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    Wondering if any of the other Allies are reading the current stuff. Here's my pull list of what I'm currently reading. Some stuff is sadly ending and will not keep going others will be relaunched.

    DC comics

    • Dectective Comics
    • Batman
    • Robin Son of Batman
    • Deathstroke
    • Justice League
    • Wonder Woman
    • Teen Titans
    • Dark Knight III
    • Batgirl
    • Superman:The Coming of the Supermen(they really should of named it something else)
    • Catwoman


    • The Mighty Thor
    • The Amazing Spider-man
    • Spider Gwen
    • All-New Wolverine
    • All-New, All Different Avengers
    • Star Wars
    • Spider-man(Miles Morales run)

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    Every few months I catch up on Invincible, and see if Powers has released a new issue this year, but that's all I go for. Sometimes I'll do a month of Marvel Unlimited and go nuts for a while, but I haven't done that in some time.

  • I'm dc only. Just because I don't get time to read loads. And I've honestly only been reading since the new 52. I did go back and read all the major events though.

    My list has probably changed since rebirth, I'm not sure which ones are still on it. I liked reading.

    Detective comics
    Action comics
    Swamp thing
    Justice league.
    Justice league dark.
    Constantine and now hellblazer.
    Red lanterns
    Green lanterns
    Green lantern corps
    New guardians
    Teen titans
    Suicide squad.

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    I'm mostly DC as well but I can't help but read Spider-man. He is one of my favorite Marvel guys so is Wolverine except he is MIA at the moment.

  • Reading the arcs leading up to Civil War II right now as well as a few others:

    Invincible Iron Man
    International Iron Man
    All-New Wolverine
    Astonishing Ant-Man
    Civil War II
    Civil War II: Ulysses
    Civil War II: Gods of War
    Ms Marvel
    Captain Marvel
    New Avengers
    Obi Wan & Anakin
    Civil War II: X-Men
    Moon Knight
    Daredevil - Punisher Seventh Circle
    Captain America Sam Wilson

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    I recently fell back in love with comics after reading Avengers vs X-Men. Holy fuck what an epic read.
    I stopped reading comics around the time House of M happened because, like most people, I thought it was dumb to change up the Marvel U like that for no reason.
    Cue AVX, and I find out that the events of House of M kicked off a 10 year saga that puts everything that has happened since in complete context and honestly makes me appreaciate HoM a hell of a lot more.

    Right now I'm reading Illuminati, World War Hulk, Schism, Annihilators, and a few others.

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    I forgot to mention I recently got into actually buyimg comics. Before it was just a word of mouth thing on what was happening. I did not start actually buying comics weekly until the Batman 75th anniversary. Where they gave out a free comic plus some sweet Batman capes which I still have. Also some paper mask of different Batmans from 66 Batman to Dark Knight Returns Batman.

  • Vision is the only one now i read month to month since it's a current masterpiece. I'm really excited about his batman run since he's been killing it with other titles as well like The Omega Men and The Sheriff of Babylon. He's the current hot writer, not bad for an ex-CIA agent.

  • Bout a year ago I finally broke down and started buying single issues where before I was a trade only kinda guy. I mostly read Marvel and some Image. Books currently on my pull list

    New Avengers
    Unbeatable Squirrel Girl
    Power Man and Iron Fist
    Civil War II
    Civil War II Choosing Sides
    Star Wars
    Darth Vader

    Rat Queens
    Paper Girls

    Archie Comics

    Besides those I'm snagging All New All Different trades as they come out. Got All New All Different Avengers, Uncanny Avengers, Wolverine and also picked up Patsy Walker A.K.A. Hellcat which I'm loving. Want to get the trades for the new Ultimates, Iron Man and Dr. Strange when they come out to paper back.

    God comics are fun haha

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    @TheMarcV A-Force is such a stupidly powerful team when you think about it.

  • @El-Shmiablo

    I don't know exactly why but I'm just super into Marvel's female heros right now. Squirrel Girl, Hellcat, A-Force, Thor, She Hulk and Wolverine they all kick ass.

  • I just discovered Saga, by Brian K Vaughan and Fiona Staples. Absolutely my favorite comic I've ever read in my life - it's so incredible, unpredictable, and well told. Please give it a look!

  • @wenchwogg
    Oh man, Saga is so good, I dropped off around the 3rd or 4th graphic novel, has it been able to keep its standards of quality up this whole time?

  • @TheMarcV Yea. I'd say somewhere in the 4th/5th graphic novel there's an issue or two (can't remember) where it looked like Fiona was probably really busy drawing other things and the art suffers a little bit, but soon after it's back to its normal greatness. The 6th graphic novel is coming out in a week or two, you should hop back on board!

  • @wenchwogg
    Well I might because what ended up happening was I was collecting the trades but then a couple of x-mas ago my GF got me the 3 vol hardcover collection. Once I got that I kinda decided that maybe ill wait till the next big collection, if 6 is coming out soon maybe the big collection is as well, I'll have to look into it.

  • I'm actually really glad someone made a comics topic. Like I wrote earlier I've started buying single issues a couple of years ago. I was always hesitant to buy them mostly because I kinda like to display my books/games/movies and there's really not a great way to display single issue comics.

    I've actually been thinking about getting a big photo album and then putting my single issues in there protected by plastic sheet protectors. Then I can have like a Marvel/Image/Archie/Etc album for my single issues.

    I was wondering, does anyone here know of a cool way to display your single issues??

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    @TheMarcV I have a friend who bought some picture frames that were about the same size as a single issue. He found them at Ikea who knows if they still have them.

  • @Swordfish00830
    Interesting, that'd be a good idea to display special issues. I had thought about displaying them in a way where you could see their covers, but I can't think of a way that wouldn't also take up a bunch of room as well.

    I've also kinda thought of some magical machine that would kinda be like a juke box but instead of cycling through albums it'd display comics and you can then select them and the machine would release the issue to be read. Thats a pipe dream tho.

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    @TheMarcV I wish there was a way to scan some covers to make them poster size.

  • @Swordfish00830
    If you could, what cover would you want a poster of?