Games you hate that everyone else seems to love.

  • @Musou-Tensei Wow, ignoring most of it, request for clarification, do you just dislike New Vegas, dislike all the Fallout games, or have only played New Vegas and hated it enough to never play another? I feel like New Vegas is easily the strongest modern entry in that particular franchise. Not used to seeing people call it out by name as something they hate.

  • @Mbun I absolutely loved F3, it was my GoTY 2008. After around 30 hours or so in NV, which I already didn't enjoy very much, I pissed off Ceaser or what's his face and then got constantly attacked by 3 of his soldiers who killed me pretty fast. I managed to fight them off once but only a short while later another trio attacked me and I quit. I mean being attacked in intervals is one thing but they were way too strong for something like that, the game was not worth it to me to endure this bs or restart (I had no save from before pissing him off). I think the whole scenario wasn't my cup of tea really, F3 had a better feel for me with Washington DC compared to the Wild West feel of Vegas.
    F4 is a middle thing really, I enjoyed it a lot at 1st but eventually I lost interest, I don't hate it, I just don't care about continuing to play it right now.

  • Bioshock (The whole damn series) - I forced myself to play all of the games and the pacing is just terrible and make the game boring.

  • Hate's probably a strong word but I absolutely do not understand the love for Earthbound. I respect Mother 3 for what it is (though it's not my thing) but EB is just not something I enjoyed at all when I tried to play it back in the day. Even when I picked it up on Wii U's VC I never got that far because I just couldn't get into it.

  • Final Fantasy X is a charmless game to me. Voice acting and more real character models killed my interest in the series for me (thank goodness for Kingdom Hearts though).

    Far Cry series and other micromanaging, tower climbing, base clearing games.

  • Last of Us

    Good story, not amazing like everyone claims it be but the minute to minute game play was boring. They could be doing a savage starlight game instead of a second LoU game. Naughty dog is aiming for movie tier acting and cinematic. The things is, there are movies that tell better stories and now game play is already taken a hit with their games.

  • @CGamor7 I enjoyed TLOU for what it was but I always thought of it as a solid 8/10 and never got why people treat it like the second coming or something.

  • Dark Souls

    I'm sorry, but I can't.

    It's not the game, it's me.

    I don't have the patience for that. It picks on everything I find irritating, and never gave me a reason to want to carry on. No motivation to learn through dying again and again. I got through a couple of bosses, but just didn't care enough to put up with the frustration that Dark Souls brought to my life.

    Though it is beautiful, and really good. I just hate that game.

  • Witcher 3. Ruined by the combat.
    I don't know if everyone else loves this but Shadow of Mordor. Completely bland ubi-style grindfest without any challenge.

  • Mario every title I don't think I have ever played a Mario game that I enjoyed.
    Zelda most titles. Link to the past is great and Twilight Princess was ok.
    Gears of War
    Mega Man
    God of War
    Kingdom Hearts

  • Final Fantasy 15 is trash and that's not me looking at it as a Final Fantasy game but as a JRPG in general. Having the Final Fantasy tag is just a bigger slap in the face because it's supposed to be the gold standard of JRPG's. With all the flaws and disappointment of Final Fantasy 13 i still played that game for 100 hours and got the platinum. I gave up on FF15 after a few.

    Also, i don't like fighting games, mainly because i don't care for the gameplay and there is no story or goal really you just fight people with the same character over and over again to get better. That's just not why i play games. I do get why people like them tho because i have grown to like MOBA's and Overwatch but fighting games is a genre i have basically cut from my gaming library and do not miss, at all.

  • @Ivanhoe said in Games you hate that everyone else seems to love.:

    Witcher 3. Ruined by the combat.
    I don't know if everyone else loves this but Shadow of Mordor. Completely bland ubi-style grindfest without any challenge.

    I think with Shadow of Mordor it was a right place right time sort of deal. For me it sandwiched perfectly between bigger games. It wasn't too hard and the Nemesis system was fun to play around with. It's far from perfect but it is the little game that could for me!

  • Oh yea and i forget about one game:

    Nier kinda sucks. I actually think that the Metacritic score for that game is generous. Everytime i hear about this game (online at least) people talk about it like it is some sort of master piece. It's really not. There is no way that game deserves more than a 6/10.

