Easy Allies in Concert Meet up [Discussion]

  • Easy Allies in Concert Announcement

    Easy Allies in Concert is happening at The Prospect Theatre on 6356 Hollywood Blvd at 8pm PT on the 21st March.

    • The show will run for 1 1/2 - 2 hours, doors open at 7pm.
    • Valet parking will be available at the corner of Hollywood Blvd. and Cosmo St.
    • Food and alcohol will be served at the bar however anyone under 21 can still enter the event

    Tickets are $10 and can be purchased NOW
    Patreon - Concert Ticket Fine Print

    There will be a meet up after the show, they're still working out those details.

    Patreon - Wednesday in the Park with Allies
    The meetup in the park the following day will be at the Tar Pits which is also quite close to the venue.

  • Fortunately I've been able to work my travelling into it so I'll be flying into LA from Mexico City on the 19th so LA is going to be my first stop in the States. I'll have to do some planning on where to head next afterwards.

    I need to do some more research but I'd love to do some hikes in the area, go to an Imax (I haven't been to the cinema in so long), eat Ramen etc. I just can't wait.

    As for the event itself, I've really no idea what to expect. I'm just looking forward to meeting up with friends and others with similar tastes but I get the feeling they're planning on doing something a bit more elaborate than the PSX meet and greet.

  • i hate being a Canadian everything is so far away

  • Well if it's to be in los angeles rather than anaheim this time around I'd definitely try to make it down, that's a much closer trip and with less commute issues since the holidays are over.

    I'm excited, but I'm not sure what to think until the guys announce what they have planned. I'm not a big crowd type of person...neither is the wife.

    I'd love to have a big gaming event of some kind, easier to break the ice that way and have a good time. If I had any choice whatsoever. Beer is always welcome also, I love chill conversations over some cold brews.

  • I would love to be able to go out but its not really in the cards right now. I'm on the east coast and just flew out there for PSX and luckily there was a meetup which I was able to attend. I thought the meetup was pretty fun and a decent format. I'm not the best at being outgoing in big crowds with, for a lack of a better term, strangers but I did really enjoy the few conversations I did have with people who I just share a common interest with.
    I feel like with that many people, and potentially many more for the anniversary meetup, its hard to get a gaming thing going but I think a couple tournaments would be awesome. It would be fun to have a Smash tournament, Mario Kart, or whatever game seems like a good fit. Heck even those NintendoLand games would be fun like their Luigi's Mansion minigame tournament. Just something to get everyone involved (who wants to be) and incorporate some friendly competition. It would be a lot of work though with all of those people so it might not be worth the trouble.

  • @tokeeffe9 Okay, I don't know how but I completely missed this.

    What's this about a meet up for the one year anniversary? Can you point me in the right direction to where the info on this is?

    Thank you!

  • @GranArcanum unfortunately we don't really have any concrete information yet but there is 100% something happening. Jones mentioned in Blood's stream that they were getting final confirmation on a venue soon.
    It'll be on the 21st is the one thing we so know.

  • @tokeeffe9 Thanks!

    You're original post said less than months away. Did they mention a specific month and date? I guess I missed that stream :/

    Any chance you can link to that specific portion with a time code?

  • I believe they've been saying March 21st, since that's the anniversary of the official launch.

  • Yeah, they haven't made an official announcement just yet but they've mentioned in a number of streams that they are planning something for the anniversary and they have consistently mentioned March 21 since that is the exact date but no exact location. Brandon did confirm that it will be in LA, not in Anaheim like the PSX meetup, but nothing beyond that.

  • I asked about it before and it seemed likely that the event would be on in Hollywood but that was a while ago.

    As mentioned, they've said several times in streams and even podcasts that something would happen on the 21st.

  • @tokeeffe9 said in EZA One Year Anniversary Meet up [Discussion]:

    I asked about it before and it seemed likely that the event would be on in Hollywood but that was a while ago.

    As mentioned, they've said several times in streams and even podcasts that something would happen on the 21st.

    Hollywood would be great, much shorter drive for me lol. Gonna be rough on people not from the area to navigate through, but generally a pretty nice area to host something like this.

    Makes me wonder what type of place they have in mind, many good eateries and social venues over there.

  • Is there a place with the information for this meetup? I don't know if I would actually be able to make it, but there's a chance and I need to check on the info, and I can't find it anywhere.

  • Unfortunately we don't have any concrete information on the meetup.

    All we know for sure is something is happening in LA on the 21st.

  • Well if it is the 21st that would be it for me, I thought it was the week after that, which I might have been able to make it work, but that week just won't work for me.

  • Whatever is happening, will be on the 21st in LA. They've been telling people to book that date for months.

  • It's slightly frustrating to not know anything about the event, I would love to go but I would have to save up a lot and put my tax returns towards being able to go and I wouldn't be able to afford food or anything once I got there. It's a risk that's hard to justify without knowing anything that's going on.

  • Yeah, I wish we'd gotten just a bit more info at this point...

    In the most recent podcast, during L&R at 1:11:52, Brandon teased that it might be more of a performance/show/panel than a meet and greet... but from what Blood implied it doesn't sound like they have the details of everything ironed out yet. March 21st is still official though. Hopefully we will at least get a location and time soon, since the event is about a month and a half away, but with the PSX Meet & Greet the full info wasn't up until about 3 weeks before the event... which unfortunately is very little time for planning travel, especially if you live out of state/country and want to go. Still, a performance could be really interesting! We'll just have to wait for more details!

  • My only wish is that they gave us more information sooner. I realize they are a small crew with limited resources and time but it's hard for me to justify booking a flight and hotel room just on "It might be more than a show".

    Hopefully someday they can get a panel at a PAX or similar gaming convention

  • I haven't gotten to watch yet, but I've heard that Brandon gave a little more Anniversary info on the February 4th Cup of Jones. Sounds like they are definitely looking at places in Hollywood for the venue. Not sure if there are any other details than that in the episode, but at least he fed us a little more!

    @Ehie-Yovach An EZA panel would be amazing! Hopefully that is something we can look forward to somewhere down the line, I'm sure right now it might not be feasible.