Games you hate that everyone else seems to love.

  • Dear diary,

    today I was on the EZA forums and I opened this one thread and started reading and there were people saying all kinds of mean things about a lot of my favourite games and then I cried a little. Later in the evening I ate some pizza and took the trash out.

  • @Galaxy40k No such thing as a hole here. These style posts pop up fairly frequently. Let it out, what other games grind your gears.

    For me its tough. All the allies love Souls/Borne genre. I gave Bloodborne a try. On my fifth try, I got the first boss down to a sliver of health, then died. Now this is where someone may say, "So now you see, once you learn the boss' habits and moves you can see the path to the kill!!" And I say, "Yes, I saw that on the third attempt. Now, it's just getting petty and turning into a grind-fest. I'm sorry, but I've already played Destiny." I should say, I don't hate these games, but they just aren't quite right.

    Nioh is on the edge for me, I really liked the playing it, until the boss fight... Same old, same old. Maybe I'm missing something, I think there is a way to summon you spirit animal, but I never found it.

    Anyways, these are games that I want to like, but just didn't for some odd reason.

  • @Sentinel-Beach Take it as a celebration of different tastes.

  • Uncharted 2 has my vote. It's the worst paced game I've ever played and most of it is mind numbingly brain dead. It contains a lot of prime examples of bad game design IMHO.

    I like to be in the driver's seat... Uncharted puts you in a back seat driver position. You mostly just let the game happen to you.

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  • Oh geez, don't get me started XD
    Well pretty much everything by Naughty Dog expect Jak 1-3,
    Gone Home and similar g a m e s,
    the majority of the Metal Gear franchise,
    Majora's Mask,
    Final Fantasy XII,
    Gran Forzarismo,
    Heavy Rain, Beyond Two Souls (most probably Detroit too),
    Alan Wake,
    all MMOs,
    all MP only games (like Overwatch, I would list Battleborn too but this thread is about popular games many people love),
    Life is Strange,
    Battlefield and most modern FPSs in general really (only recent one I like was Doom)
    Assassin's Creed series after 2 (and I don't even like 1&2 much),
    Bomberman (only BM games I like are the SP focused N64 ones, the MP focused ones suck imo),
    Mario Party series,
    Paper Mario Series after Super Paper Mario (yes I like Super Paper Mario),
    Papers Please and similar games
    Most pure Visual Novels (that means those without any puzzles or other gameplay elements, like the Senran Kagura which is part VN part hack & slay, or HuniePop)
    Fallout New Vegas
    and many more.

  • Super Metroid, controls are terrible, Samus is both floaty and clunky. Ive tired 3 different times to play it and I just cant get past the platforming

    Earthbound, boring world and characters, just a rehash of Mother

    Yoshi's Island, terrible and uninspired level design

    Burnout Paradise, open world racing is a terrible idea

    Smash brothers and Mario kart, I can only play so much, it's fun with friends, at least MK is once in a while

    Vanquish, just a generic shooter that isn't that fun to play and just dull colorless world

  • hate is a strong word, there's a lot of games that I don't like that people love but I don't hate them.
    Gone Home

  • @ACardAttack said in Games you hate that everyone else seems to love.:

    Burnout Paradise, open world racing is a terrible idea

    Yes, yes it is.

  • @ib0show said in Games you hate that everyone else seems to love.:

    hate is a strong word, there's a lot of games that I don't like that people love but I don't hate them.
    Gone Home

    Let the hate flow through you!
    alt text

    It can be cathartic!

    Going for a semi-controversial one here: Monster Hunter

    I've tried this franchise at various points but it just hasn't clicked with me despite having a deep love for the games that helped pave the way for it. (Mainly Phantasy Star Online) I just find it boring as hell to play for some reason. It feels like a game running at half speed most of time and the controls and UI in particular are a mess in most of the MH titles I've played. Still it is a game that my friends and brother in particular are obsessed with and whenever we are together I have to endure a 2-3 hour conversation of them all talking about the minute details of the game as if in another language. Seriously for someone who isn't into the games all the talk around them is impenetrable.

    At this point my dislike for the franchise has become a running joke in my social group. I'm the one who hates it. That's me. That's my thing apparently. I hate the Monster Hunters and their endless loot grind :/

  • Dark souls :@ I hate this game!

  • @Musou-Tensei Wow, ignoring most of it, request for clarification, do you just dislike New Vegas, dislike all the Fallout games, or have only played New Vegas and hated it enough to never play another? I feel like New Vegas is easily the strongest modern entry in that particular franchise. Not used to seeing people call it out by name as something they hate.

  • @Mbun I absolutely loved F3, it was my GoTY 2008. After around 30 hours or so in NV, which I already didn't enjoy very much, I pissed off Ceaser or what's his face and then got constantly attacked by 3 of his soldiers who killed me pretty fast. I managed to fight them off once but only a short while later another trio attacked me and I quit. I mean being attacked in intervals is one thing but they were way too strong for something like that, the game was not worth it to me to endure this bs or restart (I had no save from before pissing him off). I think the whole scenario wasn't my cup of tea really, F3 had a better feel for me with Washington DC compared to the Wild West feel of Vegas.
    F4 is a middle thing really, I enjoyed it a lot at 1st but eventually I lost interest, I don't hate it, I just don't care about continuing to play it right now.

  • Bioshock (The whole damn series) - I forced myself to play all of the games and the pacing is just terrible and make the game boring.

  • Hate's probably a strong word but I absolutely do not understand the love for Earthbound. I respect Mother 3 for what it is (though it's not my thing) but EB is just not something I enjoyed at all when I tried to play it back in the day. Even when I picked it up on Wii U's VC I never got that far because I just couldn't get into it.

  • Final Fantasy X is a charmless game to me. Voice acting and more real character models killed my interest in the series for me (thank goodness for Kingdom Hearts though).

    Far Cry series and other micromanaging, tower climbing, base clearing games.

  • Last of Us

    Good story, not amazing like everyone claims it be but the minute to minute game play was boring. They could be doing a savage starlight game instead of a second LoU game. Naughty dog is aiming for movie tier acting and cinematic. The things is, there are movies that tell better stories and now game play is already taken a hit with their games.

  • @CGamor7 I enjoyed TLOU for what it was but I always thought of it as a solid 8/10 and never got why people treat it like the second coming or something.

  • Dark Souls

    I'm sorry, but I can't.

    It's not the game, it's me.

    I don't have the patience for that. It picks on everything I find irritating, and never gave me a reason to want to carry on. No motivation to learn through dying again and again. I got through a couple of bosses, but just didn't care enough to put up with the frustration that Dark Souls brought to my life.

    Though it is beautiful, and really good. I just hate that game.

  • Witcher 3. Ruined by the combat.
    I don't know if everyone else loves this but Shadow of Mordor. Completely bland ubi-style grindfest without any challenge.