Mass Effect Andromeda Crew

  • looks like the most stock characters they could think of for a ME game

  • I think all talented character designers have left the sinking ship called Bioware and left are talentless hacks.

  • Yeah this doesn't look terribly exciting..

  • Welp.... let's hope I can romance the krogan. He's the most interesting one there.

  • mass effect Andromeda hipsters in space

  • Generic. ME, yeah. But, they have to get the general audience in there for the game to have market appeal, and you do that by using familiar images. Down the road, who knows what they'll do.

    I'm in the "wait and see" part of the argument of whether or not to buy, but I really hope it's a good time.

  • As usual they add 2 human companions and as usual they're the blandest (and will most likely be amongst the worst characters out of the whole bunch).
    Seems like such a waste to have at least 2 companions be human in a futuristic sci-fi space setting with aliens, robots, etc. Heck why not change it up a bit and have 2 aliens of the same race that are basically polar opposites that don't get along at all.

  • Not digging the romance options so far if that's the main cast. Miss "Edgy" looks a little old (Maybe that's just their shitty engine? Humans generally look pretty shitty in their games), and if she's connected in some way to the illusive man, I definitely wouldn't be keen on being nice to her right away.

    We've already has asari romance options before, not digging them on a lore aspect much to begin with....they're just very....trampy, maybe if I could've been an asari female main character there could've been some steamy head-canon but meh.

    Maybe the turian woman? Garrus was cool, maybe she will be too?

    Meh, I'm not sold on the game being anything more than a rush job using DA:Inquisition's template anyway so this is just more reason for me to stay on the fence until after launch.

  • As much as I hope this will be a good game, this shot is really generic. I like the Brad hair though :)

  • Banned

    The Krogan is a female, actually.

  • @El-Shmiablo fuck yeah. I know who I'm romancing! Genophage can get rekt.

  • @Art Low blow! HAhahaha!

    PS: Half shaved tough woman in ME? "Target acquired."

    alt text

  • I hope they are in this ADULT coloring book too!
    alt text

    ADULT coloring book, this is real, this is a licensed product from Bioware...
    Also there is one for Dragon Age as well...

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    As someone who works for Amazon I'm no stranger to seeing "adult coloring books".

    Not really sure why you wouldn't just put in the extra effort to draw everything as well, but whatever.

  • Hmm... all krogans look alike to me. Actually, that goes for salarians as well. Wondering if that makes me a space racist.

  • They need a Sombra.

    Hopefully the human race in andromeda is not represented by a bunch of Americans. I don't mean that in any other sense then western representation. Would be nice to see some other cultural representations from Earth.

  • @El-Shmiablo
    So currently if I want to play my Ryder as a straight female, I have one choice? Cause I think the Turian was female too....

    Can I romance the Salarian then? Or was that a female too?

    Either way romance or not, I'm hoping there are more team mates to be shown.

  • Looks like those TV drama cast photos from the 2000s. Like the cast of 24 or something.

    I can't handle the melodrama and exposition in this series. Crappy shooting in between doesn't help. Not too excited but I'll give it a chance.

  • That crew looks very generic.. But here's hoping the game is still good! The ME universe is so good imo.

  • Banned

    I'm hoping it's good too.

    I need my space opera fix. If Bioware doesn't deliver some other publisher needs to step in with their own space adventure game.