  • I love that you hate Alan wake.

    Because it is one of my most favorite games of all time. Some fo the most enjoyable combat of any game, coolest story and amazing atmosphere.

    And I LOVE seeing inverse opinions of my own.

    For the most part, to touch on your points. It appears we simply have differing opinions. Everything you hated about the game I simply loved.

    The scary atmosphere was just right, and rarely had jump scares... in fact I think there was only really one the entire game? Everything else was simply there the entire time, and through sound and peripheral vision you realized it was there... And then that made you jump. (Keep in mind I played it the day it released in 1 sitting, and then again when the PC version released. But not since. So my memory may be lacking.)

    The story telling and voice acting were awesome. I just loved all the characters and especially the agent. He was the best part of this game, easily.

    Anyways. It totally rocks that you disliked Hated it.

  • @ZyloWolfBane

    I could not stand 1&2. But Infinite is one of the best games I have ever played... except that cliche ending the rest of it was amazing. But the ending almost ruined the whole experience for me.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Super Mario 64.

    It just feels too cryptic. It just throws you into a world with almost no sense of direction. I guess that's kinda the point considering it's a sandbox style, but when I have no idea where to even begin to look for the star, it gets a little annoying. I don't like how Mario feels either, with the controls feeling very floaty and unresponsive at times. This gets me even more frustrated when even the slightest misstep kicks you out of the level back into the castle. Ugh.

    I grew up with the PS1, too, so the N64's graphical style doesn't sit well with me, either. I think if I had grown up with Mario 64, it'd be a different story. Instead, I spent most of my childhood years playing Sunshine, then moving on to Galaxy. By the time I finally went back and played 64, I just wasn't having fun with it. In fact, I was more frustrated than anything.

    I totally understand it being a masterpiece FOR THE TIME, but by modern standards, I just find it unplayable.

  • I hate sports games. Probably most people on this forum do. I can't help but feel it's the type of game for people who don't really play games. I think they glorify celebrities that are way overpayed. I think no matter the franchise, it's the same game every year and they never improve the gameplay, which is usually very shallow. I love all kinds of games. I've even learned to give opportunities to games I disliked, but sports games I just can't get into. They represent so much more than just a genre of gaming for me. And I'm not salty cause I'm bad at them. I'm terrible at many kinds of games (like strategy), but I can see the appeal in those games.

  • @DavidFCG I personally don't like very many sports games myself, but I have to disagree with a lot of what you are saying.
    My best friend is very much a gamer. He's platinumed the entire Souls-Borne series, has a 100+ dollar arcade stick for playing Street Fighter... but he also buys Madden every year.
    Despite what you may think, these games do receive some pretty hefty upgrades from year to year, from major updates to physics systems, new modes, etc... and the gameplay is hardly shallow. Hell, a lot of these games have a HUGE learning curve if you want to be good. Having picked up UFC2 on sale recently (I love myself some UFC irl) the combat is so deep and involved that I've had to take a break from a few other games just to learn the intricacies.
    I'm not trying to convince you to like them but saying that they are unimproved entry to entry or have shallow gameplay is ignorant and uninformed.

  • @El-Shmiablo I cannot deny at all what you say. I admit I'm very prejudiced against the genre. I'm sure they're not all bad games. It's just how It feels like to me. And I guess I worded things poorly. I don't really think that only casual gamers play sports games, but it certainly seems like they're the target audience. Also, UFC I think it's a different case. UFC games haven't been coming out as long as, say, team sports games, and that kind of sport will always be more complex and will lend itself to more room for improvement from a technical perspective on a videogame. I guess my complaints are aimed mostly at competetive team sports games. At least where Ii'm from, many people just buy consoles to play the latest FIFA or PES and then get bored and sell the console. That's a thing. Like I said, to me the genre represents more than just the games themselves. I could write a whole essay about it, but I won't. I don't mean to offend people who play sports games. I'm not saying the're bad games. I'm saying I can't see the appeal in them. Also, again, I do admit it's ignorant of me to say they have shallow gameplay, but that's just how it feels like to me, but in all fairness, that's also how I feel about most sports in general, so that's probably the reason.