Breath of the wild speed runs. Bets.

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    It'll be done in just under 3 hours.

  • @dramaticslowmo That's the community based around it, not the act itself. But regardless, this is why I respect the speedrunners and the community. That said, to me, speedrunning doesn't fit at all, and still, it feels stupid to me.

  • Seeing lots of bets in here that would make sense for years after the game's release, but Charlie stated one week from release as the cut off for this. I doubt anyone is going to find anything as crazy as a wrongwarp in that time, and even if people run straight to Ganon they probably stand no chance of actually beating him without prepping a little or at least gathering weapons and recovery items first. So basically, your bets should at least account for rudimentary preparation, travel time to the castle, potential cutscenes if they aren't skipable, fight time under subpar conditions, etc. One week isn't enough for proper routing, and wildcards like physics and the temples required to unlock abilities is also something to think about.

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    You underestimate people's lack of a life.

  • Not to mention, anything under 20 minutes is laughable because Link literally can't travel to and through each of the Great Plateau's four shrines in that time, let along getting to Hyrule Castle, evading guardians, climbing the mountain-sized dungeon itself, and the inevitably multi-phase boss fight with Calamity Ganon.

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    Skyward Sword (the most story heavy of the bunch) was done in a little over 5 hours.
    Twilight Princess was around 3 hours.
    Wind Waker was roughly 4 hours.

    So it's not crazy to assume one could beat a Zelda game that allows you to access the Final Boss almost immediately in roughly the same amount of time.

    I'm sticking with 3 hours.

  • I think 3 is a good estimate.. we don't know if you might need to collect other items to defeat the final boss or fully access it.

    I'm going to make my guess 4.5 hours

  • Maybe it won't be at SGDQ this year, but next year, it will for sure be at AGDQ 2018.

    Anyways, I'm betting it will still take at least an hour.
    Like maybe you can get to the final boss and grind out the win to beat it, but it is actually faster to get these three items first.

  • The ocarina of time any% is around 18 minutes, The rest are a few hours. I'll say 1:25:34 as the exact hours, minutes and seconds if you're gonna go one week after release. A month down the track I wouldn't be surprised if that were cut in half, but the guys at the top of the Zelda league usually actually like the games and would probably play through it casually once before they give breaking the mechanics a shot.

  • Following up -

    From what I can tell, the first week held a record of 3:39:39.

    Sources and junk.

    It looks like (for now) the record is at 52:25.

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    I wasn't too far off at first, but looks like they shaved off time quicker than I thought.