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  • She also directed uncharted 1 and Co directed Uncharted 2. Just saying.

  • @TokyoSlim that has made me lose any interest I may have had in that project

  • @TokyoSlim said in Mass Effect Andromeda Crew:

    She also directed uncharted 1 and Co directed Uncharted 2. Just saying.

    As I said, I don't view her as a good director. If she's the director for the new SW game then I lost whatever hype I had.

  • @bard91 when compared to a modern day Bioware game? You have weird standards. Lol

    I'll take the Amy Hennig and Jade Raymond collaboration in a heartbeat over whoever green lit Dragon Age II: return to shit mountain and/or pick the red or blue (oh, we also added green later) ME ending. I'm not saying that Uncharted is amazing or Bioware is utter trash . But I'm just comparing the two trajectories here. Bioware needs to get back on the horse after a string of mediocre (IMO) games, and Hennig has made one game that wasn't as good as the previous two she did.

  • @TokyoSlim I'm not super excited about ME Andromeda (I've yet to play Dragon Age: Inquisition, and I prefer DA a lot over ME), but at least BIoware games have always seemed at least good to me (DA2 is the exception), even if ME3 has a lot of things I hate.

    the Uncharted games on the other hand, I think are barely decent games, and hearing that the director of those games is in charge of any project would make me immediately unexcited.

    Dragon Age 2 is absolute garbage, that I can agree with.

  • @bard91 well then you better hope Andromeda is shiny and glorious. :p

    Inquisition was bloated. Had its moments, but they were oftentimes dozens of hours apart, separated by fetch quests you had to do to progress in the story. Which is fine if you like that, and insufferable if you don't.

    Everyone hates Sera, but I kinda liked her. I can't remember his name now, but the Qunari voiced by Freddie Prinze Jr was also great. Highlight of the game imo.

  • Anyhow, back on topic: looking forward to the new alien boning and resource management sim from Bioware.

    I have it preordered!

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  • Looks ok. Need to give the characters a chance to grow on the audience though.

    Commander Shephard's legacy won't be an easy one to live up to.

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    Bioware in charge of Frostbite

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    This picture real? Literally everything looks better in the top image.