Games you hate that everyone else seems to love.

  • @DavidFCG I love sports games and I love sports in general. A game that i'm playing now is Nioh and I previously beat Tales of Berseria.

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    @cosmo6871 People like you are why Nintendo stayed away from the formula for so long. Did you struggle with the minilevels in Sunshine where they took your F.L.U.D.D. away? Honestly, you just gotta dig in and learn how to play the game. I guess you don't enjoy exploring since you're complaining about having no sense of direction, so just use a guide if that's how you prefer how to play games. Some of us like experimenting and discovering this stuff for ourselves, which makes run to the flagpole Mario incredibly boring by comparison unless it's Super Mario Maker levels with sadistic level designers where escaping the level is a puzzle or challenge in itself.

    I can confirm Super Mario 64 is still playable today. Collected all 120 stars in the game from when the game came out on Wii U VC to finishing quite recently. It doesn't take that long, I just paced it out between playing other games.

    Honestly, the thing about platformers, any platformer, is that you have to put time in to learn how the game plays and feels. Even platformers I've played before feel a little off when I pick them back up after years when I've been playing other platformers. You need to settle in and give yourself time to adjust to it. That's why I never play two platformers or more at the same time. Even Mario 1, 2, (dokidoki panic, not lost levels) and 3 have drastically different feel to how they play between them.

    The sandbox Mario games are my favourites and I've played Mario 64 to completion many a time but there is still something to the more guided experiences like Galaxy and 3D World/Land. They're more immediate and directed experiences which work well.

    From early indications it looks like Odyssey is going to be a mix of the two types which should hopefully give us the perfect synthesis for a modern Mario game!

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    I'd just say sports games in general. I can last a Fifa game or 2 before a night out but I can't stand the game in general

  • @thenerdtheword I'm not buying it. More guided just means a linear obstacle course when it comes to Mario, versus a platforming playground. I'd rather make my own fun within a space than be strung along to a finish point. 3D Land and moreso World did have some areas that were more open and gave you a small slice of it, but I'm happy to return to a game dedicated to it.

  • Maybe I'm just joyless and blind to the appeal, but my experience of Mario 64 has always been that the "sandbox" areas are basically just a series of overlapping linear courses, depending on which star you're getting, with none of those courses being as tight as those found in the overtly linear titles. It's still a very good game, but also my least favourite mainline Mario of those I've played.

  • @J_K_Day It's got its problem, namely over using worlds for multiple stars with little change usually in the world

  • @ACardAttack Yeah. When you compare it to something like 3D Land/World, I find that 64 has much more variety on the ideas/images front, but much less on the gameplay. But I expect that this is really because I'm locking on to "fun platforming obstacle course" as gameplay and ignoring everything else, like a terrible bigot.

  • Damn, I can't relate to the Mario 64 hate. It really set a standard for 3D platforming. They still use the core mechanics to this day and hardly feel dated. Really blows my mind how they just nailed it. The running, the jumping, the flying, the swimming, the voice, and the level design is all top notch.

    To contribute to the thread, I would say Zelda Ocarina of Time is my most notable game I would consider overrated. I think most modern day games are overrated.

    This game is rather old and not sure if it's greatly loved but don't get the draw for Amplitude. Did I not play it enough? I felt it was just too simple and didn't feel the need to keep playing after a few levels.

    Oh I just remembered one. The Witness. Was super hyped for the game. Bought it close to launch. Love the art style. I think the pacing is great. I think they managed to execute a fine balance between being challenging and frustrating. That being said, by halfway through the game I felt it was just a series of line puzzles. There's usually just one solution for each puzzle. After you figure out the key to a puzzle series, it's just a matter of trial and error to arrive to each solution. Once I started to view the game this way it became less rewarding for me. I beat it in a relatively short amount of time. After I beat it, I had no desire to seek out and finish the things I had missed.

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    Combat didn't ruin TW3 for me but it's really really bad.

    Mordor on the other hand gave me the most bizarre 180 in forever. I enjoyed it for 4 hours as I was learning mechanics and upgrading abilities. Quite an enjoyable 4 hours. Then the game lasted around 16 and nothing changed from the beginning until the end except for the ability to mount dogs and trolls.

    THAT'S IT!

    People praise the Nemesis System but the entire game is that system. You die and your killer is promoted. All missions involve killing Uruks and you'll likely accidentally wipe out all of the leaders by stumbling across them out of sheer boredom. Only ONCE did a leader kill me because I couldn't jump over his head and for some reason I found his perk challenging.

    The game is an absolute steaming pile of garbage and I cannot believe GameSpot gave it the GOTY Award. In the final mission, I beat the enemy "army" (6-ish enemies) without swinging my sword one time. NOT ONE TIME. My team just killed them all in well under 2 minutes. How do you beat the final bosses that are the core of the god awful story in under 2 min without attacking them?! Then the absolute final boss is a QTE followed by a cliffhanger.

    3/10, No idea how anybody liked Shadow of Morder

  • @GoTaco I think a lot of people were excited to see a high quality LotR game, especially after the last few had been so bad. It also tried something (the Nemesis System) which hadn't been done before and did it well.
    I will admit it gets VERY repetitive, but I think a 3/10 is very hyperbolic.

    I think Mad Max falls into the same trap. A huge, meaty world with a ton of stuff, but after the first few hours you've essentially seen all there is to see.

  • @El-Shmiablo I personally felt misled by the media about this Nemesis System. Every ad or review I read praised it as though the system is ancillary to the actual game but the Nemesis System was the core foundation of the game which made it completely repetitive to me.

    Sure the promotions in your enemies and their skill improvements are interesting but the entire game revolves around the mechanic meaning it loses its flare very quickly. Then the missions all involve the types of things you'd do in free roam which is just clearing out camps. So the missions never change the flow up at all. The whole thing just felt like a mess to me personally.

  • My really weird one is Super Metroid which is especially strange since I love Metroid Zero Mission, Fusion and the recent AM2R (and also many other Metroidvanias, including the Prime games). I just find Super so incredibly slow, floaty and awkward by comparison, plus I actually find the pacing and world/level design in the other games to be way better.

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    Yay I'm not alone!

  • I'm with you @GoTaco. I remember hearing so much buzz from everywhere about the game. Joystiq would not stop praising that game and the nemesis system. I finally checked it out and was so disappointed, nothing about that game was revolutionary as some outlets led me to believe. Now with the rumors of a sequel all I can do is chuckle and say no thanks.

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    I did exactly that: chuckle and say no thanks. They are talking about adaptive enemy AI that becomes more difficult as you face them more and I refuse to believe that. I died twice in Shadow of Mordor and like I said, beat the final bosses without swinging my sword. Those are the fundamental issues that need to be improved on.

    I almost want to be excited though because the series has something there, it just isn't really polished yet.