does the allies read comics? I'm currently reading Ultimate Spider-man but the place I'm reading at are sometimes missing an issue or two and it can be quite annoying.
    Just got into reading comics but man, Ultimate Spider-man is a blast!

    I get pretty much everything I read through ComiXology because I like to stay current. But if you are looking for older Marvel stuff Marvel Unlimited is the place to go.

  • My current pull list off the top of my head is:

    Amazing Spider-man
    Uncanny X-men

    Im sure there is more than that i cant remember atm and i have a hefty backlog of trades im getting through slowly as well, this pic is out of date by a good bit aswell.
    Backlog pic

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    @Spidarro nice picks and goodluck with that backlog looks like some good reading ahead

  • @Swordfish00830

    Thanks im chiping away at it slowly but have digital stuff too which is always distracting, in th next two weeks my workload should ease off a bit then i can make a better go of it.

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    Picked up my books for theweek I was behind on these three annuals. The rest came out this week. Really excited to start reading Nightwing never read any of his previous books like Greyson.


    • Nightwing Rebirth
    • Wonder Woman #2
    • Detective Comics #936
    • Teen Titans Annual #2
    • Deathstroke Annual #2


    • Spider-Gwen Annual #1
    • Amazing Spider-man Cival War II #2

  • I read Daredevil Yellow yesterday and can recommend it enough, moody and atmospheric with great art and writing, so damn good!
    Also just added this to my backlog 👌

  • Definitely a fan of the medium, but I'm not huge into Superheroes (except for a few). Some of my favourites include:

    • Preacher
    • The Walking Dead
    • Punisher MAX (Garth Ennis's run on this was glorious)
    • Chew
    • Revival
    • Watchmen
    • Batman

    There's a lot I like from Batman but my all time favourite is Arkham Asylum: A Serious House On Serious Earth. It's gloriously fucked up in terms of its narrative and psychological approach to Batman and Dave McKean's artwork is simply wonderful. Although having said that, I have immensely enjoyed Scott Synder's run on Batman too.

    @Tegs - that's a cool list. At times it feels like Image can do no wrong! I seriously need to read Invincible though, I've gone too long without it in my life!

  • Hmm, I suggest Saga and Fables. Saga is a monthly ongoing, but Fables is completed so you can simply sit down and binge read it from beginning to end.

  • @Churchy Invincible is imo better than Walking Dead, but then I prefer a fun series with violence to a neverending depressing one.
    It also crosses over with some other Image series which makes it feel like a traditional superhero series except well.... a Kirkman version.

  • I used to read a lot of european comics, Asterix the Gaul, Lucky Luke, Clever & Smart, Tintin, Gaston, and Iznogud e.g. but I could never really get into american comics, especially Marvel and DC are so gosh darn inconsistent and reboot everything over and over and over and are abused for political propaganda too much for my taste.

  • @Musou-Tensei Oh finally someone else like me. I though I was alone among superhero fans.

  • @Nillend In what regard, reading mostly EU comics or being annoyed by the constat reboots of Marvel and DC?

    I forgot one other EU comic I read a lot as child, Disney of course, I had a weekly Micky Mouse magazine and Das Lustige Taschenbuch (The Funny Pocket Book), which was a part colored part black & white comic book with Disney characters (full color nowadays). Some might think now "that's a US comic!!", nope, majority of it is drawn in italy and the stories are more eurocentric than american disney comics.

  • Not so much constant reboots, as Marvel is chasing that re-launch money again and again. They've gone back to number #1s like twice in a year now, while DC did its first (soft-)reboot since 2011 or something with Rebirth. It's a change for the better, though. DC New 52 had some good comics, but it was very pandering to new readers to the point where they wrecked characterizations in order to chase that money.

  • @Musou-Tensei Both. I read a lot of Asterix, Tintin, Lucky Luke, Iznogud and Mickey mouse. I don't like how people consider Marvel, DC and other Superhero comics as core, if not entirety of comics.
    I especially disliked how my twitter exploded with stuff like that from the recent SDCC.

  • @BatViking Can second both of these. SAGA might be my all time favorite comic, and Fables is just such a rich world. BKV's second series, Paper Girls, is picking up well too.

  • @gaarathedancingpanda Fables is a great example of a series that perhaps should have ended earlier then it did. Granted, while I was reading it I would never have wanted it to end.
    It has some of my favourite characters. Boy Blue and Bigby are amazing.

  • To my previous list of comics I'm reading I'd now like to add Sex Criminals and Renato Jones. Between those along with Saga and Outcast, Image has been hitting it out of the park lately. I also recently picked up Snotgirl and I'm hoping that will be another great series.

  • @TheChrisGriffin If you like those Image comics I would also suggest Revival, Black Science and Wicked and the Divine.

    I would also suggest Unwritten from Vertigo. It's an interesting look at fiction and how it impacts us. Along with Fables, also has some of the best covers.

  • @Inustar said in Comic book fans:

    @TheChrisGriffin If you like those Image comics I would also suggest Revival, Black Science and Wicked and the Divine.

    I would also suggest Unwritten from Vertigo. It's an interesting look at fiction and how it impacts us. Along with Fables, also has some of the best covers.

    I'll look into them! I've been curious about Revival and Wicked and The Divine for awhile so this gives me incentive to do so. LOVE the covers I've been seeing for them.

    Looked up Unwritten, sounds doubly interesting and something right up my alley. I'll put all these on my list to check out. Thanks for the suggestions!