DQ 5, 7 or 8 ?

  • Hello fellow allies,
    Last time I played a DQ game was Dragon Warrior 1 on the NES :) I haven't really touched a game since then, except for DQ Builders which I enjoy. I'm interested in playing this series again and I'm trying to decide which one. Based on the info and comments I've read on the web, 5 seems to be the one people enjoyed the most. But then again, there seems to be a lot of buzz around the 3DS remakes of 7 and 8. Which one would you guys recommend ?

    Here are some of my favourite RPGs to inform your recommendation (in no particular order) :

    -jRPGs : Chrono Trigger, Lost Odyssey, Xenogears, FFT, FF4-6-7-12, Dark Souls, Bloodborne, Dragon's Dogma, Star Ocean 2
    -wRPGs : Skyrim, Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Fallout 3, Deus Ex

    RPGs I really couldn't get into : Blue Dragon and Tales games in general. Their characters just get on my nerves immediatly. The only Tales game I've enjoyed playing was Destiny and Vesperia.

  • DQ8 is the best game in the series and the easiest one to get into. The characters are very likeable and have a lot of charm.
    I haven't played the 3DS remake but it seems overall like an upgrade (apart from the lack of orchestrated soundtrack, less voiceacting and being able to save anywhere, since the game has several in-game elements designed around fixed savepoints).

  • Dairy Queen 8 is the only one I've really played....so that

  • If you're not a fan of older style RPGs like the first Dragon Quest these days then Dragon Quest 8 is probably the easiest one to get into again.

    Personal recommendation goes to: DQ 4 and 6. I'm on the outside, I didn't like 5 or 8 that much.

    DQ7 was fun, but it's also THE longest Dragon Quest game in the franchise IMO, definitely the most grindy of them. So it's hard to recommend it to anyone, great game...but definitely not for everyone.

  • Dragon Quest 8 for sure. I love all the dragon Quest games and have played through all the remakes as they released. As soon as I started playing Dragon Quest 8 again it just instantly felt like several steps above the rest. It's just so outstandingly well made.

  • Dragon Quest 5 has a more personal story that follows a character from childhood to adulthood with some great story moments, but more oldschool gameplay (it being a SNES game and all).

    Dragon Quest 8 is the most approachable as a modern game with a story that has a clear goal from the start, more modern mechanics and a more grand sense of scale while exploring the overworld. It also has maybe the best cast in the series and a set of locales that feel more distinct than other Dragon Quest games.

    Dragon Quest 7 feels like the hardest sell of the three. It's a beefy game, clocking in at around 70-100 hours, without deviating from the critical path too much, but as a consequence it's also a much slower paced game (it's about 1-2 hours before your first combat encounter and 20-30 hours before you unlock the job system). Each location you come to has it's own, mostly self-contained story to tell that are pretty interesting and well told. But it's hard to recommend over the other two listed.

  • @Cypher DQ5's game play still holds up, even if its more old school

    I've only played one game and it was V and I really enjoyed it...I own 8, haven't gotten around to playing it though

  • @ACardAttack Oh absolutely it does! Sorry, I didn't mean to imply that it's aged poorly. And one thing I forgot about was it's cool monster recuitment system.

    I think it's also important to note that I think Dragon Quest 5 has the best story in the series. In fact I think it ranks with some of the best JRPG stories in general.